Ecuador declares war on armed gangs as gunmen take over live TV broadcast

Time Of Info By TOI Desk Report   January 10, 2024   Update on : January 11, 2024

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Ecuadorian President Daniel Noboa Tuesday declared an “internal armed conflict” in the country amid growing violence across the South American country.

Daniel Noboa has ordered security forces to “neutralize” several criminal groups after days of violence culminated in an attack on a television studio.

The declaration came hours after a group of masked with guns and explosives broke into public television channel TC’s live studio during a broadcast and fired shots in the studio.

Police later arrested 13 suspected gunmen and charged them with terrorism after bringing control of the station

The incident injured two employees, reported BBC and CNN.

Since Ecuador declared a 60-day state of emergency on Monday, at least ten people have died.

Jorge Rendon, an anchor of TC Television, called the takeover of the broadcast as an “extremely violent attack.”

Rendon said one person was shot and another injured by the assailants. However, police have not confirmed the injuries.

The incident has created fear among many Ecuadorians. A woman, who lives outside Guayaquil, described the chaotic traffic on her drive home.

Explosions, police kidnappings, and prison disturbances rocked the country since President Noboa on Monday declared a nationwide state of emergency after feeling a high-profile gang leader from a prison in Guayaquil.

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