Japan Fully Reopens Doors to Tourists

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   October 11, 2022   Update on : October 11, 2022

Japan fully reopens to tourists

Japan on Tuesday (October 11) reopened its doors to foreign tourists after more than two years of closed borders due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier, Taiwan and Hong Kong also relaxed entry rules for visitors.

Japan has always been on the top of the charts as a tourist destination. However, the country put a restriction on travel as the deadly pandemic took many lives and affected numerous people across the world.

Japan’s travel and tourism experts are expecting a lot of travelers in the country soon. According to several media reports, a good number of travelers have already started thronging the country on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, the Japanese government reintroduced visa-free tourism and short-term business travel for passport holders of 68 countries.

Tokyo has also scrapped a daily cap of 50,000 arrivals in the country — a limit that had been set at 20,000 until September.

Some rules are still there as the coronavirus pandemic still remains in the country. Travelers must be jabbed with a booster dose. Otherwise, one needs to carry a negative PCR test result with him/her for a time period of less than three days after departure.

Japan took the initiative to close its borders soon after the virus spread worldwide. Due to such precautionary measures, the coronavirus-related casualties were lower in Japan than in many other countries.

The country has allowed visitors since June, but they have had to be part of tours. However, from now on they won’t have to be a part of tours.

Japan is one of the oldest civilized countries. The country is well known for its own culture and history. Furthermore, the country’s mountains, lakes, temples, and unique castles made it the best tourist destination for visitors. Japan is home to more than a dozen UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


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