How to Keep Students Engaged Using Technology

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   August 22, 2023   Update on : August 22, 2023

How to Keep Students Engaged Using Technology

Student engagement and performance can be improved by using appropriate technologies. Tutoring and writing centers use different technologies to enhance students’ learning experiences. To keep students engaged, educators should use technologies, such as educational games, social media, virtual and augmented reality, podcasts, YouTube, classroom blogs, and student response systems. 

Gamified Learning

Educational games are a great way of keeping learners engaged. Software-based learning games are designed to help students gain knowledge about specific topics or subjects. It helps to make learning more fun and engaging for students, for instance, when they play against each other. Tutoring and writing centers should help students to find the most appropriate educational games to keep students engaged.

Interacting Through Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms can enhance interactive learning. Platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, can be used by students to communicate, hold discussions, and ask questions. Importantly, students can interact with their educators, classmates, schoolmates, and peers in other schools and share what they learned in class. Additionally, tutoring and writing centers can actively engage students through their social media platforms. 

Using Podcasts 

Listening to podcasts helps to make learning more engaging. Educators can give students topics or keywords for which they will have to find the appropriate podcasts. Accordingly, students may be rewarded for finding podcasts that provide the most relevant information or excellent explanation. Also, tutoring and writing centers can help students find links to the best podcasts on specific topics. 

Using YouTube

YouTube creates more student engagement on particular topics or subjects. This platform is a great source of information for students and educators since certain YouTube channels provide an in-depth explanation of specific topics. Moreover, it can be highly engaging since students can ask questions and get responses by commenting or contacting the YouTuber. Moreover, tutoring and writing centers can help students to find the most appropriate YouTube channels for specific topics.   

Using Virtual Reality (VR) Technologies

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies help to keep students engaged by creating a digital learning environment. Educators can use virtual field trips through programs, such as Google Expeditions and Streetview, provided by Google Maps. Such technologies help students to explore new areas, such as zoos and national parks, without having to visit these places. While this teaching style makes learning more engaging, tutors in tutoring and writing centers, such as Wr1ter, can teach students how to use these technologies to enhance learning on their own. 

Using Infographics and Classroom Blogs

Learning can be made more engaging by creating infographics and using classroom blogs. Infographics can be easily shared and are more engaging for presenting curriculum updates than giving printed paper of the same to students. Importantly, they can be developed creatively to make students find them more outstanding. Additionally, educators can create classroom blogs and use them to make classroom announcements, such as updates on the syllabus. Students can also use classroom blogs to post content, including sharing links to digital sources. Through tutoring and writing centers, learners can also be taught how to use classroom blogs to enhance their learning experience. 

Creating a Student Response System

A digital platform for online polling by students can help to keep them more engaged. Through a student response system, it is possible to conduct surveys and get feedback from students. Importantly, this technology can help to determine student experience and whether they understood what educators taught. Furthermore, tutoring and writing centers should utilize response systems to improve teaching styles and student engagement.

In conclusion, specific technologies can be combined with teaching styles to enhance student engagement. Schools should encourage the use of technologies, such as online polling by students, educational games, social media platforms, virtual and augmented reality, podcasts, YouTube, and classroom blogs. Using these technologies can lead to an interactive and exciting learning environment that students find more engaging.  

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