A Complete Guide to HariManga and Its Best Alternatives in 2023

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For those of you who are Manga lovers, the old days are gone when we had all the time in the world. We used to go to different bookshops to find the latest chapter of our ongoing Manga. We used to spend all our summers completing long and classic Mangas. Everything used to be all fun and joy. But as time passed, our childhood left us, and now we are in the hectic stage of our lives. We currently don’t have the time to stand in long queues and go from one shop to the next. We need a platform that can provide us with the content we are trying to find all in one place. Thankfully, the modern electronic era has come to our rescue. Nowadays, many free online websites provide this kind of content.

What is HariManga?

HariManga is an online Manga reading website that features thousands of high-quality Manga. It is free for you on all devices to read your favorite Manga. The library here is so vast that you won’t ever have to go to a bookshop again. You can look for whatever kind of Manga you want here on the website. It has all the latest, finished, and ongoing Mangas, which you can read anytime. Also, if you’re in the mood for a classic, don’t worry; we got you covered too. All the classics, or “OGs,” as the millennials call them nowadays, are also featured here. So, what I’m trying to say here is whether you’re in for a classic or just catching up with the weekly chapter, HariManga has got you covered completely. The specifics of the genres and categories available here at HariManga will be discussed later. Let’s say the kind of diversity available here is the one you can’t get in any single Manga-selling bookshop on the planet!

What is the Primary Purpose of HariManga?

The main objective of HariManga is to:

  • Provide you with a convenient and quality platform to enjoy your favorite Manga for just the cost of your idle time.
  • All the content available here is up-to-date, relevant, and just waiting for you to read.
  • The website has an alluring homepage and excellent interface, considering it is free.
  • Most of the websites of this sort are just for making money with lots and lots of ads and pop-ups. This made it impossible for you to browse freely through your Manga. HariManga saves you from all this trouble by offering you a platform so organized and well-managed that you sometimes think of a Manga, and it just pop-ups right in front of you.

How Can we Communicate with others through HariManga?

Most Manga reading communities are introverts who are only comfortable around a very few people. They feel easy just by themselves, probably because they don’t have much common interests with everyone. What they are interested in is not understood by others. The purpose of saying all this is to let you know that through this website, you can finally find people with whom you have similar interests. You can finally talk to them about what they are interested in by commenting and sharing your ideas about the specific chapter. The comments are publicly posted, and anyone who visits the website can read them and get a reflection on the chapter of the person who made that comment. Chatting and giving ideas and opinions about the Manga makes you feel like you are part of a vast community. It makes you feel like you are reading the Manga with many people instead of just reading it by yourself. This, indeed adds more purpose to the whole experience.

Is HariManga Safe?

Over the years, hundreds and thousands of users have read their Manga here, and there hasn’t been a single complaint regarding the safety of this website. So, it is safe to assume that you are entirely free of any risk while on this site. Moreover, as mentioned above, there are not a lot of suspicious pop-ups here, so the risk of accidentally clicking on one and potentially damaging your device is close to zero. Still, if you want additional security, use an ad blocker or a browser that doesn’t allow online websites to harm your device. It would be best if you remembered never to open the links that start auto-downloading while using the website. These are somewhat harmful to your device and hence should be kept distant from. If you have not previously clicked on such an ad, you have nothing to worry about because these ads usually ask you to download for the first time.

While it is common for websites that provide pirated content for people to be illegal and sketchy, HariManga is not entirely prohibited. By “not completely illegal,” I mean to say that it is legal in some regions while in others, it is illegal and banned. The distinction is mainly based on the fact that different cyber policies exist in different countries. If you live in an area that allows the free and open use of these online Manga reading websites, then in your region HariManga is legal too. Otherwise, you will have to use a VPN to access the website. Another reason the website may not work for you is that your internet provider has censored the content, and you may ask them why.  

How can I use HariManga?

