Positive Parenting for Sibling Rivalry Problem

Time Of Info By Imran Ali   March 9, 2023   Update on : March 8, 2023

Positive Parenting for Sibling Rivalry

Positive parenting is very crucial as it helps build moral values among children. Proper parenting plays a vital role in your kids. Your children get their very first education from you. Parents need to play the role of a gardener when the children are considered as flower trees. A mother or father should be equally careful with every child. Jealousy or rivalry among siblings is very common and needs to be tackled very tactfully. But, such rivalry fades away as the siblings get older. Despite talking negatively, parents should motivate their children towards positivity. Every child is different and he or she should be treated differently. Let’s see some solutions through parenting for sibling rivalry.

Be neutral:

As parents, you have no choice but to be neutral with your children. You can’t love one more than another. You should try to solve any issue between your children simply. Never take one’s side ditching another. You should make them realize that they are equally important to you.

Set limits:

Your children should have a limit to doing acts. You need to set the limit. You must tell your kids not to fight with each other. Children at an early age look for exploring newer things. They often make try to cross the limit. But, you need to be careful about the matter.

Teach empathy:

You should teach your children to love others instead of fighting. You must show them why empathy, love, good behavior, etc. are important in life. Empathy is a part and parcel of moral values. It can help stop sibling rivalry.

Teach your kids about teamwork:

You can give pair work or teamwork to your children to enhance their bonding and minimize rivalry or competition with each other. You can join with them to meet the goal and teach them about the outcome of teamwork. They should get the idea that tasks are easier when they are performed together.

Be a role model:

You should always avoid fighting before you tell your kids to do so. You must remember that your children learn from you. As a father or mother, you need to be a role model to your children. It is very important to mitigate sibling rivalry in a family.

Don’t compare:

You should not compare one of your children with another. It hurts the boy or girl the most as he/she sees him/her down than his/her sibling. You should motivate and appreciate them equally. Comparison causes conflicts between siblings. As parents, you need to be very careful about this.

Go out, and have fun:

Children get bored after staying at home for many days at a stretch. You should go out on the weekend or whenever you get time. Your children will have fun at the places outside such as amusement parks, toy shops, restaurants, etc. Happy time brings happy moments. It is very important to stop sibling rivalry. You must spend quality family time for a happy family.

Listen to your kids:

Parents often become reluctant to listen to their children when they fight with each other. As a result, the fighting never ends among the siblings. If you listen to your children, they will get the message that you give importance to them. Instead of scolding your children, you should listen to them and plan a solution for any problem.


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