Best US Snacks to Eat While Playing Online Poker

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   July 11, 2023   Update on : July 11, 2023

US Snacks

There’s been an explosion in online poker in recent years, but there’s so much more to the experience than just playing games. There’s a good chance that if it’s between mealtimes you’ll get a little hungry and you’ll need a snack to keep your hunger levels at bay. Of course, if you don’t you might not be able to think clearly (one of the byproducts of hunger) and end up losing on hands. Follow our guide and stock up on these top snacks before you start playing on the best online poker sites for US players.

Just be wary that a lot of these snacks can leave you with greasy hands. To ensure that your device remains clean and dirt-free, be mindful to wash your hands after coming into contact with such foods.

1. Hot Dog

The classic American sausage between bread, it’s claimed that over 20 billion are consumed each year in the US! While still quite hearty a hot dog is a perfect accompaniment as it’s easy to eat with your hands, meaning you needn’t go too far from your device. The preparation time is very short meaning you needn’t miss too many hands, or none at all if you get sausages that can be cooked in the microwave. Some people swear by a plain hot dog while others add tomato ketchup, mustard and even fried crusted onion shavings. Although the latter can get messy!

One snack that has a lot of synergy with casinos and gambling is the humble peanuts. Now available in a multitude of flavors from a ream of different brands, these bitesize salty snacks are the perfect grazing accompaniment while you’re tapping through your online poker hand.

Usually found in the same area of the store, there are other derivatives of salty snacks. One of the most popular of these is pretzel pieces.

3. Chips

Bagged chips are a favorite snack across the world even for when people aren’t playing online poker! A lot of people take their favorite Lay’s packet to work or make it part of their lunch meal. Chips much like peanuts offer an intense hit of salty flavor to keep you stimulated. If you’re based in the UK however, be aware that these are called crisps and chips are something else! (Fries!)

4. Beef jerky

One of the most American snacks out there is beef jerky. This bagged meat snack gives you a decent amount of protein and salty goodness to keep you going during those high-intensity hands. Given that the serving often comes pre-bagged it makes it very easy to grab, eat and get on with your poker game.

5. Fresh fruit and vegetable sticks

You might be in the midst of a health kick or just generally don’t eat salty foods. Therefore it’s a good idea to get in some of your fruit and vegetables. Fresh fruit like apples, oranges, and bananas require minimal effort and have some benefits to keep you thinking clearly. Vegetables like cucumber and carrots can be easily chopped into sticks and put into bowls for mid-hand grazing.

6. Protein and cereal bars

If you’re playing for an extended period of time, maybe overlapping your standard mealtimes then you might want to consider getting in some decent quick protein or healthy cereal grains. These types of bars will give you slow-release energy to keep you playing and focused throughout your poker session.

7. Popcorn

While classically associated with movies and the cinema, popcorn is a great snack enjoyed for multiple casual reasons. The salted and sweet versions tend to be relatively healthy options. If you want there are some heavily coated versions like toffee or butter, these tend to be very flavorsome but not as healthy.

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