Which Industries Benefit from Using Proxies?

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   June 29, 2023   Update on : June 29, 2023

Benefit from Using Proxies

How do you define an ideal world when it comes to surfing the internet? For many of us, it is free from all types of barriers and restrictions that might limit our access to various websites. The world is also well-managed without any unlawful practices or online cybercrime.

While this seems like a perfect scenario, this ideal situation is far from the reality.


Courtesy of a proxy, like a mobile proxy, you can live in this perfect world without any hindrances. This is what most industries and individuals do, benefiting from all the online data on offer.

Know What a Proxy Is

A proxy is not just a technology but a tool that connects you with your desired web server without revealing your true identity. This tool transfers your access request to the web server and then shares the server’s response back to you while maintaining your anonymity.

A proxy gives you a new IP address, replacing your old one so you appear as a local rather than a foreign internet user.

So, in situations where a website only allows Thailand internet users to access its content, a local proxy can help you become one and find your preferred data without any restrictions.

This characteristic of a proxy makes it more popular than you can imagine. Businesses use this tool all over the world to enhance their growth and access global data without any barriers.

If you run a venture, know that a proxy can change the way you conduct your research on the internet.

Proxies Generate Value for Companies

They say, “Data is King.” Do you think it’s true?

Relevant information plays a key role in decision-making and generating value for your business.

Suppose you wish to launch a product in a new market. However, before that, you must have all the related market data, including trends and consumer demands, to see if the idea is worth it. Data here is key to promoting the product accordingly and measuring the competition to decide the future of the new offering.

Unfortunately, this data is not always accessible. With geo-location restrictions, it is not always possible to extract the right data from a platform without any external help. And that support is a proxy.

An efficient proxy not only helps you find your required information but also maintains your identity as anonymous. This helps hide your business’s activities from hackers.

In addition, a proxy helps you conduct competitor market research, allowing you to get insights to stay ahead in the race. You can also use this tool to improve and strengthen your social media presence by connecting each account with a new IP address and server.

A high-performing proxy also helps in balancing the performance of your web by managing traffic. Lastly, with a proxy, you can experience a fast internet speed. This works like a significant benefit because you use the fast internet to download as much data as you want and also monitor your website effortlessly.

Considering all these benefits, many industries use proxies as a part of their day-to-day operations. Do you want to know what industries are these?

Industries That Use Proxies

The list is long, but we have shortened it by mentioning a few major industries only.

  • Technology: The use of proxies is common in this industry. Proxies are often used for practices like data extraction, data mining, and web scraping.
  • Finance and Business: Proxies are used in the finance industry to extract relevant data for market research, competitor analysis, and consumer trends.
  • Trade: Modern trading specialists use proxies to evaluate trends and new tools and explore global tactics for better practices.
  • Advertising: Proxies benefit advertising agencies and help them curate powerful social media campaigns for their clients.
  • Retail: The retail industry uses proxies to access information on products and services available globally, with their specifications and other details.
  • Real Estate: This industry uses proxies to analyze the prices of properties globally and consumer trends.

What Proxies Do They Use?

All these industries use different types of proxies to serve their purpose. Many large organizations use datacenter proxies because they are cheap and provide one IP  address for the whole company. This saves lots of costs, but the internet speed provided is not as fast as the other options.

Other than datacenter proxies, the use of a residential and mobile proxy is also common. They are quite similar, except that the IP addresses in a residential proxy are linked to real user addresses. Alternatively, the IP addresses in a mobile proxy are provided by a mobile network.

These proxies are much more expensive than a datacenter proxy but offer better anonymity. Therefore, these are best suited for industries dealing with sensitive information.

Industries choose proxies according to their use and budget. As a result, it is tough to conclude which proxy is perfect.


Industries all over the world use a proxy to experience fast internet speed and free access to their required data. Therefore, if you run a business, get a proxy right now and elevate your business growth like never before.

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