25 Best Travel Hacks to Save Money and Enjoy Holiday

Time Of Info By Bhupati Barman   November 5, 2023   Update on : January 14, 2024

Best Travel Hacks to Save Money

If you suddenly get sick while traveling, especially while solo traveling, you are in a state of shock that you cannot go to the doctor or you become senseless. A best travel hack will be very useful for you if you can plan before you start traveling. In this case, some smartphone apps (Medical ID, Medical ID profile) allow you to display accurate health information (severe allergies or medical conditions) you have already set on your phone on your lock screen. Even if you are unconscious condition, someone takes you to a doctor who can easily identify and treat your disease. A tourist can face various problems like this while traveling. As frequent travelers have learned enough through their previous trips, they are able to prepare their vacation plans speedily and efficiently. But the problem is for those who do not have previous traveling experiences, and they need to know about the best travel hacks. However, all travelers will receive an advantage from the best travel hacks that help make the trip smoother and enjoyable more.

What do we know about travel hacks?

Such learnings and tips that can help you save time, money, and unwanted hassle and improve future travels are called travel hacks.

Why are travel hacks needed for a tourist while traveling?

You will need this list of best travel tips to avoid many likely travel disasters. Experienced travelers can handle frequent travel, finances, and deals with the help of tips and methods. Some travel hacks will help you make your trip better and will help save money on travel. The life-saving hacks are very important for your travel, as they will protect you from danger and even save your life.

25 Best Travel Hacks

Best Travel Hacks to Save Money

To help you get the most out of your upcoming vacation, we have compiled a list of the best travel hacks for this year. You must know the hacks. You can divide the hacks into four categories.

A. Travel hacks before you leave home

B. Travel hacks for the departure

C. Travel hacks when you arrive at your destination

D. Travel hacks for returning home

A. Travel hacks before you leave home

Travel hacks before you leave home
  1. Save emergency contact numbers

Before you start your journey, memorize the contact numbers of your family or friends. You should inform him or her about your travel location before you go on a trip. You can put his/her number first in the contract list on your mobile. As you have a smartphone, you will get two new features –Emergency Call and Emergency SOS. To use the features, you have to add his/her number beforehand. Whenever you are in any untoward situation, your danger will reach him /her with your location by pressing a special button on the mobile.

Besides, you can write down your emergency numbers on a piece of paper and put them in your wallet, travel bag, shoulder bag, and shirt or pants pocket. If you face any danger in travel or you become senseless, anyone can call your emergency loved one with the numbers.

  1. Carry a portable charger while travelling

If your phone dies and there is no outlet in sight while travelling, it can be frustrating for you so much. Even, you can stay in such an isolated place where there is no electricity or power connection system, but your original charger is lost or damaged. In this case, a portable charger or power bank will keep you away from all the possible problems. Therefore, you should never leave home without an extra charger and a portable phone charger. So, when travelling, make sure your chargers are conveniently stored in your handbag or carry-on bag.

  1. Roll your clothes when packing

Rolling clothes is one the best travel hacks in this modern age as many people probably don’t have any idea in this regard. You may save a lot of space by rolling your clothes rather than folding them. You won’t believe how much space is saved in your suitcase or luggage. Rolling clothes rather than folding them is one of the easiest and best travel hacks. The tip will not only save a lot of space but also keep your clothes wrinkle-free.

  1. Share your valuables with co-travelers

When travelling with a friend or family member, you should keep all vital items such as passports, credit cards, cash, and hotel keys with them rather than one person. If everything is lost from one person, you can work with the rest.

  1. Put some money in shoe socks

You can put some extra money in shoe socks. It may seem ridiculous to many, but it is a lot of work for a traveler if he or she faces troubled. When you go to any destination, you can divide the total amount of your travel expenses into three. So, keep one part in your wallet, the second part in the travel bag or luggage and the third part in shoe socks. As a result, if the wallet is ever lost on the journey, you can complete the journey and return home safely with the remaining two parts of the money.

