Mastering The Craft: Melbourne’s Best Logo Design Practices With BrandVillage

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Logo Design

Do you know why every small and big business has a brand logo these days? Yes, over 60% of Fortune 500 companies have a logo that mixes elements and colours. It is also said that a human brain will recognise a logo much faster than a text.

Yes, a logo is not just anything but a simple or professional image comprising different colour schemes, fonts, colours, and symbols. So, if you want to make your brand recognised as a big and reputed one, the only way is to hire a best logo design company in Melbourne.

A logo designing company like BrandVillage is the perfect option for those seeking a customised logo for their brand. Still, have thoughts about which company to choose? Reading our blog further will help you.

What Is The Process Of Logo Designing Followed By A Professional Company?

Know About The Client’s Vision And The Business

The first step will also be knowing about a company’s products, vision, and beliefs. We all know designing a logo is not a simple task. Still, it should align with the ideology of a business, which needs learning about the company, done at meetings, through a brand identifying questionnaire, phone calls, etc. 

Research About The Competitors And Market

In this step, a logo designing company analyses and compares the product industry with the competitors. This way, they can develop a visual about their brand, differentiating them from the competitors. Also, it helps to avoid creating a logo design that might look or feel similar to the competitor.

Develop Ideas And Sketch

In this process, a logo designing company will make a moodv board, decide on some fonts, use various colours, and sketch many symbols. Then, these logos will be sent to the client for approval or rejection. First, these logos are created on paper, which takes less time and gives the designer a base to think more creatively.

Designing The Logos Digitally

After the client selects some logos, the designer starts creating them digitally on Adobe Illustrator and other applications. Variations are created in each logo, with a slight tweak in font, colour combinations, and style to select the best theme and feel of a logo.

Sending It For The Client’s Final Approval And Delivery

After all this, some of the logos are sent to the client for final approval, where the changes are made until the client is fully satisfied with the logo. After this, the logo is delivered in print and digital documents so the client can use a particular logo on different platforms. 

Common Mistakes To Avoid In Logo Design

Starting Without Any Research

This is the first thing any logo designer should avoid. It is very important to research market trends, competitors, and companies and know clients’ needs to make a perfect logo. This way, you are wasting your time and even your clients.

Adding Too Much Or Too Little

Often, a logo designer adds too many colours, fonts, or graphics in a logo, which takes away people’s attention as their brain is unable to recognise it, and they lose concentration. Also, adding no visuals or design to a logo can have a negative impact. Apple’s Logo is simple, but it is an eaten apple, which makes it different.

A logo can only be recognised, and the client will create a brand identity when used effectively on all platforms. Therefore, not making a logo without considering its scalability will make it illegible and useless.

Poor Font Selection And Placement

A wrong font can level down the look of a brand’s logo, as people won’t know where else to look. Also, if a single letter or brand’s name is written properly or jumbles up with graphics, it will create confusion about the brand’s identity.

BrandVillage- The Best Logo Designing Company In Melbourne, Creating High-Quality Logos

Whether you are a sole proprietor or owner of a multi-national company, everyone needs to create a unique brand identity and attract an audience, which can be done only by a good and memorable logo. Therefore, what’s better than hiring a professional and award-winning logo-designing company like BrandVillage. You will get these benefits by choosing them as your logo partner.

Satisfies Clients And Good Reviews

BrandVillage has helped many small and big businesses get a unique logo easily recognised in the market and between the competitors.

Competitive Pricing

The company gives competitive prices for their logo designing process so that any small business owner or startup can get their services for a logo.

You will get a unique logo from their professional team, as they do the best y and create a plan which matches your brand and creates a positive visual identity for your brand.


Now you know the whole process of logo designing and what mistakes a general logo designer makes, which can kill your brand identity and not make it recognisable in the customer’s eyes. Therefore, getting in touch with a professional logo-designing company like BrandVillage is the best option. We guarantee you the best and unique logo with their team.

Don’t wait, and contact BrandVillage today.

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