5 Ways to Involve Dad in Baby Care

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   November 7, 2022   Update on : October 17, 2023

Baby Care

Parenting should be a shared responsibility between the mother and the father for balanced self-care while also taking care of their little bundle of joy. Whether a newborn or months old, involving Dad in baby care is essential for bonding. 

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1. Ask Dad To Watch the Baby

Even if the parents do not live together, the father is still involved in the little one’s upbringing, so it’s important to keep the communication open. Mom should inform Dad what she needs him to do in case she has an important responsibility to handle and needs help with baby care in the process.

Dad can take the baby to his house or a relative’s house to visit for a few hours as Mom gets some errands run or things are done at home. If both parents are on good terms, Dad could come over to Mom’s house or vice versa to watch the little one as Mom handles whatever is on her to-do list.

2. Have Dad Feed the Baby

Sure, the baby is used to Mom feeding him whether it’s bottles of formula or breastmilk or jars of baby food. Let Dad take the reins and feed the baby once in a while. Studies have shown that even as a parent or caregiver feeds a baby it strengthens the bond between them spending those quality moments even during meal time.

3. Take Turns Changing Diapers

If able, ask Dad to take turns changing diapers when you are in the same place together. Diaper changes are a monotonous job that can get Mom feeling bored and resentful, especially if Dad is around but not helping out.

As the baby gets older, he or she will be moving around much more. Dad can add a playful touch to diaper changes whilst trying to keep the baby still.

4. Dad and Baby Bonding at Doctor’s Appointments

Babies need to frequent doctor’s appointments at least once a month until they are about six months old. From there, they go every three months until they are a year old.

If scheduling allows, ask Dad to take the baby to the doctor’s office for checkups. He can learn more about how the baby is growing and developing.

Dad being at the forefront of answering the doctor’s questions about the baby’s development is integral as he learns more about his little one. When finished at a doctor’s office, Dad and baby can take a stroll through the park if it’s a nice day or go run an errand together to further enhance bonding.

5. Take Turns Waking Up With the Baby At Night

If parents are living together, Mom can have the load taken off of her and take turns with Dad to get up with the baby. Infants undergo many sleep regressions because of growth spurts and learning new things as they hit developmental milestones. Hence, this means they will get up at least two or more times at night in the early stages of life.

Final Thoughts

We know you love being the superhero, Mom, but know when it’s time to ask Super Dad for help. Happy parenting!

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