Top 10 Secret Places on The Earth Prohibited for Travelers

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Top 10 Secret Places

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The earth keeps many secrets still in its possession and people will never be able to the facts of the secrets ever. There are top 10 secret places on the planet and travelers can’t visit those.

Traveling is an adventurous endeavor. Some people travel from one corner to another of the earth to gain knowledge beyond the boundaries of ordinary people to explore the frontiers of human nature.

But all the corners of the planet are not within the reachable capacity of the travelers as some of those are secret, hidden, and strongly forbidden and no human being can touch, even can see.

Read the article to know what the secrets are behind the metaphorical closed doors of the earth’s most exclusive sites.

World’s Most Amazing Top 10 Secret Places Where Visitors Are Forbidden

1. Gentlemen Club in UK

London’s White’s is broadly known as the most elite private club in the world, and also the oldest one of its kind in the capital of the United Kingdom.

Gentlemen Club in London

An Italian immigrant founded the club as a hot chocolate shop in 1693. However, it soon became a gentlemen’s club and fashionable gambling site. Since its establishment, the White’s has been working hard to uphold its exclusivity till now.

A very small number of people in the world are allowed to enter the club. The name of the club does not allude to any racial basis, optimistically, its type is inherently sexist as it is almost clear, no women and poor people are permitted to join.

It is the world’s most expensive club in the world. The British Royal Family’s male members have usually been members of the club and only the Queen is allowed within the walls of the establishment on some very special occasions. It is learned that in all of her life, she has been able to enter the club only two times. You can also read more about Wonderful Top 10 Travel Places in the World.

2. Disney Club 33 in the USA

Talking about the exclusivity of the Disney Club 33 located in the heart of New Orleans Square in Disneyland in the United States of America.

Disney Club 33 in the USA
Photo collected by Matt Valeriote from Flickr.

There is a place beneath the Club which is once called a secret haven. It is an exclusive site where only a few lucky members and their guests get the opportunity to see it.

Only they have been given access to top-tier resort experiences, which include the Club 33 restaurant, the mysterious salon 1901, and a special jazz lounge called Le Salon Nouveau. There is the only place where alcohol is served during the normal opening hours.

A vast amount of patience and a vast amount of money is needed if anyone wants to be a member of the club.

Since 2011, there is a 14-year waiting list of people who want to be a member of Club 33. As per terms and conditions, each corporate member must pay a $40,000 beginning fee which is $25,000 if anyone just wants the basic individual membership and in addition about $10,000 is needed for recurring an annual fee.

That is a big amount of money to pay just to drink alcohol within Disney Park premises. Read more about Top 10 Largest Submarines in The World.

3. Area 51 in the USA

Area 51 is the ordinary name of the exclusively classified United States Air Force base within the Nevada Test and Training Range.

Area 51 in the USA

It is a remote area that is administered by Edwards Air Force Base and it is officially called Groom or Homey Airport.

One of the most prominent non-secret secrets in the world, Area 51 in Lincoln County of Nevada, has long been a site covered by a riddle.

It has inspired many tales of plot and disguise that have captured the thought process of people around the world.

Is it UFOs and aliens? Is it a covert technology? Only a few people know and odds are no one person knows is one of them.

If you are just a usual traveler, give up there is no way people will be allowed a visit this site. There may be no fences wire around the site, but the military of the United States uses lethal weapons if anyone attempts to enter the air force base. Read more about Top 10 Largest Submarines in The World.

4. Poveglia in Italy

It is a small island situated near Venice of Italy and its feature is rather peculiar and the history is creepy. People saw during the 18th century, that the site was used as a quarantine place for ill people who are especially plague victims.

When the disease plague was detected on two ships at that time, the crew members of the ships were taken to the island and where most of them died without outside support.

Poveglia in Italy

Later in the early 1900s, a mental hospital was built on Poveglia Island. It is said by a doctor that all kinds of experiments had been performed on patients from electroshock to lobotomies.

After being turned mad by what the doctor claimed were ghosts haunting him and the whole of the Island, he climbed to the highest tower of the hospital and jumped.

His spirit is said there is still dwell near the coast of the Island, everlastingly besieged by the other phantoms. So, it seems for the people to be a valid reason to stay away from the Island. Read more about World’s Much-Discussed Top 10 Fighter Aircrafts.

5. North Sentinel Island in India

The North Sentinel Island is among the Andaman Islands. It is also an archipelago of India in the Bay of Bengal which includes South Sentinel Island.

It is the residence of Sentineleses who are indigenous people voluntarily isolated from the external world.  They ensure their defence by force and they have protected isolation from the outside world.

North Sentinel Island

Have people ever heard the exciting story of the ethnic group that they had no connection with the rest of the world?

