How Can Social Media Ruin Your Relationship?

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   July 1, 2023   Update on : June 30, 2023

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Social media has become a part and parcel of our life. There is no doubt that it has many positive effects on our life. However, there are many harmful effects of social media too. Social media play a vital role in building and ruining relationships nowadays. A large number of netizens are often affected by social media in their personal life. Many people are still ignorant about the proper handling and control of social media. There are many ways how social media can ruin your relationship. Let’s see some of the reasons.

Lack of personal interaction:

Many people spend a lot of time on social media and get very less opportunity to have a proper personal interaction with his or her partner. The lack of interaction put a negative impact on the relationship. The other half of that relationship thinks that he or she is being ignored by you. So, you must be careful about handling social media to save your relationship from destruction.


Social media is such an online platform where people spend hours chatting, uploading photos and videos, giving and reading statuses, and so on. You may get used to this habit. And, this habit becomes an addiction very soon. This addiction can push away your beloved one from you. You should pay attention to your relationship instead of spending a lot of time on social media.

Continuous comparison:

People often compare their relationships with others after seeing other couples on social media. They always try to become or look better than others. This constant comparison or competition can ruin your relationship as every relationship is unique. You should not compare your partner or relationship with others seeing them happy on social media. Everything you see on social media is not always true. You should run after any fake tag.

Losing interest in each other:

Couples often lose interest in each other as they spend a lot of time using social media. They start liking what or whom they see all the time. They get less time to love or care for their partners. They hardly pay attention to each other. Slowly but surely they lose interest in their partners. It is very sad but true.

A way for insecurities:

Social media can ruin your relationship by making you insecure. It is very common for people to compare their relationships with others and feel insecure. This feeling will deteriorate your relationship further. You should confidently handle any obstacle in your relationship practically instead of depending on social media.

Lack of privacy: Your privacy will most likely be public if you share everything on social media. Many people share their private matters publicly on social media seeking sympathy. This behavior can damage a relationship. You should keep your secret matter private. You should not talk about your partner or relationship publicly on social media. It is not wise to unveil everything in front of everyone. You should be careful about this.

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