Upcoming Concerts in London 2023: Buy Tickets Today

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Concerts in London

Music is one of the greatest forms of art we humans have developed over millennia. It helps us express our emotions, connect with each other, and even help us relax. It is also the most well-loved form of creative art: According to a recent study, more than 7.11 billion people worldwide like and listen to some form of music. 

Concerts are the places where you can listen to live music. You can listen to the most original music with all the nuances and subtleties usually lost in the recording. Concerts not only allow you to hear the music as its creator intended it, but they also help you feel happy and reduce stress. There, you are surrounded by friends and strangers alike; everyone is smiling, dancing, and having fun. Being in such an environment lowers stress hormones (Cortisol) and increases the level of happy hormones (dopamine & endorphin) in your body. 

Concerts happening in London

London is the city of music; there are plenty of great concert venues where both up-and-coming and established artists can perform, such as Scala, The Clapham Grand, Troxy, Electric Brixton, etc. 

Here are some upcoming “Concerts in London” that will be held in these venues soon; you can buy their tickets here (https://gb.mticket.eu/en/london/concert).  


The first concert on our list is the charity concert of the famous Ukrainian band BEZ OBMEZHEN. It will take place on October 01, in London, at the Scala concert hall. The BEZ OBMEZHEN is a popular band. Their music and songs are loved worldwide, and millions of views on their YouTube videos prove that. They are famous for their incredibly beautiful music and the remarkable depth in their lyrics. 

BEZ OBMEZHEN has been supporting their home country, Ukraine, since the beginning of the war. As mentioned before, this concert is a charity event, and all the proceeds from it will be used to support the Ukrainian military defending the country and the innocent civilians affected by war.    

2. Good evening, we are from Ukraine

The next concert on our list is Good Evening, we are from Ukraine. The concert’s name is one of the slogans that have become the symbol of resistance of Ukrainians against aggression in Russia. In this concert, Tvorchi, Alina Pash, and Pianoбой will come to London and perform. This concert will be held on October 10 at The Clapham Grand, one of the famous concert venues in London.

This concert is also a charity event; all the proceeds of this concert will be used to support Ukraine.


The next concert on our list is MAX BARSKIH. We all know MAX BARSKIH, one of the most famous Ukrainian singers. Forbes even called him “the musical ambassador of Ukraine in the world.” He is coming to London as a part of a bestseller world tour he started in support of Ukraine. 

 If you are a fan of high-quality, modern music and songs, you must go to this concert. There, Max will sing and perform his most famous hits and a few completely new songs that you can’t find anywhere else. 

This concert will be held on October 22, in London, at The Clapham Grand

4. Garou

The next concert on our list is of Garou; it will be held on October 29, in London at Troxy concert venue. Garou is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and actor; he started his musical career in 1995 and has been in the business since then. His songs are liked and loved around the world, and throughout his career, he has sold more than 5 million albums. He has won numerous awards, including 11 Felix (Adisq – Quebec), 1 World Music Award (Monaco), 1 Victory Award (Poland), etc.

If you like Garou’s songs, then come to this concert. There, you can hear his famous songs, such as Gitan, Belle, Seul, etc., and some of his new songs. 

5. Artem Pivovarov

The next concert on our list is Artem Pivovarov, a Ukrainian new wave singer and composer. This concert will be held on November 19 in London at the Electric Brixton concert venue. Artem Pivovarov’s music style is exceptional; he combines jazz, pop, rock, and classical music to make something unique and fantastic. 

He has already published four albums and dozens of singles that are well-received by the audience. If you want to see Artem and hear his charismatic and insightful songs, then go to this concert. This concert is also a charity event; Artem will use the proceeds to support Ukraine for humanitarian and military purposes. 


The last concert on our list is of the famous punk-rock band Sergei Mikhalok and Lyapis Trubetskoy. It will happen on November 26, in London, at the Scala club. Every one of their performances lights up the hall, and you hum their songs for hours to come. If you want to hear their popular songs and sing with them then come to this concert.

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