Everything a Woman Should Know Before Going to Gym

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   January 23, 2023   Update on : January 23, 2023

Everything a Woman Should Know Before Going to Gym

There are many benefits of going to the gym, but there are also many disadvantages. The most obvious is that it can be very intimidating for women who have never been to a gym. Some women may not know how to use the equipment, are unsure of the etiquette, or maybe the gym is crowded. 

Keep reading to learn about everything a woman like you should know before going to a gym.

Things to Know Before Going to the Gym

Women should know what they should bring to the gym so they don’t have to worry about anything while trying something new. And, of course, wearing practical clothes for the gym would be a good start. 

If you’re worried about not having something to wear, you may check out nimble activewear for options. Stepping into the gym doesn’t mean you can immediately go hardcore. Being hard on yourself will only lead to negative effects. Focus on what your body can do and incorporate something simple first.

There are tips below that you can take note of so that you will know what to prepare and what to do once you step into the gym. 

Choose the Time Wisely 

When visiting the gym and you’re not comfortable with crowded areas, you must identify the peak times of the gym you’re planning to go to. In this way, you can avoid getting extremely conscious or uncomfortable while training for the first time. 

Also, with the gym packed, machines can be limited. So if you have a tight schedule, keeping yourself from peak hours is best.

Bring your Essentials

In going to the gym, make sure you’re fully equipped. Generally, bring a water bottle, a towel, and a change of clothes.  

Make sure you get water in between very tiring sets so you won’t be dehydrated. Also, towels to keep your sweat in check and wipe the equipment’s necessary areas after use. 

Ask for a Tour

Make sure to be oriented to the area you’re going into. The gym staff is stationed to make sure your training sessions will be comfortable and safe. Additionally, this is a good opportunity for you to know where the equipment is. This way, it is easy for you to locate them later.

Keeping the Equipment Clean

Before and after using the gym equipment, make sure that you clean up after yourself. In this way, you show respect to the others that are using the gym and are also hygienic. 

Also, after using weights of any movable equipment, make sure to put them away to reduce risks for yourself and others.

Sharing Machines

Another gym member may ask in between your sets to let them work in with you. After your set, let the other member have their turn at training. You need a break between sets, so don’t let it bother you to have another member train in.

Electronic Use 

Be mindful of using your electronics and make sure that you are distracting no one. It is ethical to let at least others enjoy their own space by keeping your electronics at a reasonable use. 

Avoid taking phone calls as much as possible. But if it’s important to keep your electronics with you, especially your cell phone, step out off the gym floor before taking any phone calls. If unnecessary, you can leave your electronics at the locker with the ringer off. 

Focus Less on Getting Conscious

People go to the gym for a variety of reasons, and the main one would be getting fit. It is best to focus on the goal you have in mind by doing your routine. In fact, it is not only you that is conscious of being judged, everyone training is also worried about the same thing. 

So, learn to focus on yourself and how you will train your body into your most desired shape. Get the most out of your training rather than feeding your mind unnecessary thoughts.

Things you Can Do in the Gym

Getting into the gym could overwhelm you. It might even confuse you about where to start, and that’s okay. However, it is okay to start simple and not exert too hard. You would not want your body to go into shock and cause a fatigue injury for yourself. 

Incorporate warm-ups so that you can get your muscles loosened. Start with a simple warm-up, including exercise bikes. Normally, exercise bikes hardly require effort and force. They help you improve cardiovascular and joint fitness.

You shouldn’t stay at one station for your whole session. Instead, keep your exercise balanced by doing simple muscle training. But if you’re still unsure what to do next and are scared to strain your muscles, there are fitness coaches you can tap who can guide you through a routine. 

Fitness coaches are present to help you find the perfect routine for you. Generally, these coaches personalize workouts that would help improve your overall fitness and not just your abs. 

Don’t Overdo your Body

The last thing you would want to happen is overdo it. You wouldn’t want to suffer sore muscles and struggle doing simple tasks. Seeing ripped people in the gym shouldn’t push you to go harder on your routine. It’s one of the biggest mistakes of gym starters—pushing themselves to do killer workouts.  

Getting ripped does not happen overnight. Fitness happens with a process and perseverance. You need to be patient with yourself before you can see actual results.

Let your Body Recover

If you feel like you’re sore all over, that’s completely normal. Continue your workout even if you’re feeling uncomfortable. Allow your body to get used to working out until it becomes conditioned and adjusts well to your routine. But do not forget to rest your body as it recovers. Working out with sore muscles may cause injuries and hinder your fitness goals.

Gymnastically Confident

Always remember that you’re doing this for yourself and keep your goal in mind. It doesn’t matter if it takes longer than you expected. What’s important is that you’re working your way to being fit and training your body to be strong and healthy. Keep your training fun and etiquette-wise.



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