4 Classy Upgrades to Your Home Décor & Design

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   October 6, 2023   Update on : October 6, 2023

Home Décor & Design

Wonderfully, gone are the days when, if a person did not have the trending item of clothing or else the statement features within the walls of their home, they would be considered out of touch.

These days, personality and preference have a much larger influence over style and fashion in the interior design world. If you are looking for classy and affordable additions to the décor within your own space, you have clicked on the right article.

Here are four classy upgrades you can make to your home décor and design.

1. Underfloor Bathroom Heating

First and foremost, what could feel more luxurious and bougie than stepping out of the bath or shower to a warm and welcoming sensory experience underfoot? This is why installing underfloor heating in your bathroom would be a fabulous treat.

There are numerous benefits to investing in such a classy addition to your bathroom, including the obvious heightened level of comfort, the fact it is compatible with most flooring materials, the way it creates additional space, and the low and, therefore, energy-efficient running costs.

2. Renovate the Garage

Now, this next piece of advice will obviously not apply should you live in a house or a flat with no attached garage. Still, if you do have either a space large enough to store your vehicle overnight or enough room for your gardening tools, then it is time to tidy up!

Simple yet effective tips for a more organized and much more well-presented garage space include:

  • Repainting the garage door to match the front door
  • Magnetic metal boards to hang tools safely
  • Label absolutely everything and make sure everything has its place
  • Keep the floor as clutter-free as possible and regularly pressure wash

Although simple to do, having an organized and modern garage space can give your home a more luxurious feel.

3. Natural Stone Tiles in the Kitchen

Another luxurious and definitely statement addition to your home, in terms of adding a classic flair, is that of replacing the current kitchen floor with a natural stone alternative.

Renowned and expert flooring providers such as mystonefloor.com are dedicated to providing a bespoke measuring and fitting service to ensure that your floor will not only be easy to maintain and look absolutely beautiful but will also tie in with the décor of any shape or size kitchen.

Natural stone is also a beautiful way of creating a focal point in the garden, whether you choose to have limestone stepping stones for navigation around the lawn or a unique, freestanding stone structure as an outdoor focal point.

4. Indoor Greenery

Finally, and in a way to effortlessly tie different elements of your new, classier-looking property together, you should consider the introduction of indoor greenery, particularly in the hallway and kitchen. Not only will indoor plants bring another layer of the natural beauty you are looking for, but such greenery will also serve to create cleaner air throughout your home. It will also help to improve your levels of focus and concentration and help boost how you feel during the darker winter months.

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