Movies7 App: What is It? Is It Worth Your Time?

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Movies7 App

Nowadays, the popularity of movies is at an all-time high; they are our prime source of entertainment. According to some estimates, a vast majority of people watch at least one movie a week, and some even watch one or more a day. Watching a movie after a tiring and boring day of work is the best way to relieve boredom and temporarily forget your worries. A good film can keep your attention drawn and take you on an exciting adventure. But not every movie is good; some are excellent, while others are rubbish. Watching a lousy movie will not keep you entertained; instead, it will increase your boredom and waste your precious time.

Free time nowadays is precious; we have less and less of it as years pass and our technology advances, so you want to use your free time well. If you are going to watch a movie, you need to make sure it is good enough to be worth your time.

In this article, we will talk about the Movies7 App, how to use it, and when to use it.

What is the Movies7 App?

Movies7 App is an online application to watch your desired movies.

Currently, there are two different Movies7 apps, and although both share the same name, they are distinctly different. We can’t say which is better because each has its advantages and disadvantages; it’s entirely up to you to decide which is better.

1. Movies7 App from Play Store

Movies7 is an Android app you can find on the Google Play Store; it has more than ten thousand downloads, its users rate it as 3.5 stars, and it has the following features:

A huge number of movies

Movies7 App has a massive collection of movies from all over the world; you can find Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indian, Hollywood, Bollywood, and other movies in a dozen different languages.

This app’s collection doesn’t only span distance; it also spans time. Here you can find Vintage movies in black and white, the latest movies, and everything in between. Aside from already released movies, it also has a list of unreleased movies coming soon alongside their expected release date.

Easy Navigation

The Movies7 App is incredibly easy to navigate. It provides plenty of useful tools to help you find the movies you want; you can search for movies by name, genre, language, etc.

Make better choices

Every movie on this Movies7 App comes with a short description, rating, and a preview. Whenever you find a movie and want to know whether it is worth your time, you can check its rating, description, and preview.

Help others decide

If you come across a movie on the Movies7 App that you have already watched, you can choose to rate it. If you think that a movie is good, give it a high rating, and likewise, give it a low rating if you think it’s lousy.

This can help other people who have yet to watch the movie better understand its quality. A movie with a higher rating will have more audience because most people decide whether to try a movie based on its rating.


Another feature of the Movies7 App from the Play Store is that you can manage the movies you like in collections. You can make one or more collections, name them as you like, and use them to organize the movies you care about.


  1. The main advantage of the Play Store Movies7 App is that it is both legal and safe.
  2. It’s free
  3. No account registration is necessary


  1. You can’t actually watch or download movies from this version of the Movies7 App.
  2. It uses ads from Google to make money; although they are not dangerous, they are annoying.

2. Movies7 App from third parties

Aside from the Movies7 App you find on the Play Store, there is another app with the same name and better functionality. This is the third-party app we mentioned before; the Google Play Store does not recognize it because many of its features are illegal and unsafe.


Navigation of both versions of the Movies7 App is almost the same. Just like that one from the Play Store, the third-party version also provides plenty of useful tools to make navigation easier. Even new app users can use these tools to find the movies they are looking for.

Stream and download

Unlike the Movies7 App you download from the Play Store, this third-party app allows you to stream or download every movie it has available for free. It has thousands of movies in a dozen different languages from all parts of the world; most of them are from India, Hollywood, China, and Japan.

Rate and comment

Aside from watching and downloading movies, you can also rate the movies according to your preferences. You can use the rating option to tell every app user seeing that movie about its quality, and if you think that’s not enough, you can also leave a comment.


  1. You can stream or download your favorite movies for free right on this app.
  2. No account registration is necessary.


  1. Dangerous: As we mentioned before, this version of the Movies7 App is a third-party app, and as you might already know, third-party apps are dangerous. You never know what extra undisclosed features it has; For example, it may sneakily steal your data, use your phone’s sensors to spy on you, etc. Not all third-party apps are dangerous, but there is no way to distinguish which app is safe without special expertise.
  2. Illegal: As mentioned before, the third-party version of the Movies7 App allows you to stream and download movies for free. This behavior is illegal because it is piracy; you can get in some serious trouble depending on the laws of your country.
  3. Ads: The third third-party version of this also uses ads to make money, but these ads are much more dangerous than the ones you find on the other version of the Movies7 App. These apps are not from Google AdSense, so they don’t have that level of security; hackers can easily use them to spread viruses and malware.

Which version of the Movies7 App should I use?

That entirely depends on what you want; if you are looking for a place to find information on interesting movies, then the Movies7 app from the Play Store is the right one for you.

If you want an app that allows you to discover interesting movies and watch and download them for free, then the third-party version of the Movies7 app is the right one for you. But we don’t recommend this app because it is too dangerous. You go to a free movie website to watch and download movies; free movie websites are much less dangerous than third-party apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Follow the some FAQs below.

How to install the Movies7 App?

For the legal version, you can install it directly from the Android Play Store. Your Smartphone will handle it automatically; there is no need for further adjustments.
For a third-party version, you need to change the settings to allow apps from unknown sources. If you don’t change settings, your phone won’t accept third-party APK and won’t install it.

Who owns the Movies7 App?

The owner and developer of the Movies7 App on Play Store is Stillac SARL; as for the third-party version, we don’t know.

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