Link-Building Tips to Improve the Authority of Your Website

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Search engines crawl the pages of a website using links.  Links also help the users to navigate between the pages. Search engines look at the number of links also called ‘Backlinks’ pointing to a website from external websites. The number of quality links pointing to a page helps to determine the popularity and authority of the page. Google sees links as a vote of confidence about a page. When other websites link to a website Google sees it as a good source of information.

One of the most important parts of SEO is link-building and backlinks are also a ranking signal. The more the number of quality links that point to your website the better it will rank. Quality links are the links that come from high-quality websites. The various advantages of links are as follows:

  • If you build a link from a highly-visited website then it can lead to an increase in traffic to your website. If the links are from a relevant website then it will also increase the leads and sales.
  • Link-building involves reaching out to the various relevant websites and blogs in your niche. You can build long-term relationships with them and this will help your business as people will trust you more.
  • Link-building can also help to build your authority in your industry. Link-building involves content creation and by publishing relevant content you can show your expertise. You can become well-known for your expertise when you build links and the news will spread.

To build high-quality links to your website you can hire link-building services. The popular link-building techniques are as follows:

  1. One of the most common ways to build links is through content marketing. You can write case studies, long-from guides, infographics, research and whitepapers and more. The longer content will contain all the information and add value to a topic. It will have the information that people will want to link to naturally.
  1. You can interview industry experts and host them on your blogs as this will help you earn links. You can do an expert round-up and ask them to contribute to a piece of advice and there are good chances that they will link back.
  1. You can use HARO (Help-A-Reporter-Out) and find journalists who need specialist input to add more value to their articles. You can earn links back to your website.
  1. You can conduct surveys to get unique data and create content around them. Such content will be highly attractive for industry publications. You can get valuable backlinks.
  1. A broken link is a link that no longer points to the content it was pointing to. Broken links negatively affect the user experience therefore they should be fixed. You can create content to replace the broken links. By doing this you are adding value to a website and improving their site quality.
  1. You can do competitive link analysis to find where your competitors are getting backlinks. You can create better content and check if they are ready to link to your content. You can also find the dead pages on your competitor’s website and offer your content to the referring domains.
  1. You can use tools like GoogleTrends and find the trending topics related to your business. You can do your survey and ask customers for feedback to generate data-driven content. Use the data to create content like blogs, infographics and more. You can collaborate with editors or do a manual outreach to earn backlinks.
  1. Another easy way to earn backlinks is by getting listed in online directories or business directories. Online directories list businesses by category and location and also include reviews. You can add a backlink to your website to drive traffic.
  1. If you create a high-quality and authoritative blog then people will notice you and also link to you. You can try our guest blogging. Find the relevant websites in your niche and check how they are performing. Send an email with your pitch and see if it gets accepted. You can create high-quality content and ask for a link back to your website.
  1. You can build links through partnerships with local charities and events in your area. You can sponsor local charities and events. When these events get covered by the local news outlets you can get links back to your website along with your business name in the promotional content. This tip helps local businesses to improve their authority and SEO performance.

To earn quality backlinks from relevant websites and improve the authority of your website you can hire backlink services.

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