Redefining Mobility: Embracing the Electric Scooter Lifestyle

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Electric Scooter

Day in and day out, we move from one place to another for various purposes — whether it is for work, meetings, school, errands, shopping, or meeting with friends and colleagues, we move. Moving is an indication that we are alive and breathing, that we are active and we are going about our purpose, whatever that may be.

So, we always need to move, right? Mobility is an important aspect of everyone’s lives, and yet it can be a source of frustration and stress, especially when our productivity or efficiency is affected.

The daily conundrum where traffic congestion, pollution, and parking problems are common in urban and highly populated areas remain unresolved.

With all that’s given, what if there is a way where we can redefine mobility, to make it more enjoyable and sustainable? Relevant question. One possible answer is to embrace the electric scooter lifestyle.

What? How?

A feature often missed, electric scooters are light, compact, and battery-powered vehicles that can travel up to 25 kilometers per hour on average. If you have seen one around town, you’ll agree that they are convenient, affordable, eco-friendly, and yes, fun to ride.

Electric scooters are also a big help to riders, as they can strike a convo and this opens a connection with a vibrant and growing community of fellow electric scooter enthusiasts who can share their passion and knowledge about this mode of transportation.

In an effort to redefine mobility, let’s discover how embracing the electric scooter lifestyle will help improve our individual journey and as such, have a better understanding of how exciting it actually is to become a part of this exhilarating and growing lifestyle.

Trimming down to three, here are (1) practical tips on how to choose an electric scooter that fits your needs and preferences, (2) how to ride an electric scooter safely and responsibly, and lastly, (3) how to join and interact with the electric scooter community online and offline.

1. How to choose an electric scooter

Choose an electric scooter that fits your needs and preferences. Consider these factors when buying an electric scooter: performance, quality, safety, design, and budget.

A. Performance. The performance of an electric scooter depends on its motor power, battery capacity, speed, range, and climbing ability. You should choose an electric scooter that can handle your typical riding conditions, such as terrain, distance, traffic, and weather. For example, if you need to climb steep hills or travel long distances, you should look for an electric scooter with a powerful motor and a large battery.

B. Quality. The quality of an electric scooter depends on its durability, reliability, warranty, and customer service. Consider the construction. Is it made of high-quality materials and components, that can withstand wear and tear, has a good warranty policy, and has responsive and helpful customer service? You should also check the reviews and ratings of other users to get an idea of the quality of an electric scooter.

C. Safety. The safety of an electric scooter depends on its brakes, tires, lights, suspension, and stability. You should choose an electric scooter that has effective brakes, whether they’re disc brakes or regenerative brakes, they must stop quickly and smoothly. The Mearth S Pro commuter electric scooter has pneumatic tires or solid tires with good traction and shock absorption. Last but not the least, don’t forget the lights. The e-scooter must have bright lights for visibility at night or in low-light conditions.

D. Design. The design of an electric scooter depends on its size, weight, foldability, and portability. The Mearth S high-quality entry-level commuter e-scooter is lightweight, weighing only 12.5k, so it is easy to carry around, transport, and store.

2. How to ride an electric scooter safely and responsibly

By now you know that riding an electric scooter can be fun and invigorating, but you should be aware of the dangers. To enjoy a satisfying ride each time, follow the basic road rules and etiquette. Here are some common sense tips:

A. Wear a helmet. The number one, most important rule before riding an electric scooter. A helmet can protect your head from serious injuries in case of accidents or fallsWear one that fits your head properly and meets the safety standards of your country or region. Wear protective gear if possible, such as gloves, pads, and reflective clothing.

B. Follow traffic laws. Road rules, traffic regulations in one’s region are meant to be complied with when riding an electric scooter on public roads or sidewalks. This is to avoid penalties. Follow the speed limits, stop signs, traffic lights, and other road signs. Signal your intentions before turning and yield to pedestrians. Respect other road users. Avoid riding on highways, bridges, or tunnels where electric scooters are prohibited.

C. Maintain and charge your electric scooter properly. Why? To avoid accidents or malfunctions. Charge your battery fully before each ride. Use an original charger and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for charging. Avoid overcharging or undercharging it. Always check your brakes, tires, lights, and battery regularly and fix any issues as soon as possible.

D. Customize and accessorize your electric scooter but don’t overdo it. To enhance its appearance and functionality, you can add stickers, paints, or decals to personalize your electric scooter and express your style. You can also add accessories like bells, horns, mirrors, baskets to improve your safety and convenience.

3. Join and interact with the electric scooter community, online and offline

There are wonderful benefits you, an e-scooter rider can gain by joining and interacting with the electric scooter community. Here are some —

A. Find new friends who share your passion and interest in electric scooters. Chat online or meet them offline for group rides, events, or meetups.

B. Get support and advice from other members of the community who have more knowledge or experience than you. Ask questions, seek feedback, or request help on any topic related to electric scooters, such as maintenance, repair, upgrade, or troubleshooting.

C. Stay updated on the latest trends and innovations in the world of electric scooters. Learn about new models, brands, features, or technologies that are available or will be coming soon.

D. Share your opinions, reviews, or suggestions as this can enrich your life and make your commute more fun and convenient.

E. Discover new places where you can ride your electric scooter safely and enjoyably, like new routes, scenery, or landmarks with your friends or by yourself.

Are you now convinced that electric scooters are not only a convenient and eco-friendly way of providing alternative urban transportation? It’s also a way of experiencing a new lifestyle that won’t bog you down, allowing you to travel unencumbered yet mindful, and meet new friends.

So what are you waiting for? Try out an electric scooter and embrace the enlivening lifestyle today!

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