Top 10 Most Protected Persons in The World 2022

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Top 10 Most Protected Persons in The World

Today we would know who are the top 10 most protected persons in the world. Let’s start the discus. From preplanned assassinations to kidnappings, personal security officers, commonly known as bodyguards, are seen as the savers of crowned heads, political leaders, celebrities, and leading businessmen in the world.

As the figures of the high net worth personalities are increasing continuously in the world, the demand for the bodyguard to ensure the overall security of the high profile personalities is now also increasing equally. At present, highly important personalities in the world cannot think about outside movement without clearance from the personal security squad.

They even can stay in their houses freely and safely without security clearance. They spend millions of money to ensure full-proof security for them everywhere. We will try to give a brief description of the world’s latest top 10 most protected persons in the article. Let’s see who are among the chart across the world.

Top 10 most protected people in the world 2022

  1. Incumbent Most Protected Russian President Vladimir Putin

Like other political figures in Russia as well as in the world, Vladimir Putin is a highly protected figure by the Federal Protective Service. However, his (Putin) people seem to be a different bundle altogether. It is little known about the workings of the Russian president’s arm in the Federal Protective Service.

There is no available information about operations of the Federal Protective Service and no public reports in this regard as it is so secretive and thus, only predictions can be made about what it does.

Vladimir Putin is now a very controversial and highly discussed political figure in the world that has been the center of media attention afresh since his move to the invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022. You can also read more about the Top 10 Largest Submarines in The World.

Though there are not any giant statues of Putin being put up, he has emerged as an internet icon in his own right, which has kept the Russian president within the realm of the public, frequently something that does not come without its prices.

The populist view of the leader is tremendously polarized due to the financial and political corruption of his cabinet, resulting in countless threats of assassination attempts that have forced him to ramp up security measures in his unique way.

  1. Most Protected Former US President Donald Trump

Donald J. Trump is a billionaire and a real estate businessman in America and the former president of the United States. He now owns an estimated net worth of 2.5 billion dollars.

The position of a former president of America always comes up with its own security detail, which means it also appears with a steep budget. In addition, Donald Trump has also engaged his personal mix-and-match security team personal to work with the Secret Service simultaneously.

  1. Most Protected North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un

The world quickly becomes fascinated in a bid to ensure the protection of North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, when they were seeing his security detail running alongside his armored limousine during a visit to Singapore.

How does a man go about his day while being continually fearful about attempts of assassination and rivalry from within his circle of power?

As it turns out Kim Jong-un does not just have a personal Secret Service detail protecting him from close range, he has his team of the army with 100,000 members army with a command structure and the team is bound to report him directly. You can also read more about the Top 10 Best Destroyers in The World.

The team is called the Supreme Guard Command and the people would hardly be able to tell the details of the team as they virtually remain disappeared into the spectacles and backgrounds. Not only does this unit serve to protect the leader but it is also used as a propaganda tool.

The N Korean President is trying to keep faith in the idea of his sacred importance by saying that he is untouchable.

  1. Most protected sovereign Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II, still reigning by 2022, has remarkable career so far. She is the first monarch of the United Kingdom to celebrate a Sapphire Jubilee, which was observed 65-year of her reign in 2017.

Queen Elizabeth II again will be the first monarch of the UK to be celebrating a Platinum Jubilee.

She has been kept secured by the Royal Guard, a name given to the cavalry and infantry that stand guard at the royal residences people would most likely recognize.

The foot guards ensure patrol following the parameters of the royal residences, wearing the red tunics and those tall bearskin hats over the years. Read also about World’s Much-Discussed Top 10 Fighter Aircrafts.

Even marines are FA agents and navy fleets have increased to the Queen’s Guard squad depending on the Royal Family’s method of travel, they have been posted at Buckingham Palace.

Although Queen Elizabeth II estimates on her security spending are private, as people can predict it is expensive. In 2010, it was speculated that around 100 million British pounds are spent per year to give 21-member of the family around-the-clock for her security purpose.

  1. Pope Francis, the most protected religious leader

The Pope is equally the most powerful leader even in the ex-officio of the world and in the Bishop of Rome. He needs the utmost protection as the head of the Catholic Church and just like the president of a country.

He resides in the heavily armored Vatican City, a city-state by Rome of Italy. When people walk through the streets of the Vatican,  they can see all the stoic guards dressed in antiquated weapons carrying equally dated spears.

