How to look professional for a job interview?

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   July 26, 2023   Update on : July 26, 2023

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Hearing about the job interview unleashes more fear than excitement in most people. In an interview, all interviewers scrutinize you deeply, assessing everything about you. Everything is under deep inspection, from your achievements to your education to how you look. While you cannot control the questions they ask or how you answer under pressure. There is one thing you can control, and that is how you look. Looking professional is essential when going for an interview. It shows the recruiter how serious you are about this opportunity. It also makes you confident in your skin, allowing you to answer all questions. Also, looking professional is not only about your outfit. There are other things too, and this blog discusses them all.

Review the job role.

As a candidate, review the job description before you go for the interview. It is beneficial, as it tells you more than just the role you are applying for. It also helps you find the best attire for the job. When you know what the requirements for the job are, along with your expectations, you can find the best attire. For instance, if the job interview is casual, the candidate can wear a casual professional dress. Also, it is ideal to know the company’s clothing culture. Talking to the other employees on LinkedIn can help you find outfits for your interview.

Choose your attire carefully.

Irrespective of whether you are wearing casual professional attire or formal professional attire, choose the outfits carefully. The interviewer will first judge you by the clothes you wear as they set the tone. It also reflects your personality, so looking put-together is beneficial. For instance, even if you wear casual attire, it should not be a tank top or a tube top that reveals too much skin. For men, too, casual does not mean going for an interview with joggers. Pants, trousers, or jeans are the best things to choose from.

Smell nice, but use a light perfume.

It is essential to always smell nice. You can sweat a lot when you are going for an interview, leading to body odor. Having a pungent smell coming from you does not look good. Therefore, it is necessary to use good perfume on yourself. Mix and match a few scents to make them smell pleasant. The trick here is to use a light perfume. If you use too much, the fragrance can be overwhelming, leading to headaches or a few other reactions. Men’s and Women’s perfumes are not for underarms. If you have an underarm odor, use roll-on or underarm-specific applicators to reduce the smell.

Be comfortable in your clothes.

If you feel uncomfortable, you will not look professional, even in the best formal wear. When choosing outfits, always choose comfort and style. You cannot compromise on either. That is why selecting and finalizing the clothes a day before the interview is the best way to look professional and comfy.

Avoid too much makeup or jewelry.

Less is more when it comes to a job interview. Unless you are interviewing for a position at a makeup brand, minimal professional makeup is best. A natural look is perfect for women. It reflects that you took time to groom yourself but are not overdoing it. The same goes for jewelry; heavy earrings or necklaces are a massive no. For men, go for an interview with your beard trimmed and shaved.

Other tips to look professional for a job interview

Reach on time

Everyone knows that arriving on time is key to making a good impression. Yet, many aspirants never reach their goals on time. It is always a good idea to reach the interview venue at least 15 minutes earlier. So, leave half an hour early from your house to combat traffic and weather.

Turn the phone on silent.

When you hear your name, turn the phone off. Do not even look at the phone until the interview is over. It gives a bad impression when you fiddle with the phone, or it rings during the interview. Hopefully, these tricks will allow you to dress professionally and be professional. Your attire, how you smell, and more are all important. Recruiters notice everything, and since you can control this aspect, ensure you do.

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