6 Jaw-dropping Benefits of Mock Tests

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Mock Tests

Eyes were on the stalk when Mrs. Sharma stumbled across Romesh’s selection for a job like RBI Grade B Officer. A muffled din about some Mock Test quickly caught the community like wildfire. It’s not that Romesh never got good grades. To tell the truth, his worst performance in the school was grade A but it was far below what anyone would expect from him. Consequently, he remained on a downer for a week in the wake. On the contrary, we were kind of happy-go-lucky guys, a world apart from him. Who would bother about such piffling anyway? Especially when you have a real reason to rejoice. I got B+ for the first time. Yay! More than any kind of promotion, it was an amulet that would protect me from the evil spirits that come upon my father and stalk me, especially during the dreary dark nights of exam preparation. The way they used to pounce on me after the result announcement still makes me pee in my pant. But let us put aside the topic for future consideration.

His Shaky & Self-doubting Ways

Now you’d be surprised why the hell everyone was left gaping with their mouth open as though they ran into a ghost. Take it easy, that’s where we have headed to. See, everyone can be a lion on paper but to be a hunter in this big wide world, the real thing is you get to perform. And that’s where he fell flat on his face. He jumped at applying for the competitive exams even before completing his graduation and got rejected 18 times in a row during online tests & job interviews. Any clear-headed person can easily make out that if you are so incompetent to perform in unfamiliar settings, you have a fat chance to make your parents proud. Now how did the pigs fly? Did he get a magic wand? What is this Mock Test after all?

Is the Mock Test a Magic Spell?

For a start, a mock test is a practice test that simulates an actual exam i.e., the format, structure, and difficulty level of the exam. In other words, a mock exam is designed to create an environment that is identical to a real exam. I heard from the grapevine that these tests are curated by the SMEs to help the test-takers build exam stamina and make them exam ready by giving them a hands-on experience of the real exam. They offer the candidates a chance to familiarize themselves with the types of questions, the time constraints, and the overall test-taking experience that they have during an actual exam. After reading about them, I started to get the picture of the whole thing that seemed like a magic spell. Yet I never believed in any supernatural power except those ghosts that possessed my Dad. The phantoms were bugging me and the Sherlock Homes in me was cheffing at bits to unearth the dirty little secret behind this conundrum. Mock Test? Let us find out the answer to this sixty-four-dollar question:

Upgrade the Knowledge that the Test-taker has

Mock tests create an exam-like setting. Hence the candidate faces similar challenges that they face during the exam. With that, they get ample chance to use the knowledge they have gathered and see how it assists them reach their goals.

Familiarize Yourself with the Question Pattern

The question pattern asked in the mock tests is in line with the real exam. Therefore, the candidate gets to know what kind of questions they might come across.

Identify the Strengths & Weaknesses

The candidate gets a chance to do the SWOT analysis of his preparation. It helps them understand where they can slack a little bit and what needs more focus. That’s how they can make better use of the time available to them.

Better Time Management

They also get the chance to test their time management skills since a specific time constraint is allocated for each mock test. With regular practice, the test-taker certainly can develop better time management skills.

Improve Accuracy

With regular practice, a significant improvement in accuracy among the test takers has been discovered. Obviously, candidates who prepare for competitive exams lack the rare virtue of having the devil-may-care approach like us. They focus on their scores way too much and hence the result! As they say, energy flows where the attention goes.

Build Exam Confidence

I came to realize that there’s no substitute for a mock test when it comes to building exam confidence. By going over them every day, the exam fear, the overwhelm, and the anxiety that candidates often encounter during the exams go out of the window in no time. The test-taker becomes so chilled out that he remains unfazed by any challenges during the exam. It eliminates the chance of any slip-ups that might happen due to anxiety.


The puzzle was solved. Romesh’s success after consistent failures which initially seemed hard to digest was no longer a mystery. He adopted a very calculated approach to reach his goal and with consistent efforts, he finally hit the jackpot. After taking off my Sherlock Homes gloves I arrived at the conclusion that the secret of Mock Tests was practice. They are quite similar to the practice matches before a big cricket match. The more you take them, the more confident and skilled you become. I am planning to give them a go…ahem..of course, to remain free from the burden of exam preparation. I rooted out the link above to this website which seems a perfect place to start practicing. What say?

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