Dumpor: What is It, and is It Safe?

Inclusive Instagram Story Viewer Anonymously

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   November 9, 2022   Update on : September 8, 2023

Dumpor Instagram

Instagram has become an important part of our everyday life. We use it as a source of entertainment, news, and even communication. We use it to keep track of what our acquaintances, friends, and family are doing. No matter how far you are, you can know about your loved ones just by browsing their Instagram stories. And your loved ones will know that you care about them because Instagram notifies them about who visited their profile and at which time.

The notification system of Instagram is very helpful, but sometimes you don’t want it. For example, when you are in an argument with your loved ones and don’t want them to know that you visited their profile. Or you want to keep track of your ex without them knowing. But Instagram notifications are permanent; you can off them when you want. So, how can you visit an Instagram profile secretly? The solution to your problem lies in an Instagram Viewer called Dumpor.

What is Dumpor?

Dumpor is an Instagram viewer and downloader. And it is one of the best of its kind. The following are its primary features.


  1. Browse Profiles and tags

It allows you to browse any public profile or tag as long as you know its name. It will enable you to browse all content of your chosen profile or tag.

  1. Photos

Images are one of the most common and important parts of the Instagram community. You can view and download photos from any public profile.

  1. Videos

Although videos are less common than images on Instagram, they are still a major part of the content on Instagram. You can stream any video posted on a public profile.  It also allows to download videos if you want to store them offline for later.

  1. Stories

Instagram Stories are one of the important ways to keep track of what your friends and family are doing. It helps to browse through all the stories on any public Insta profile.

  1. Anonymous

Anonymity is perhaps one of the main selling points of dumpor. Through it, you can browse your target’s Instagram profile without anyone knowing. This is especially important when you browse Stories because on Instagram, if you browse someone’s story, they will get a notification.

If you only use the Instagram website or app to browse profiles, there is no way to ensure anonymity. If you want to remain anonymous during the process, use Dumpor.

How to access Dumpor?

Accessing Dumpor is very easy; you can do so by following the following steps.

  1. First of all, you need a device connected to the internet, such as a desktop, laptop, tablet, or Smartphone.
  2. Open a browse on your device and write www.dumpor.com in the address bar. Then press the “enter” button on your keyboard.
  3. Your browser will take you to Dumpor’s official website.

How to use Dumpor?

Dumpor is a clean and elegant online tool that makes it very easy to use. Now let’s take a look at how to use it.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to search for a profile, tag, or location.
  2. Then you browse the given content and try watching stories, images, or videos.

There are the most logical steps that anyone who wants to browse Instagram follows. Let’s see how to search profiles, tags, and locations on Dumpor.


The first thing you see on the homepage is a search bar. That is what we use to search for profiles and Hashtags.


  1. To browse your target Instagram profile, you first need to know its exact name. If you know the profile ID, you can get to it by writing in the search bar. 
  2. But sometimes you don’t know the exact Instagram Id. This usually happens when you are trying to browse the profile of a famous person. In that case:
    1. Write the name of your target person in the search bar and click the search button.
    2. You will see three tabs in the search result: Profiles, tags, and location.
    3. Click on the profile, and you will see a few Instagram profiles related to the target name.
    4. Browse through the available IDs and click the one you think is your target. 
    5. Dumpor will open that profile for you to browse. Double-check if the current profile is your target. If not, go back to the search results and pick another profile.


  1. Browsing a Hashtag is almost the same as browsing a profile. If you know the exact Hashtag, write it in the search bar and press “enter” on your keyboard. 
  2. If you don’t know the exact Hashtag, then search for a related keyword in the search bar.
  3. Click on the ‘tags’ tab in the search results. 
  4. You will see a few tags related to your search keyword. Browse through the tags and click on the one you think is right. 


  1. Open an Instagram profile or tag with Dumpor.
  2. Browse the content, select an image or image group, then click it.
  3. A dedicated image page will open before you. For images, you will get higher quality images. For image groups, you will see a stack of images. 
  4. To browse through the image stack, use the forward and backward buttons.
  5. To download an image, click on the download button below it.


  1. Open a profile or tag on Dumpor.
  2. Browse through the content, select a video, then click it.
  3. You will get that video on a dedicated page. To stream the video, bring the cursor on the video and click it.
  4. To download the video, click on the download button. That video will start downloading immediately.


  1. First of all, open an Instagram profile on Dumpor.
  2. You will see a button saying Show Current Profile Id Stories; click it.
  3. Not all profiles have stories; some have some don’t. If your target profile has stories, you will be able to browse.
  4. Browse through the stories and select the one you like. If you want to download the story or want to know more details, click it.
  5. You will see that story on a dedicated page with maximum detail. If you want to download the story, click the download button below.

As far as browsing is concerned, it has no apparent problem because it only allows you to browse public content. The content on public Instagram profiles is public, and anyone can watch it.

But there is a problem with downloading images, videos, and stories from Instagram because the platform doesn’t allow it. As Dumpor allows you to download content from Instagram, then technically, it is illegal. You should also know about Insta Pro APK Download.

Is Dumpor safe to use?

According to what we have observed, this is a fairly safe website. Here are the reasons why we think it is safe:

  1. No ads: One of the most dangerous aspects of illegal websites are their ads. Their ads are usually from untrustworthy sources and are prone to spreading viruses and causing various problems. One of the reasons we think Dumpor is safe is because it has no ads.
  2. Low chance of viruses: Every image and video you download from Dumpor are indirectly downloaded from Instagram. As such, there is very little chance that those images and videos are infected with viruses.
  3. No account registration: Dumpor has no any login and registration system. It means you don’t have to provide your information to it. This policy minimizes the risk of your data being stolen by malicious individuals. As you might know, data breaches are common on the internet nowadays. Even Facebook and Twitter have had data breaches that led to data of millions of Facebook and Twitter users’ data being stolen. But you don’t have to worry about data breaches while using Dumpor because you didn’t give it doesn’t have any of your data.

Frequently Asked Questions

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”Who is the owner of Dumpor?” answer-0=”We don’t know who the owner of Dumpor is because they have hidden their identity on Whois.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”Does using Dumpor Cost Money?” answer-1=”No, using Dumpor doesn’t cost any money. It is a completely free online tool.” image-1=”” count=”2″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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