They do not know about the present scientific technological advancements of the world, the wars and nations, international history, and petty brawls of the top leaders like a real-life time capsule, forever caught in a timeless instant, or their own ethical history.

The inhabitants of the Island constitute a tribe and no one has the right to change it.

The Indian government imposed a decree that no outsider can visit the island for two reasons –one people might be affected with the diseases which its inhabitants have no immunities, killing them like the Spanish caused the epidemic that killed a good number of the Mesoamerican population.

And second, India wants to uphold the sheer value of such a rare tribe and undisturbed them.

So, the island itself is not a secret place indeed but no one can visit it rather can what the island stands for from afar. Read more about Breakthrough of 10 Scientific Innovations.

6. Snake Island in Brazil

The Ilha da Queimada Grande is known as Snake Island. And, it is an island off the coast of Brazil located in the Atlantic Ocean.

Snake Island in Brazil
Photo collected by sunnyfoxsmiles from Flickr.

It is a part of the municipality of Itanhaém in the São Paulo State. It is small in size having only 43 hectares of land and has a moderate climate.

Snake Island is a horrifying place for visitors if people could visit. But, for the best or the worst, you cannot.

The island is totally occupied by venomous snakes and a single bite could take an adult human life within an hour.

To give people an idea about the dangerous island, it is estimated roughly that there is one snake in every square meter of the island.

The island is the only home to the critically endangered BothropsInsularis, the golden lancehead pit viper.

So, for the sake of life, visitors are firmly prohibited. No one should go to the snake-infested place in any way and under any circumstance. Read more about World’s Top 10 Fastest Trains.

7. Ise Grand Shrine in Japan

The Ise Grand Shrine is located at Ise in Mie Prefecture of Japan. It is a Shinto shrine and it has been dedicated to the sun goddess Amaterasu.

Ise Grand Shrine in Japan

It is officially known simply as Jingū, Ise Jingū.  The shrine complex is composed of many Shinto shrines middle of two main shrines Gekū and Naikū.

It is a secret place and only the members of the Imperial Family can witness what kinds of things are in the deep of the shrine and members of the sacred dynasty can act as its guardian.

It is the single holiest place across Japan and it is intriguing indeed.

8. Heard Island in Australia

The Heard Island is an extremely glaciated and subantarctic volcanic island. It is situated in the Southern Ocean approximately 4,000 kilometres or 2,500 mi southwest of Australia. And 80 percent of the island is covered by ice with glaciers descending from 2,400 metres or 7,900ft to the sea level.

Heard Island in Australia
Photo collected by Neil Cheshire from Flickr.

From Madagascar to Antarctica, the island is around two-thirds of the way and it is a mysterious territory of Australia.

It is a pristine land and almost untouched by human hands. And, the Australian government wants to keep it as it is.

Heard Island is one of the most remote locations on Earth. It means it is far away from human civilization than any other place on the earth. A few persons are allowed to visit the island and those who are intended to go there only for research purposes.

9. Surtsey Island in Iceland

It is a volcanic island. It is located in the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago on the southern coast of Iceland.  It was formed in a volcanic eruption that began 130 metres below sea level and reached the surface on 14 November 1963.

Surtsey Island in Iceland
Photo collected by Stefan Franke from Flickr.

It was an outcome of a volcanic eruption that began 130 metres below sea level and outreached the surface on November 14, 1963.

All throughout the earth’s history, countless islands have been formed in different places around the world after an underwater gigantic volcanic eruption. It spread sediment above sea level. It has been named after a fire giant from Norse mythology and it is one of such places. The eruption created the Surtsey and it has been lasting over the last four years.

It happened during the 1960s, and scientists have been conducting studies with unending fascination to ensure its development.

The island is off-limits to non-scientists because scientists are only interested in studying to know what happens here without any human involvement.

What kind of species or subspecies inhabit the place, how they manage to colonize it and how long it takes them to get there are all questions which cannot be answered.

10. Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway

It is located in the heart of Spitsbergen Island in Norway. It keeps a secured vault whose chambers possess something precious and very precious and no one is allowed to create any chaos with it and that is Seed.

Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway
Photo collected by Svalbard from Flickr.

That is right. The Global Seed Vault possesses a large number of seeds from all across the world to keep those in a safer state in need in case of a global disaster, a kind that took place during the prophet Noah also known as Nuh Allah(SWT).

The Vault facilitates the security conservation of seeds, comprising genetic material based on importance for agriculture and food.

The vault is highly protected and it is safe from any contamination or interference with the world’s priceless heritage.

There are many other places that are prohibited for travelers, but these kinds of articles should be sufficient to get an idea of what we are going to miss out there.

Now it depends on the people’s decision what do they think and which place will they care to visit?

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