Tips to Keep Your Lungs Healthy

Time Of Info By Imran Ali   December 25, 2022   Update on : December 25, 2022

Healthy Lungs

A good number of people around the world suffer from lung-related diseases. A little awareness can keep our lungs healthy. The whole world has experienced the worst effects of coronavirus. The deadly virus affects the lung mainly and it can cause even death.

There are so many reasons behind the lung-related illness. If we become a bit more conscious, we can defeat diseases. Smoking, infections, and genes are the main causes of most lung diseases. The lung brings oxygen into the body and exhales carbon dioxide from the body. It is a very important human organ that needs to keep healthy.

Let’s see some common tips to keep your lung healthy without a lot of effort.

  1. Don’t smoke:

Smoking is very injurious to health. A smoker is more risk-prone to several diseases including lung diseases than a non-smoker. Your lung is affected severely when you smoke. You must stop smoking immediately to keep your lung health. A smoker not only risks his/her life but also affects others’ health around him/her.

  1. Avoid outdoor air pollution:

The planet is getting polluted day by day. We have outdoor activities. We can’t help but go out of our houses. But, we should be aware of air pollution. We should not roam here and there unnecessarily. You can walk or use a bicycle instead of using a car or bus. You should not burn wood. Avoid dust around you.

  1. Use a mask:

Using a mask is a very easy solution to get rid of air pollution. A mask will cost you very little but it plays a vital role in keeping your lung health. People will get benefits from Covid-19, tuberculosis, and other lung-related diseases if they use appropriate face masks regularly. It is a very effective and easy way to keep your lung health.

  1. Improve indoor air quality:

Many people think that they are very safe at home.  But they can be affected by air pollution at home. One needs to keep his/ her home tidy and clean. You should change the air filters and clean them. Moreover, you should vacuum regularly at your home and car to reduce air pollution. You must breathe fresh air to keep your lung health.

  1. Do breathing exercises:

You should do breathing exercises regularly. Breathing exercise plays a vital role in keeping your lung health. Simple deep breathing can help you get closer to reaching your lungs’ full capacity. You don’t need much effort to do this. Inhale air deeply and exhale gently. This simple technique can keep your lung fit and healthy.

  1. Stay active:

There are a lot of health benefits to doing some physical exercises and staying active. Your lung will be stronger than others when you stay active and playful. You can start with a 20 to 30-minute walk per day to rejuvenate your lung. Swimming or cycling can also be proven as one of the easiest physical activities to keep your lung and heart healthy.

  1. Get regular check-ups:

Regular check-up of your body especially the lung is very important. You must be updated about the health of your lung. You can start at home by counting your breaths. You must go to a physician if you see any symptoms of lung-related diseases. Shortness of breath, dry cough, chest pain, and so on should not be ignored. You must be very careful about the health of your lung.

  1. Laughing:

If you enjoy so many things around you and you are a jolly person, then it is good news for you. Laughing can provide a workout for your cardiovascular, pulmonary, and respiratory systems. It helps your lung to inhale the air deeper and exhale the carbon dioxide spontaneously. It is believed that 15 minutes of laughter is equal to 2 hours of sleep. So, you should laugh enough to keep your lung, heart, and other organs healthy.



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