Why Your Kids Speak Tardy?

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Why Your Kids Speak Tardy

Parenting is one of the most difficult tasks of the world. We hardly realize the fact as the quality comes to parents automatically. Many of the parents are working outside and have little time to spend with their children. Speaking late among the children is a common problem nowadays. Health experts say that the children learn speaking from hearing, actually listening. So parents and other members of the family need to speak a lot in front of the children. The more interaction you have with your kid the more he/she learns. A toddler has a world of very limited people. We hardly get time to spend with our kids. It put a negative impact to the innocence of the children.

Let’s have some tips to get over the jeopardy easily.

Talk to your kids more:

Children love to listen to their parents and interact with them. A toddler listens to his/her mother or father first and tries to speak following the words they hear. You might get no clue of your kid’s speaking late than others of his/her age. Having all the medical conditions okay, the children speak late as the main component of speaking is listening. If he or she listens less sound, he or she has little input for speaking. So, it is a mandatory to speak more to your children for their speaking at the right time. Don’t forget, you are the first teacher of your kid if you are a mother or father.

Don’t give mobile phones to your kids:

A two-year-old child even can be very fascinated with mobile phone. Games, videos, puzzle and other apps attract the children. Kids get addicted to such activities very soon. Parents hardly bother as they feel their children are busy with the mobile phones and not disturbing them. Parents get relieved thinking their kids are on a safe side with mobile phone but actually they are not. The kids listen to several artificial sounds which do not help them speak their mother tongue. Naturally, they learn speaking very late. Moreover, there are many health hazards using excessive mobile phone at an early age. The eyesight gets the worst affected. So, parents should be careful about the matter.

Do a medical checkup if needed:

You should be very careful if your child is not responding when he/she is a toddler. You must check if there is any hearing loss or neurological issue with your child. Don’t delay if you see any symptom. Contact with a child specialist or an ENT doctor as soon as you find any problem with your kid. Sometimes children react slow or late which can be normal. However, you should consult with your doctor when needed.

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