Say Goodbye to Back Pain Following These Tips

Time Of Info By MD Imran Ali   September 19, 2022   Update on : September 19, 2022

Back Pain

Back pain has become a burden to almost 80% of people across the world. It is very irritating when you feel pain and refrain from doing the daily chores. There are so many reasons behind back pain that we ignore subconsciously. A little extra care can give you relief from this jeopardy in your daily life. The pain can be very severe at times and you won’t be able to move or lift a very light-weighed thing.

Some common reasons for back pain are fracture, spinal disorder, accidental or sports injury, arthritis, overweight, inappropriate sitting position, and so on. One should not be panicked instead of following healthy guidelines to recover soon from back pain. You must consult with a doctor if you have a serious issue of back pain.

However, these easy tips can bid farewell to your back pain naturally. By following these tips you can get a remedy for back pain. Let’s see what you need to do-

Eat healthy food:

You need to eat healthy if you want to lead a healthy and happy life. Don’t eat junk food or foods with less nutritional value just for pungent taste. You must maintain good nutrition for keeping your back healthy. A balanced diet with vitamins, calcium, and minerals should be taken. Foods that contain Omega-3 fat are good for bone and ligaments. You must avoid processed foods and junk foods to get a good result. Eat a good amount of fruits and vegetables regularly.

Maintain decent weight:

You need to maintain your weight by following the health guideline. Don’t eat too many fatty foods or sugar which may lead you to become a person with excessive weight. Being overweight is a common reason for back pain. You must keep your weight balanced way so that your back would not be loaded with extra weight.

Physical exercise:

Physical exercise and outdoor activities help one not to suffer from back pain. You can do some stretching every day to build your muscle strength. You need to stay active to keep you fit and flexible. Doing some exercise will give you relief from back pain. However, don’t put pressure on your back, if you find difficulties while doing exercise.

Mind your posture:

A bad posture of sitting or standing can make the back pain worse than a proper posture of a person. Sitting on your desk for a long time will affect your back. You need to see your sitting position and fix it according to your comfort zone. If your chair does not support your back, change it immediately.

Quit smoking:

Smoking put a very negative impact on your whole body. It makes your back pain intense. You should quit smoking as soon as possible to get rid of back pain.

Sleep well:

Sleeping is very important for getting relief from back pain. Sleeping allows your body to heal naturally. Moreover, the back gets a rest for around 7-8 hours if a person sleeps well. Enough sleep gives a person enough stamina to get a good result from back pain.

Don’t lift heavy weight:

Lifting a very heavy weight can cause a lot of damage to your back. If a person bends his/her back to lift a weight, he/she will have to suffer in near future. Don’t put pressure on your back or bend while lifting something. Bend your knee and put pressure on your legs instead of your back when you lift a weight. Moreover, you should know your limit. Don’t lift anything heavy for you.

Stay relaxed:

People are passing very busy time as it seems that everyone is running in a race. Many people suffer from stress as they have very little time to relax which is very necessary for the rest of your muscles. You can try yoga or meditation to get relaxed.

Take a break:

If you are doing a desk job and you need to sit for hours at a stretch, then you are at a high risk of suffering from back pain. You must take a break to stand straight or to walk a bit and get back to your desk. It will help you to get rid of back pain and mental stress.

Avoid high heels:

High heels can be very harmful to your back pain. Using high heels can affect your lower back. It is against the natural process of walking for a person. Using high heels for a long time can cause serious damage to your back.

Ice and heat:

Ice and heat can heal the pain for a while, but it varies according to person to person. Ice should be used to reduce the pain caused by inflammation and heat should be used to relax tense muscles. However, it is better to talk to a physician before adopting any of these.

Fruits can be fruitful:

Fruits can be very fruitful in healing your back pain. You can have fresh fruits and vegetables including carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, cherries, berries, grapes, pomegranate, and watermelon to get a good result. Banana also helps to relieve your pain as it is rich in magnesium.

Go out in sun:

If you have a deficiency of vitamin D, you must go out in the sun as it is the best source of vitamin D. A decent sunshine can work wonders in relieving that backache as well as strengthening your spine. Lack of sun can cause back pain very often.


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