WPC2029: Registration, Participation, Everything You Need to Know

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Every person prefers a specific type of sport according to their personality. Nowadays, amid busy schedules, we all take a little time off our charts to relax. Some homies prefer playing video games while others play field sports. There are also people who not only want to entertain themselves but make money out of it; you watch a match and bet on your favorite player. For example, wrestling is a brutal sport, but this industry had annual revenue of $1.095 billion in 2021. If you fall into this category of people, this article is definitely for you.  

What is WPC2029?

WPC, the World Pitmaster Cup, is the tournament name, which most people don’t know about. It is a roaster or cock fighting championship. Just like wrestling but instead of people, cocks are presented in rings. This competition serves a dual purpose, a person is welcome to watch and get entertained, but if you want to make some money, you can also participate. A little thing to clarify before continuing is that WPC2029 is an online platform. It provides its user a chance to watch and bet on their participating cocks through their online server. This platform gives you gaming opportunities at home instead of traveling to other countries. There is a range of cock breeds from Sweater and Spanish Gamefowl to Kelso and Roundhead. You can bet on any player you want; if you win, you will receive the winning cash prize. Wpit18 also moving to WPC2029.live.

Cost of participation

Once you register on the site, you need to deposit some money, and the server notifies you of upcoming tournaments. If you want, you can invest the money and participate in any championship you choose. Usually, $20 to $200 is required if you wish to join WPC2029 or Wpit18. Pricing may vary and depends on different factors; investment in a good breed of cocks, the player’s success rate, etc.

Eligibility of WPC2029

Wpit18 or WPC2029 is eligible in countries such as Indonesia and the Philippines. Due to the exploitation of animal rights in some countries, this championship is banned, while in others, it is considered unethical by the community. It is legal to connect to the WPC2029 online server, but if you reside in a country where it is banned, you might need a good VPN to watch the game and a foreign account to invest money.

WPC2029 licensed partners

Licensed partners of WPC2029 include the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), BMM Testlabs, and E-Sabong. PAGCOR is a gaming corporation that is the most significant revenue contributor to the Philippines government. BMM Testlabs are most experienced and independent gaming test laboratory in the world. E-Sabong is a domain of PAGCOR which solely deals with cock fights.

Is WPC2029 safe?

Whenever you think about investing in anything, especially if it is banned in most countries, the first question is always, “Is it safe?”. Don’t worry; we’ve got all the answers you want. It is written in the Terms and Conditions on the WPC2029 website that any participation is on behalf of client risks. The gaming server is authorized to unregister you if you are guilty of fraud. The platform can share your information with respected third parties to verify your account and billing details. The most basic requirement is that you shouldn’t be underage; their policy considers this the biggest crime. You are prohibited from showcasing the fights on any live transmission or uploading any related material. As a result, your account will be immediately suspended, and if you have won any amount, that will be taken away too.

All of this is not asked directly from the client; you automatically agree to all of these while signing up for Wpit18 or WPC2029. It is provided in their terms and conditions. Go to this link (wpc2029.live/terms) and read in detail before signing up.

Privacy policy of WPC2029

According to their privacy policy (wpc2029.live/privacy), any personal information such as name, age, marital status, education, residence, gender, contact details, spouse’s knowledge, preferences, and behavior will be ensured best to be kept confidential. If at any point in you wish to edit, change or remove your information, you can freely contact WPIT18.com or WPC2029.live.

Criteria of Responsible Gaming

WPC2029 has set the gaming criteria to prohibit gambling or underage gambling. They take strict action against their client, who starts to treat this tournament as their gambling table. These clients are not only banned from all gaming activities regulated by PAGCOR; their names shall be included in the National Database for Restricted Persons (NDRP). In short, this tournament serves as a source of entertainment and competition, not a gambling place.

WPC2029 registration process

We will guide you in detail through the step-by-step process of signing up and logging in. If you want to log in to a live show, it is imperative for you first to register yourself at this website. Let’s begin the registration process wpc2029.live

  1. Firstly, think of a username and a strong password for yourself.
  2. Then, type this information in the desired slots on the provided page.
  3. You have to link your Facebook account for further verification.
  4. It would be best if you typed your first and last names in the boxes.
  5. Then type your birth date, mobile number, and CNIC.
  6. Then, you will be asked about your income details.
  7. After you follow all these steps and click the registration button, your account will be registered.

Once the account has been registered, you can join a live competition by logging in. You have to type in your username and password that you selected while writing, and then you will be brought to the dashboard.

Resetting the password

We all have a habit of forgetting things, and forgetting a little password is the worst. If you have forgotten your login password, you need not panic, as there is a solution to everything. On the login page is an option provided “forgot password”; you need to click on it. They will ask for the mobile number or email address you provided during the registration process. You will receive an SMS or email regarding verification and change of password. On the light side, after setting a new password, let’s try to remember this one.