Accessing HariManga is very simple and straightforward. You don’t have to get a subscription or make accounts requiring your personal information to read Manga here. You just have to visit the website and start reading! Follow these easy steps to start reading your favorite Manga on HariManga:

  • You should have a device that connects to the internet, like a smartphone or a laptop.
  • The internet connection should be stable.
  • Open the browser on your device, and search the following link in the search bar, https://hariManga.com/ to go to the official website of HariManga.
  • The homepage will open. If the homepage doesn’t open, connect your VPN device and try again.
  • On the homepage, there are many options to select from. Different categories are listed there from which you can choose your genre.
  • Below these categories are displayed various thumbnails of the latest chapters that are sorted by their release date. If you are looking for an ongoing Manga, chances are you will see it there.
  • If, however, you are looking for an old series or can’t find your desired Manga there on the homepage, you can just search for the Manga by name.
  • Once you have found the Manga you are looking for, just click on it, and you will be taken to the next page, where you can start reading.
  • When you are done reading, just close the page because HariManga saves your progress automatically, and when you come here again, you can just start reading from where you left off.

The user interface here is also amicable. With its fast-loading speed and smooth browsing, this website is something you should consider when you want to read your Manga.

The Manga available here is read just as on any other website or how you read it through a challenging book, from right to left. This is one of the significant differences between Manga and other regular comics.  

How to Sign Up on HariManga?

I should probably clarify one thing before getting into the steps, you will have to make an account on HariManga. HariManga is a free website, and there is no signing up required to read Manga here. However, the website offers are free account setup so that you can become more organized with your searches and suggestions.

How to Sign Up on HariManga

To make a free account, just follow these simple steps:

  • Open your browser and go to https://hariManga.com/.
  • On the homepage, look for “sign up.” If you already have an account, go to “sign in.”
  • Once you have clicked on “sign up,” a dialogue box will open, asking you to fill in your details like username and password.
  • After you have filled in the form, click on the “register” icon.
  • Congratulations, you have successfully made an account on HariManga.

There are many advantages to making an account. After you have made your free account, you can:

  • Mark any Manga as “read” so you remember which ones you have finished and which you haven’t.
  • You can add different Manga to your favorites list so you may re-read your favorite chapters again and again.
  • The website will automatically note your searches and previously read Manga, and your suggestions will then be according to your taste.
  • You can continue reading from where you left off because the website will have it saved for you. So, no more finding ways to remember where you left off.

Is HariManga available on Reddit and Facebook?

Yes, in addition to the actual website, HariManga is also available on other platforms like Reddit and Facebook. You can follow their social media pages and groups to show your love and support. Also, you will get the most recent and up-to-date notifications about anything new that may have appeared on the website. You can get to know about all the new releases, news about the plans, theories, and leaks about the trending Manga. All this information is available for you on these social media pages.

On Reddit, you can find HariManga under r/HariManga. You can also join the discord HariManga community to continuously stay in touch with all that is happening in the Manga world. One thing that you should know about these pages is that you can only get information about the Manga here. To read the Manga, you will have to go to the original website. Sometimes the links are also provided on Facebook or Reddit, which by clicking on them, will take you to the website.

Is HariManga a Well-Organized Website?

When you land on the homepage of the HariManga website, you see all the content organized into different categories. On HariManga, the content is organized into different categories including,

  • Different Genre
  • Updated Manga
  • Trending Manga

All the genres are well-arranged on the page, making it a user-friendly website for visitors. Due to this feature, users can easily navigate their Manga of choice.

Is HariManga a Well-Organized Website

What Happened to HariManga?

If you are hearing rumors about the website being shut down, you don’t need to worry at all. HariManga provides a wholesome amount of content free of cost so sometimes you might not be able to stream HariManga. This prohibited website by the government gets down due to a geo-blocking issue. There are various alternatives to HariManga on the internet. You can use these similar websites to read your favorite Manga too!

Is HariManga down in my Region?

No, HariManga is not officially down. It might be possible that you’re facing a temporary issue in your region. Try using a reliable VPN source to change your IP address. Using a VPN or opting for an alternative site will solve your issue. In the last part of this article, we have provided some of the most competitive alternatives that provide free content like HariManga.

What is VPN?

VPN is a worldwide popular service used to access websites that are not allowed in that specific area. Virtual Private Network mainly changes your IP address and converts it into another country’s address. It connects your server with any country where that particular website is legal and allowed. Moreover, it is a guaranteed source to access different sites for a variety of content.

VPN Connect

Why should I use VPN for HariManga?

