Biden’s Immigration Policy: What Implications for Asylum Seekers and the Election?”

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   June 5, 2024   Update on : June 5, 2024

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Joe Biden. File photo

President Joe Biden has rolled out plans to clamp restrictions on migrants seeking asylum at the US-Mexico border immediately, as the White House moved to neutralize immigration as a political liability ahead of the November elections.

The long-anticipated proclamation by the president would bar granting asylum to immigrants when US officials deem that the southern border is overwhelmed.

The Democratic president had contemplated unilateral action for months after the falling apart of a bipartisan border security deal in Congress that most Republican lawmakers rejected at the behest of former President Donald Trump, the likely GOP presidential candidate.

Biden on Tuesday said he preferred more lasting action through legislation but claimed that the Republicans left him no choice.

He also said he was acting on his own accord to gain control of the border, while insisted that he believed immigration was the lifeblood of America.

Meanwhile, Trump took to social media to attack Biden once again over the immigration issue, stating that he had “totally surrendered our Southern Border” and his orders were nothing but show ahead of their presidential debate slated for June 27.

The order would become effective when the number of border encounters between ports of entry crosses 2,500 per day, as per senior administration officials.

This meant that it should go into effect immediately, as the daily averages were way higher than 2,500.

The average daily arrests for illegal border crossings from Mexico were below 2,500 the last time in January 2021, the month when Biden became president.

The last time the border encounters fell to 1,500 per day was in July 2020, at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic.


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