Strong Earthquake in Agusan del Sur: Damages to Houses

Time Of Info By TOI Desk Report   December 2, 2023   Update on : December 2, 2023

Earthquake in Agusan del Sur

Manila — Agusan del Sur residents were impacted by Saturday night’s magnitude 6.9 earthquake in eastern Mindanao.

Following the earthquake, many in the town of Talacogon, including Belissima Cheny Giango, lost power.

Several tiles in the house had come off in a video she shared on social media.

As she observed the damage, she stated in the video, “Grabe ‘yong panginginig namin.”

She is appreciative that her family escaped harm.

Giango noted that while they were still feeling tremors, they remained outside the home.

She responded to the vibrations by pleading “Naku, Ginoo, Tama na” in a different video.

Authorities have issued tsunami warnings in coastal regions in addition to earthquakes.


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