Are You Having Too Much Caffeine?

Time Of Info By Imran Ali   May 20, 2023   Update on : May 20, 2023

Are You Having Too Much Caffeine?

Caffeine is a natural stimulant and it often can be found in tea, coffee, drinks, etc. Many people find it as a booster to them as they get sudden energy or a positive vibe after having caffeine. It enhances the activity of your brain and nervous system. However, you can feel refreshed when you have caffeine in a smaller amount. But, if you are having too much caffeine, you will face many problems. You should be very careful about having high doses of caffeine regularly. It may cause serious harm to your body. Let’s see some negative effects of having too much caffeine.


Too much caffeine can increase your mental alertness. Having too much caffeine can lead to anxiety and nervousness. If you very often feel jittery, you can cut your caffeine intake and check the situation. You should monitor and check your limit to identify how much caffeine is safe for you.


Many people suffer from insomnia due to having too much caffeine. You may feel less sleepy when you have a strong cup of coffee or tea. Although the reaction varies from person to person, many people experienced the feeling for hours. Lack of sleep can lead to insomnia. So, you should be careful while having caffeine in a larger amount.


Having caffeine regularly establishes a habit in you. You will feel incomplete unless you have caffeine at a particular time of the day. This addiction can be harmful to you. You become dependent on it.


Headache is a common problem among those, who have plenty of caffeine. It may also increase your migraine problem. You must know your limit to stay safe and healthy.

Rapid Heart Rate:

Caffeine may increase your heart rate when it is taken in a larger amount. A smaller amount of caffeine is often suggested by experts for heart health. But, having too much caffeine can be dangerous for your heart health.

Increased Blood Pressure:

Caffeine can temporarily raise your blood pressure. It helps you stay active as it stimulates or boosts your energy level. As a result, your blood pressure increases due to having too much caffeine.


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