Air Track Mats: How They Can Benefit Your Child’s Development

Time Of Info By TOI Desk Report   September 12, 2022   Update on : September 12, 2022

Air track mats

As a parent, you want what’s best for your child. You want them to be happy, healthy and have all the opportunities in the world. One way you can help your child is by providing them with enrichment activities that will help them develop physically, mentally, and emotionally. Enrichment activities can be anything from playing sports to learning a musical instrument.

Another great option is using an air track mat. Air track mats are thick, padded mats that can be used for a variety of activities. Here are just a few of the ways air track mats can benefit your child’s development.

The benefits they offer:

  • Air track mats are great for gross motor skills. Gross motor skills are the abilities children use to move their large muscles, such as their legs, arms, and trunk. These skills lay the foundation for more refined motor skills like writing and tying shoelaces. Air track mats provide a soft, safe surface for children to practice gross motor skills like crawling, sitting up, standing, and walking.
  • Air track mats are also great for fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are the abilities children use to control their small muscles, such as their hands and fingers. These skills are important for tasks like holding a pencil and buttoning a shirt. Air track mats can provide a soft surface for children to practice tasks that require fine motor skills, such as picking up small objects and placing them in a container.
  • In addition to physical benefits, air track mats can also provide cognitive benefits. When children play on air track mats, they often engage in imaginative play. Imaginative play helps children develop important cognitive skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking. Air track mats can also help improve memory and concentration.
  • Finally, air track mats can provide social and emotional benefits. When children play on air track mats with other children, they have an opportunity to practice social skills such as sharing and taking turns. They also learn how to work cooperatively with others towards a common goal. Additionally, air track mats from Kameymall can help build self-confidence as children master new physical tasks.

Here are some great exercises that you can do on an air track mat:

An air track mat is a great tool for a variety of different exercises. It is especially good for those who are looking to improve their balance and coordination.

  1. Air Squats: Air squats are a great way to improve your lower body strength and mobility. Start by standing on the air track mat with your feet shoulder-width apart to do this exercise. Then, bend your knees and hips to lower your body into a squatting position. Be sure to keep your chest up and back straight throughout the movement. Return to the starting position and repeat for 10-12 repetitions.
  2. Lunges: Lunges are another great exercise for the lower body. Start by standing on the air track mat with your feet together to do this exercise. Step forward with one leg and lower your body until both of your knees are bent at about 90 degrees. Be sure to keep your front knee behind your front toes and your back straight throughout the movement. Return to the starting position and repeat with the other leg. Complete 10-12 repetitions on each side.
  3. Plank Ups: Plank-ups is a great way to engage your core muscles while also working on your upper body strength. To do this exercise, start in a plank position with your hands on the ground, shoulder-width apart, and feet hip-width apart. Then, one at a time, pick up each hand and place it directly under the opposite shoulder without moving any other part of your body. Lower yourself back down into the plank position and repeat for 10-12 repetitions per side.
  4. Russian Twist: Russian twists are a great way to work on both core strength and stability. To do this exercise, start by sitting on the air track mat with y our knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Leanback so that you are balancing on your tailbone and place your hands in the “ prayer ” position in front of you. From here, twist your torso to one side, then back to the center, and then to the other side. Continue this twisting motion for 20-30repetitionsper side.

You can do many exercises with an air track mat, which can help elevate your heart rate, strengthen muscles and improve cardiovascular endurance.


There are so many benefits that come from using an air track mat with your child! Not only do they get to practice important physical skills like gross and fine motor skills, but they also get to develop cognitional while engaging in imaginative play. Additionally, air track mat play provides opportunities for social skill development and building self-confidence. So what are you waiting for? Get your child an air track mat today!


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