If you are facing difficulty in accessing your Manga site, you can use VPN. It is used worldwide for its astonishing services. You should opt for using a VPN because:

  • It provides a secure internet connection on your device.
  • It protects your device from viruses.
  • It changes your IP address and converts it to another.
  • It changes your location to the country where your desired website is allowed.

All of these reasons will convince you to download a guaranteed VPN service and enjoy reading your favorite Manga!

Best VPN Services to Unblock HariManga:

Now, after the decision of downloading a VPN, how would you choose one? There are plenty of VPN networks available online. Make sure that you’re downloading a safe one. We have made a list of VPN services that are top-rated and safe to use:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. VPNArea
  3. NordVPN
  4. PrivateVPN
  5. CyberGhost VPN
  6. AtlasVPN
  7. Debunking

You can check out any of these networks and you’ll not be disappointed! They will make your Manga reading time more entertaining.

Is HariManga Mobile App Available?

Yes, fortunately, the app of this top Manga website is also available. After all the other features, this one feels like a “cherry on top” one. You can find the HariManga APK on the following sites:

  • Google Play Store
  • Apkguy
  • Apkresult
  • APKPure
  • Aptoide
  • Apkhere
  • Apk4fun
  • Gbhouse

The navigating and reading process on the mobile app is way easier than on websites. It increases the accessibility of the website and you can access it from any of your devices easily.

How to Download HariManga APK on your Android Devices?

After knowing that the app is available, how can one resist downloading it? The process to get your HariManga app on your devices is quite easy. You only have to follow this guide:

  1. First of all, search for the HariManga on Google Play Store or other sites on the internet.
  2. Download the HariManga APK on your device.
  3. After downloading, go to the security of your phone.
  4. Go to settings and turn on the “unknown sources”.
  5. Then, find the downloaded APK file and start the app.

Once you have downloaded the file, follow the next instructions provided. You are ready to search for your Manga of interest and enjoy it during your leisure time!

Why should we prefer Mobile Apps over Websites?

When the mobile app is available for a website, it attracts more audiences due to an increase in accessibility. These are some of the advantages of using the HariManga app:

  • The streaming speed on the app will be more than on the website.
  • You will have to see no ads or pop-ups while reading.
  • You can find Manga on Apps in different languages including English.
  • Along with reading Manga, the app will keep you updated with recent news daily.
  • You can access your Manga from any of your available devices.
  • You can start reading from where you left off the last time without having to load the site again.

All of these features make the mobile app more user-friendly for reading Mangas. So, the people who download it once, never go back to using the website again.

What Kinds of Manga Content can we find on HariManga?

The popularity of a website depends on the kind of content it uploads. A website will only attract a small audience if it offers only one genre of content. At the same time, another website having all genres on its site will gather an audience from all over the world. People choose the Manga of their interest from all the categories available on the homepage. These are all the types of content on HariManga:

  1. Horror Content is for those who love frightening thrillers. Some people enjoy horror content even more than comedy. So, if you’re one of these people, you have a lot of options on HariManga.
  2. Humor Content is for all age groups. Everyone loves to read the fun, joyful Mangas in their stressful times. Humor content is generally loved by audiences from all over the globe.
  3. Romantic Content is mostly read by adults. A loving story with a beautiful ending is what your heart craves! So, this genre is for you if you love reading stories that give you butterflies.
  4. Adventure Content is mostly loved by teenagers. There are many popular Mangas in this category like “Hunter × Hunter”. If you enjoy reading fun stories along with emotions, you can go for adventure content.
  5. Sports Content is specifically for the sports freaks. Sport Mangas are not only interesting to read but they also improve your knowledge of that particular game. You get to know many new tactics and skills in that game.
  6.  Science Content meets the excitement of teens and adults who love discovering new stuff. Again, like sports, you can learn a lot by reading science Mangas. Most of the students who are interested in science go for this category of content.
  7. Fiction Content includes the most interesting Mangas. Who doesn’t love a fairytale or a superhero kind of story that is not near reality? Fiction content is for you if you enjoy creating imagination by reading stories.
  8. Action Content is mostly loved by the boys. They love the striking noise, a giant villain killing everyone, and cars thrown on every corner of the road. If you love such content, then you can find the Manga of your choice in this genre.
  9. Drama Content includes all-in-one Mangas for you. Drama is made when comedy, action, emotions, adventure, and romance mix. This is the reason why Manga under the category of “drama” gathers a huge audience.
  10. Mystery Content is good to read for your mind. It has many benefits like improving your critical thinking and problem-solving techniques. The readers love mystery content as it keeps on building interest with every episode.