  1. Never forget to download offline Google maps

This is one of the best travel hacks, which you should never avoid. While travelling to a city for the first time, you need Google Maps to make your journey easy, but you might not have continuous internet access. So, download a Google map of your destination to use offline. Using a few simple steps, you can download Google Maps. For this, open the Google Maps app on your phone and search for your location, and mark the area, where you want to go. By clicking on the option “download offline”, anyone can access the map.

  1. Google Translate app to help with language barrier

A tourist can face a big obstacle with a language barrier while travelling to a new country. If they can’t use the foreign language to communicate or speak to local people or realize signboards and restaurant menus, Google Translate will be the best travel hack for them to solve all communication-related issues. Google Translate has access to different languages to communicate. Therefore, simply download Google Translate before you start traveling.

  1. Keep offline records of passport, visa, flight tickets

Carrying a hard copy of your passport, visa, flight tickets, vaccinations, and other travel documents is important. Besides, you scan your essential travel documents or take photos and email them to yourself. You can reserve physical copies on your phone, but make sure you can use those even without the internet connection. If you face internet disruption or your phone dies, the hardcopies will save you from the problems.

  1. Check credit or debit card to use in foreign destination

The best travel hacks are one that you should contact a credit or debit Card Company before your journey. To ensure it, you can access or use the cards in your foreign destination.

  1. Cary a universal adapter

A traveller should carry a universal adapter that works across nations, as the different types of plug points are used in different countries. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the type of plug points when you use a universal adapter. Carry a universal adapter with you to ensure that you can charge your phone, laptop, or camera regardless of where you are in the world. However, many people overlook it despite of most essential travel hacks.

  1. Shoulder season travel to save money 

The shoulder season is a time between high and low season when tourism is normally low. Planning a trip to save money and avoid massive crowds during shoulder season is the best track hack for all kinds of travel-loving people. People often consider the peak season as the best time to travel to a destination. However, experienced tourists understand that the shoulder months are the best time to go. The shoulder seasons in many destinations are from September to November and March to May. You should avoid selecting busy periods such as school breaks and holidays at any cost.

B. Travel Hacks for The Departure

Travel hacks for the departure
  1. Bring a refillable water bottle while traveling

It is a good idea to travel with a refillable water bottle and best travel hack. You can save money by bringing a refillable water bottle as bottled water is expensive in airport areas. By bringing a refillable water bottle, you can drink water when you want it. You will not depend on the airline authorities. If you want to travel to Europe, you do not have to search for places to buy water. European cities have free drinking water fountains.

  1. Don’t forget to invest in travel insurance

Travel insurance acts as a safety net, allowing you to leave confidently. Insurance serves to cover significant financial risks that you do not wish to deal with alone. Travel insurance may not be necessary for small trips, but it might provide peace of mind when you prepay for expensive reservations, such as a large overseas trip.  You should think that you or a member of your family may become ill or you can face any untoward situation including missing a flight. A simple investment in travel insurance will ensure safe and trouble-free travel. It is especially true that you will have to bear an extra charge but it will help your friends and family.

  1. Don’t exchange currency at the airport

Avoiding exchanging money for local currency at the airport is one of the best travel hacks. Temporally, the facility may be suitable for you but you will have to pay an extra charge due to unfavourable airport exchange rates. You should avoid it if you do not face any necessary situations. It is recommended to exchange money at a bank or an appreciated exchange bureau in the city at better rates. However, if you are required to transfer money at the airport, only do so for what is necessary. You might also use a credit or debit card that waives foreign fees for transactions and has good exchange rates.

  1. Bring a pen before leaving home

Before leaving the house, you should ensure that you have brought a pen to fill out customs papers. Fill out the papers as soon as the customs officials get them, and make sure your family members do as well. People will beg for your pen at customs as a few numbers of flight attendants rarely carry it. This simple best travel hack is always important for any traveler.

  1. Sprint to the loo 25 minutes before landing

You must rush to the restroom 25 minutes before your scheduled departure. The travelers may make use of the opportunity to comfort themselves to avoid fighting for facilities when they arrive. When the seatbelt light turns on, you normally have 15 minutes before you have to be seated.

