10 Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills

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Writing is very crucial in our daily life. From the trifling matter such as writing an email to some hefty assignments or presentations, exuberant writing skills are required. Many people can speak well. However, they often face difficulties while writing something. There are many types or categories of writing. A good writer should keep some basic ideas in his or her mind to improve that person’s writing skills. Grammar, punctuation, word choice, tone, spelling, proofreading, readability, and so on play a vital role to enhance the quality of writing. Most of the time second language learners struggle to write something, though they manage to speak. Not only second language learners but also native speakers struggle to write a good piece.

Let’s see 10 easy but effective ways to improve your writing skills.


As a writer, you should have a clear and logical idea about the writing. If the topic of the writing is vague, it will lose its appeal to its readers. So, the context is very important. The context is the main idea of almost all categories of writing including official, semi-official, fiction, non-fiction, prose, etc. So, you must emphasize this matter.


A wide range of vocabulary will allow you to play with the language. Knowing plenty of vocabulary means that you would get the accurate word at the right place in writing. If you don’t have a good lexical resource in your mind, you won’t be able to write well.


Spelling mistakes are very silly matters and serious writing can be garbage due to this shortcoming. You should skip the confusing word and write a synonymous word if you are not sure about the spelling. Some words have similar pronunciations but they are different in spelling.


Grammar is the pre-requisite of a good write-up. Knowing sound knowledge of grammar is mandatory in writing. In speaking, people hardly bother with grammar. But, grammar is the key requirement in writing. Grammar leads you to write in a good shape and quality.

Having an idea of semantics and pragmatics:

Semantics and pragmatics are two wings of grammar. These things are less discussed in language classes, though these can play a crucial role in creating good writing. They will give you an overall idea about the meaning, linguistic expressions, and context.

Avoid passive voice:

Writing in an active voice is a plus. It is easier and more expressive to use strong verbs. You should write in an active voice to avoid any vagueness and ambiguity. You can hardly connect with the readers or the target people if you write in a passive voice.

Write to express, not to impress:

Your writing should have a clear idea. Choosing some difficult words won’t make your writing extraordinary. Your writings should express your views clearly to the people. Your writing should carry decent readability. You should not try to impress your readers with a vague but stunning presentation in writing.


Many of us write once and submit or send it. We hardly revise and check the typos, spelling mistakes, subject-verb agreement, etc. It takes very little time. We would be able to rectify this if we practice proofreading. It will surely boost the quality of the writing.

Sentence construction:

Sentence construction is very important in writing. Your writing should not be monotonous. For example: If you don’t use any complex or compound sentences in a long piece of writing, it will become monotonous and boring to the readers. You should have a sober idea about tense, parts of speech, sentence structures and classifications, and so on for better writing.


You need to be consistent, if you want to be a good writer. It will be very difficult for you to write well if you write once in a blue moon. You should have regular practice writing. It is one of the key writing skills for any quality write-up.

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