That is right, the Pope was being protected by spears, but do not be fooled these armed guards who are top ex Swiss soldiers and they are able to subdue a threat in mere seconds. Read more also World’s Top 10 Fastest Trains.

Apart from the spears, they are also equipped with the finest firearms hidden away in case the need arises. The Swiss Guard is around 500 years old and it is the longest-standing military in the world.

The guard was actually a mercenary force when it was officially founded by Pope Julius II in 1506.

It is still famous to this day for some of the most crucial victories during the skirmishes that have been taken place in and around the Rome.

  1. Most protected human body of Vladimir Lenin

Most people would be shocked to find out that they do not even have to be alive and breathe to be considered expensive and worth defending.

Located in Red Square in the center of Moscow of Russia, is a mausoleum that presently serves as the resting place for Vladimir Lenin, a former Soviet leader.

His body has been on public display since shortly after his death in 1924. With very few exceptions, Vladimir Lenin has been given an honor guard that has kept watch over the late Soviet leader’s body 24 hours a day, seven days a week for 95 years.

It is rumored that the soldiers were told that the body of Lenin is the most significant thing that Russia has. Read also Breakthrough of 10 Scientific Innovations.

The Kremlin regiment is the only one of its kind that is part of the Russian Federal Protective Service. The special unit ensures the security of the Kremlin, its state officials including Lenin himself, and its treasures.

Not every nation has the idea of symbolizing a corpse, but to the Soviet Union, they never decayed. Lenin’s body also stands for the soldiers as a permanent symbol of his ideals.

  1. Mark Zuckerberg, the most protected CEO

Mark Zuckerberg, is an American media magnate, internet entrepreneur, and chief executive officer of Facebook and its controlling shareholder. 

Nothing about Facebook is top-secret anymore, including its CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s security budget.

Since 2015, Mark Zuckerberg has been spending around $20 million with $7.3 million for his bodyguards while he stays at home and he travels.

His bodyguards are called ‘Zuckerberg secret police’ and there are some rumors that the team is made up of 16 full-time guards and they work in shifts at all times.

The amount of money is considered to be a record for security costs for any CEO of a large company.

Over a decade ago, it was tech executive Larry Ellison for Oracle and he had the most security expenses worth at $1.8 million.

Zuckerberg prefers to keep his personal life a better secret.

  1. Jay-Z and Beyoncé, the most protected celebrity couple

Jay-Z, known as the musical empire in the world and Beyoncé has been targeted often by criminals and their rogue fans.

A fan somehow managed to get on the stage when Beyoncé got down to the floor during a stage programme in Brazil. And then her husband decided to ramp up their security measures by expending millions of dollars.

Ought to do it right for that price Jay-Z appointed five new personal security guards who are all former intelligence officers to accompany the five guards who are assigned to ensure all-out security to his wife when she travels on top of manpower.

Two bomb-proof Latvia SUVs, protective military-grade vehicles similar to those often used by the former US presidents have been purchased by the music giant.

  1. El Chapo, the most protected prisoner

There are many well-known names behind bars, and yet with all that notorious no other prisoner is more highly protected than Hawkin Guzman, the Sinaloa drug lord who is known in the world as El Chapo.

He has been arrested several times and he has managed to escape his confinement. In 2016, he was arrested again and extradited to America, where he resides in 10 South Prison in Manhattan of New York.

The drug lord is kept under close watch for 24 hours by armed forces. He sleeps in a different cell each night, and the dogs help the guard to taste his food in case of poisonings.

Except for his lawyers and court visits, he denies any outside contact with the media and even with his family members.

He at present has become an advocate for prison reform, but the serial prison escapee who was accused of killing thousands of people during Mexico’s bloody drug wars. He has a proven history of killing his enemies while under lock and key

10. 12-year Ethiopian girl, the most protected girl

A 12-year old girl in Addis Ababa of Ethiopia has gone missing for a week as she was abducted by a gang of seven-member who tried to force her to get married one of them.

At the time, she was seen being guarded by three lions, those who were chasing off her abductors.

When she was found, the authorities claimed that the lions peacefully left her side back into the forest without any confrontation.

It is known to be a miracle considering lions eat human soften in the area. But the hue and crying of a young girl could have been misguided by a lion club, which could explain why they have decided not to eat her.

Even if lions cannot tell the difference, it is still one of the most emotional and gracious ways to be protected.

Besides, who does not like to hear a story about animals behaving in such a human and noble way that people can wish human beings would.


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