C. Travel Hacks When You Arrive in Your Destination

Travel hacks when you arrive at your destination
  1.  Pack light luggage and take a direct route to baggage claim

Although carrying heavy luggage is always a hassle, many travelers overpack when going on vacation. If your luggage is overweight and you are unable to remove it, you will have to bear extra fees. So, packing light is one of the best travel hacks for easy travelling. Avoiding overpacking can also make your travels more comfortable. After landing at the airport, you should straight to baggage pickup. It’s incredible how many folks appear to lollygag after landing. Moreover, you should keep it in another place to save time and avoid disputes with fellow travellers.

  1. Remove only necessities from luggage

When you arrive in your hotel room, remove only the necessities from your baggage. To avoid hell during repacking, you can try to take out every pair of shoes and all of your toiletries. It is possible that it will forget something when it is time to go home. So, all should remember the best travel hack.

  1. Use VPN to use public Wi-Fi

Using Virtual Private Network (VPN) is one of the best travel hacks and is highly recommended while traveling. You don’t have to fear about data security and privacy when using public Wi-Fi networks. When travelling, people frequently rely on public Wi-Fi hotspots at airports, coffee shops, and hotels. You can face a security threat by using these public networks to put personal information, such as banking details. VPNs can encrypt your internet traffic, making it difficult for others to intercept and read your data. VPNs can also assign you a new IP address to secure your online identity and location. The VPN network you select is available in the destination country.  

  1. Stay between the second and fifth floors of your hotel.

Maximum travelers probably do not care much about what many floors your hotel room will be good for them, but you should do it keeping your safety in mind. Over hotel safety tips, Many security experts recommend not booking a room on the ground floor if possible but suggest staying somewhere between the second and fifth floors. The rooms on the floors are hard enough to collapse during an earthquake. If any fire breaks out on the same floor, firefighters are able to extinguish fires.

  1. Enjoy free food and drinks with credit cards

You will agree with me that food at airports is expensive compared to other places. One can avoid the expenses with his carefulness about his finances. Signing up for a travel credit card that includes access to airport lounges is one of the ways to save money while travelling. Save a lot of money in this way and enjoy free food and drinks. When you have a long wait at the airport, the lounge entrance comes in handy. You can get free food, beverages, WiFi, and other facilities.

D. Travel Hacks for Getting Back Home

Travel hacks for returning home

22. Keep a positive attitude

After the end of our travel career, many travellers feel a mixture of dread and euphoria. They do not want the good times to end, but they also cannot wait to get back into their routine. We will have to focus on the positive sides and think about our loved ones and how will feel when we will get a big hug with them. Dreaming about our future life can be the best way.

  1. Write down about your travel experience

Your travel experience will benefit you much when you begin your career. You will develop professional abilities and improve qualities that will make you a more effective employee. Take some time while travelling to write down what you’ve gained knowledge and how you’ve improved. This time is appropriate for you to write down what you have learned during your trip. You can update your resume with these new experiences.

  1. Enjoy the last moments of your travel

It is easy to forget the fact that you’re still traveling while you are anxious about your approaching return home. Try to enjoy every moment of your journey until you start the flight home. Consider planning some special activities or treats for the last few days. In this case, you can group photos, and selfies before the departure. To celebrate the moment, you can go to a top local restaurant. Never forget to keep enjoying the time.

  1. Manage logistic support before your arrival home

Your flight home is booked and then land at home but you did not arrange logistics. You can think about how much stress you will feel at this moment. So, you should arrange logistic support before the departure so that someone can pick you up from the airport. Besides, as this is the final flight of your travel, it will be a good decision to get to the airport earlier. In this case, you normally can book any transfers in advance. As the travel ends, you will feel worn out and a little fragile before the flight arrives. Having a meal before the flight and keeping yourself hydrated can be a good idea.

Disclaimer: The tricks and tips mentioned in the article are not the final solution. It is just informational purposes only. It is advised to seek security expert help before taking any final decision.

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