WPC2029 dashboard

This online platform provides you with a page representing all activities related to this competition and player rankings. You use the WPC 2029 live dashboard for registration and making bets on your favourite player then either you can watch live fighting of cocks or the recorded shows from your dashboard. It also notifies about all upcoming events and tournaments held and will happen in the future. On the wpc2029 dashboard, you also know the rules and regulations of WPC games. Unfortunately, if you cannot use it, you can update information from the Facebook page; on it, all the information shared from the administration about events and activities of WPC 2029. As tournaments’ logo is constantly changing, the wpc2029 logo is different from previous games like wpc2027.

WPC2029 live transmission

This online platform provides its users with many servers to watch the live transmission of the fight. This fight is broadcast worldwide so viewers can enjoy the competition happening in the Philippines and Sabong. Some people are very passionate about watching roaster fights or other sports involving animals; through this website, they can get amused, and at the same time, if they are lucky enough, they can make some money out of it too. If you want, you can participate in the live transmission, or if you missed it, you could watch the recorded show on their official page. The unique fact about Wpit18 or WPC2029, which makes it different and famous worldwide, is the lucky draws, cash prizes, and betting standards. All of this attracts audiences all around the world. Also, WPC16 is a similar game to WPC2029.

Strategy to win WPC2029

Winning is not impossible; we always get chances to win a game. It all depends upon some planned strategies and a little effort to observe. At WPC2029 it is not compulsory to bet in every game. You can participate in a few games to observe how different players play and the winning record of these players. The closer the guesses you will take before making a bet, the more chances you will win. Here are the more online 747 live games.

What happens if your betting participant loses?

You don’t always have a bit of shining luck in every tournament; sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. But losing in WPC2029 will cost you more than regret for your chance. The bet amount will be taken from you and distributed among all the winning participants. If you think your money will make someone else’s day, this thought might cheer you up a little. So, some advice would be to invest an amount you can handle.

Who shouldn’t participate?

Well, to be honest, if you have a weak heart and are profoundly affected by after images, then this platform is not for you. The fight is said to be brutal and barbaric. There are wounds and blood everywhere, and most viewers are uncomfortable with such a sight. The experience is undoubtedly overwhelming but also agonizing at the same time.

The exploitation of animal rights

Different people have different opinions; however, whenever animals and fights come together, there is always a voice for rights. It might be unfair to put animals at a stage to injure each other ruthlessly. But in countries like the Philippines and Indonesia, cocks are raised for this specific purpose. When a cock wins the fight, it is considered a source of pride for the owner. The cost of any animal’s life for entertainment is a little thing, but for others, it might be inhumane. It all depends on the perspective, and that’s why this platform has been banned in various countries. If you are a game lover then you must read about F95Zone and CrackStream.

Top 10 alternatives like WPC2029 online sabong

  1. WPC2026.live
  2. WPC15.com
  3. SL418.com
  4. WPC2025.live
  5. Sw418.com
  6. WPC2023.live
  7. Sl618.live
  8. WPC2022.live
  9. MBC2030.live
  10. WPC2021.live

Frequently Asked Questions

WPC2029 is eligible in which countries?

It is eligible in Indonesia and the Philippines.

What will happen to the invested amount of money?

Well, if the cock you bet on wins, you will receive the winning prize; if not, then your money will be distributed among the winning participants.

Is WPC2029 safe to register?

Yes, it is safe to register on WPC2029 until and unless you abide by their terms and conditions and privacy policy.

What does WPC stand for?

It stands for World Pitmaster Cup.

Why is WPC2029 banned in some countries?

Well, due to the misuse of animals, WPC2029 is banned in some countries. While in some countries, it’s a matter of religious ethnicity too.

Is WPC2029 a fraud?

No, it is not a fraud. It is a cocking completion occurring yearly in the Philippines and Indonesia hosted through an online server.

Does any company license Wpit18?

Licensed partners of WPC2029 or Wpit18 include the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), BMM Testlabs, and E-Sabong.

Is the registration process complex for WPC2029?

No, not at all. The registration process is similar to Facebook and Instagram registration, but you must provide them with your accounting or billing details here.

Can I be notified about upcoming events?

Yes, if you register on this platform, you will be notified of their upcoming events.

Will I get information about cocks and players before the fight?

Of course, before the fight begins, every participant will be given time to select their favorite player and bet on the desired cock. You have to log in with enough time left for a fight to make a decision.


WPC2029; World Pitmaster Cup is an online gaming platform that allows users to enjoy roaster or cock fighting. People are allowed to bet on their favorite players and cocks, and if that player wins, the participant will definitely receive winning cash. This championship usually occurs in the Philippines and Indonesia. If you abide by all the rules and regulations provided by Wpit18 or WPC2029, then registration, betting, and playing all procedures will be safe and legal. It is morally disregarded and even banned in some countries because some people believe it is unjust for animals to make them go through these vicious fights. In contrast, others think of this as something against their beliefs on religious grounds. This content is only for educational purposes. We won’t encourage any people to play any online games.

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