Common Causes And Preventive Measures of Lung-Related Diseases

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How to Keep Your Lung Healthy

Lung-related diseases such as tuberculosis (TB), Covid-19, asthma, dry cough, shortness of breath, and so on can’t be taken lightly. Millions of people have died recently due to coronavirus infection, one of the worst lung-related diseases, in the world. The common symptoms of lung-related diseases are shortness of breath, chest pain, chest tightness, wheezing when exhaling, night cough, dry cough, etc. You may also experience breathing difficulties due to the problem. You should know the causes and preventive measures of lung-related diseases to stay healthy and avoid the risks of such diseases. You should consult a specialist if you are experiencing any symptoms for early treatment.


Many people have been suffering from asthma, shortness of breath, and other lung-related complexities due to genetics. They are affected and develop diseases by genes and heredity. If the parents are affected by any lung-related diseases, the children will more likely suffer from the same complexities.

Respiratory infection:

Respiratory infection is one of the major reasons for lung-related diseases. A proper respiratory system helps you breathe smoothly. A good respiratory system works to move oxygen throughout the body and clean out carbon dioxide and other wastes. Long-term asthma, dust, smoking, and other problems can damage the normal function of the respiratory system.

Bad air quality:

Bad air quality is a common reason for lung-related diseases. Good air quality helps us inhale fresh air and keep our lungs strong. Air pollution is an alarmingly negative concern for us as it causes many diseases, including lung-related diseases.


Smoking is not only injurious to health but it also can lead you to the path of death. Many lung-related diseases, including chronic bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, and so on are associated with smoking. Lung and mouth cancer is very common among smokers. There are many harmful chemicals, including tar and carbon in a cigarette. Smokers very often suffer from dry cough, pneumothorax, etc.


Dust is very harmful to lung health. You may inhale very fine dust from the workplace or roads. Silicosis is a lung disease. It is caused due to inhaling crystalline silica dust in large amounts. Serious lung injuries can affect you due to dust. It affects the lung tissues. Persistent cough, shortness of breath, and difficulty breathing are very common effects of inhaling dust.

Once you identify these causes, you can get rid of lung-related diseases easily. There are some easy preventive measures for lung-related diseases you should follow to keep your lung healthy.

Wear a mask:

You can wear a mask when you are outside of your home. It can keep dust and many air-borne diseases aside. The use of a mask has many health benefits. It can lower the risk of deadly Covid-19 infection. A mask can save others when you are affected by flu, cold, cough, etc.

Get vaccinated:

You should get vaccinated to increase your immunity power. The vaccination for influenza, pneumonia, and coronavirus was proven very effective earlier. You can get rid of lung diseases if you are jabbed. Vaccines against lung-related diseases play a crucial role in fighting against the virus and infections.

Monitor breathing:

You should monitor your breathing. If you see any complications of your regular breathing habit, you should consult a doctor and act accordingly. Your doctor may suggest some breathing exercises. You should follow your doctor’s suggestion.

Quit smoking:

There are several health issues of a smoker, including lung-related diseases. You should stop smoking right now if you want to keep your lung healthy. Don’t wait for tomorrow. You will see positive vibes in you, once you quit smoking.

Take medicine:

You should take medicine if your doctor suggests you do so. It can save your lung from further damage. There are many medicines, which are good for your lung. But, you shouldn’t take any medicine without consulting with the doctor.

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