All of these genres have more than enough collections of Mangas. So, no matter what the interest of a person is in Mangas, he/she can always find the best one in the above categories.

No doubt, all the Mangas available on HariManga are worth reading and joyful. The categories which are most rated by the readers are as follows:

  • Adventure
  • Incest
  • Horror
  • Historical
  • Parody
  • Romance
  • Mature
  • Comedy
  • Magic
  • School
  • Cooking
  • Demons  
  • Mecha
  • Fantasy
  • Shounen
  • Military
  • Drama
  • Shoujo
  • Yaoi
  • Ecchi
  • Mystery
  • Bishoujo

The majority of the audience read Manga from these categories and never complained. Check out the website once, choose a Manga of your interest, and start reading it in your free time!

What is the Cause Behind the Popularity of HariManga?

There are many websites online that provide similar content, just like HariManga. Then why would you choose HariManga over others? What makes HariManga different? Well, we have discussed many good sides of HariManga above, but let’s summarize them now. The popularity of HariManga is due to:

  • A huge library of content including all genres.
  • All of the content is free of cost.
  • The design of the website is very user-friendly.
  • You will get daily updates regarding upcoming Mangas.
  • The quality of content is never compromised.
  • Along with original Japanese content, you can read English translations too.
  • The website is easily accessible on both android and iPhone.
  • The mobile app of HariManga is also available.

All of these features make HariManga stand out among other Manga-reading websites.

Why do we need Alternatives to the HariManga Website?

We have discussed that HariManga is one of the best sites to read Manga. You might be wondering that if all the features are already present in HariManga then why are we searching for similar sites? The answer to this question is within yourself. If you are interested in reading Manga, you will definitely search for similar Manga on different websites. So, the content for Manga lovers is never enough and the eagerness is never fulfilled!

Moreover, there can be other reasons like sometimes the HariManga website is shut down or not working. The alternatives have different groups and communities on their websites. People reading the same Manga can discuss it and share recent updates regarding upcoming episodes. This additional feature makes the readers more excited. Make sure that the alternative sites are reliable and safe to use.

Best HariMang Alternatives:

We have made the process further easier for you by compiling the most competitive alternatives to HariManga. All of these alternatives are guaranteed, legal, and secure for you to read your favorite Manga.


When you search for an alternative site to HariManga, MangaOwl comes at the top. It provides a vast collection of comics and that too without costing a single penny! Once you visit the website of MangaOwl, you’ll see that all the genres are available here making a million Mangas overall. This makes it a huge and reliable site for reading Mangas.  


Another best site to read comics is MyReadingManga. This website itself helps you to find your Manga of interest. It has a vast collection of Mangasand some of the stories are only readable by adults. So, MyReadingManga is not a good choice for your children or those under 18. The variety of content makes it one of the best competitive alternatives to HariManga.


This website attracts a huge audience because it uploads the most-rated Manga of present times. These are the most loved Mangason MangaRaw:

  • One Piece
  • Bleach
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Naruto

You can also find Manga on MangaRaw in different languages including English and Spanish. All of these features make it one of the best alternatives to HariManga.


HariManga is one of the top Manga reading websites. You can find all types of Manga here, no matter what kind of story you’re interested in. The content is available in different languages here so that it can gather an audience from all over the globe! What adds up to the features of HariManga is its user-friendly website. It is accessible on every device easily. The mobile app has made reading more fun by decreasing the pop-ups or ads. You can use a VPN or go for an alternative site if you face any issues regarding the site. We have provided you with the most reliable alternative websites which offer similar free content.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some FAQ about HariManga.

Does HariManga offer free content?

Yes! You can read any Manga of your choice on HariManga without paying a single penny.

Is the mobile app of the HariManga website also available?

Fortunately, yes! The mobile app has increased the audience of HariManga.

Is my HariManga website shut down?

If you face any issues accessing your HariManga site, try using a VPN service. You can go for an alternative site too. 

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