Learn About the Main Components of SEO

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SEO Practices

When you’re thinking about engaging a great digital marketing company, like Blurn Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney, you should be aware of the three main aspects of SEO before you engage in them, so you can be aware of what the digital marketing agency is doing on your behalf. 

Let’s get into it!  

Technical SEO

Technical SEO can sound stressful (it really is) but when you leave it to the experts they can help make your website work better behind the scenes with the following branches of Technical SEO. 

Website Structure & Navigation

This is when you make sure your website has a well-planned structure. This is done by making sure all website pages can be easily navigated to and from, that URLs are logical and readable and that trails are left for users to follow trails to get to the information you want them to have.

Search Engine Crawling

You must make the website as easily crawlable and indexable by Google and their search engines as possible, this is what leads to better visibility on search engine results pages. 

To do this SEO audits must be done to make sure all pages are crawlable. Internal links must be in place to help the search engine crawlers find relevant information and sitemaps must be made to guide said crawlers.  

On-Page SEO (or Content SEO)

On Page SEO is the more obvious forms of SEO and it usually revolves around the content on a website. 

Keyword Optimisation

Keyword optimisation is one of the most important aspects of on page SEO. This is because keywords are what makes a website relevant to a certain query someone makes on Google. So if someone searches for ‘best hair salon near me’ and your content features a keyword ‘best hair salon’ you are more likely to match their query. 

Keywords however are quite hard to get right. They need to be diverse and have a good mix of naturally placed long and short keywords, they need to be placed naturally in the text so users can read without being irritated by them, and most importantly you need the right number of keywords to be useful without becoming an eyesore. 

High Content Quality

High quality content is a non-negotiable of SEO. It’s not enough to make readable content, you need to make content that fills gaps for your users, presents information in an interesting way and makes it easy to read. 

By doing this you can make your website more user friendly and this in turn makes people more likely to remain on your website for longer and makes you more trustworthy in general. 

High quality content takes experts to write as it looks easy, but you need to make sure the content is tailored to a certain audience, contains the right amount of research, isn’t plagiarised or written with AI and has strong call to actions.  

Off-Page SEO 

Off page SEO is anything you do to improve your SEO away from your website. This includes things such as link building, social media marketing, influencer outreach and things like PPC. 

Of all of these aspects, link building is by far one of the hardest things to get right. Link building when done badly is frowned upon by Google and can cause penalties, so don’t skip on getting it right.  

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