Saving Money with Laptop Screen Repair: DIY vs. Professional Services

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   June 18, 2023   Update on : June 18, 2023

Laptop Screen Repair

Our laptops are portable and reliable and have become an everyday essential for us. They are used at work, school, and for personal multimedia. It is normal that our laptops run into different issues from time to time. As our laptop screens are extremely delicate, they tend to break quite easily. 

We can always seek a professional laptop screen repair or if we are feeling adventurous we can DIY the process at home. Both alternatives have their own advantages and disadvantages and choosing the right option might be a great dilemma. Weighing the pros and cons of both alternatives gives us a better understanding and helps us come to a decision that fits our situation the best.

The Pros and Cons of DIY Laptop Screen Repair

Often professionally getting your laptop screen repaired can be quite expensive. It can cost around $300 to get your laptop screen repaired by a professional. But you can always find an affordable laptop screen at about $50 to $100 and try to fix your laptop screen at home.

Letting a professional repair service fix your laptop screen can add up to an expensive amount. It usually costs around $300 to repair your laptop screen by a professional. But if you DIY the process, you can minimize the cost drastically. You can find an affordable laptop screen at $50 to $100. And the whole DIY process might only cost you a couple of extra dollars.

Some of the pros of DIY laptop screen repair are:

  • Cost Efficient

Fixing our laptop screen at home, by DIY approach, is cost-efficient and helps us save a lot of money. Considering our budget, we can buy the replacement parts for the laptop and repair the laptop screen without breaking our bank accounts.

  • Flexibility

Another advantage of using a DIY approach is that we get time flexibility. We can fix the laptop issue whenever we are free. If we are in a rush, we do not have to wait around for anyone and start working on our laptop screens immediately. If we have some time on our hands, we can take the process slow and give it extra care.

  • Learning Opportunity

When we learn the DIY laptop screen repair process, we will learn certain skill sets that we can use in the future. We will understand the procedures better, giving us the confidence to fix our issues for next time.

  • Time Management 

We can work on our laptop screens during our free time. As we do not have to wait for anyone and tend to anyone, we can manage our time better during the repair process. So trying to fix your laptop at your given time saves you a lot of extra waiting time and helps better time management.

Now let’s look at some of the cons of DIY laptop screen repair.

  • Lack of Expertise

If you don’t know about fixing laptop screens, you may lack expertise in the field. You won’t have any technical skills or experience fixing the laptop screen, which might be a major con.

  • Potential Risk

. If we miss any instructions during the process or do the wrong thing, there are chances of further damage without our knowledge. No background knowledge might cost us extra expenses in the long run.

  • Requires more effort 

Trying to closely follow the DIY process and learning different procedures to repair our laptop screen can be very draining and requires many efforts.. We need to be attentive and concentrated throughout the DIY process. It can exhaust you after a couple of hours and you might start losing focus over time.

  • No Guarantees and Warranties

When we repair our laptop screen at home, we don’t have any guarantees or warranties for the service. If the screen faces any problems in the future, we will have to get it fixed again.

Exploring Professional Laptop Screen Repair Services

Choosing a professional laptop screen repair service can be expensive compared to the DIY process. The only downside of choosing professional help is the cost. Choosing professional repair services come with a lot of advantages and fewer cons.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of professional laptop screen repair services:

  • Expertise

Professional laptop screen repair services have the required skills and experience in fixing our laptop screens and every issue related to it. They are skilled and will provide a good service by combining their prior knowledge.

  • Quality Assurance

We can get the best quality service if we let a professional handle our screen repair service without worrying. Professional services will deliver the best service, and it will be hard for us not to be satisfied with the quality of their service.

  • Better Replacement Parts

Professional laptop screen services have access to the laptop’s genuine and good-quality repair parts. They get the details directly from the manufacturers. These parts last longer and function better.

  • Convenient

When we let a professional laptop repair company fix our laptop screen, we will have peace of mind. We won’t have to deal with any extra hassle, and our only responsibility is to pick up our laptop after it gets fixed. Therefore, it is very convenient and stress-free.

  • Guarantees and Warranties

If you choose a professional company for a repair service, they often provide a guarantee and warranty for their service. The given security helps us trust them with their service, and if there is any damage, we can get reimbursed as per the guarantee and warranty.

Cost Comparison: DIY vs. Professional Services

We need to compare the cost before choosing whether to stick with the DIY option to repair our laptop screen or the professional services. While both approaches require different expenses, we need to know what payments fit us the best, depending on our situation.

Some of the DIY repair costs include:

  1. Cost of Replacement parts
  2. Cost of different tools
  3. More time and effort

Some of the professional laptop screen repair costs include:

  1. Labor Fees
  2. Replacement Parts

After understanding the cost of both repair approaches, you can choose the best method that fits your budget and your situation. 


In conclusion, both approaches to fixing our laptop screens have pros and cons. If we are willing to spend extra time and effort learning how to repair our laptop screen at home using different DIY techniques available online, we can always go for the DIY approach.

If we want to avoid stressing ourselves with learning and repairing our laptop screens, we can get the help of a professional. They will handle everything for us and provide a service guarantee and warranty. 

DIY is a cost-effective solution to fixing our laptop screens. Getting our laptop screen repaired by a professional might be expensive, but they deliver the best results. It is up to us to pick the best solution that fits our condition.

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