Top 5 gambling soccer players

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   October 12, 2023   Update on : November 2, 2023

soccer players

Meet among the visitors of land-based or online casino Canada can be representatives of different professions and spheres of activity. No exception is soccer players too, who often run slot machines, table and card games. Some sportsmen leave a fortune in the casino, and others get large winnings that can times exceed their monthly income. Below we have prepared for you a whole list of gambling pro soccer players who are famous all over the world.

Neymar Júnior

The first sportsman on our list is Brazilian player Neymar, currently playing for the Saudi club “Al-Hilal”. Soccer became a participant in the main professional poker tournament last summer. To do this, the Brazilian travelled to American Vegas, in a casino called “Paris”. For betting, the striker chose the Limit Hold’em Championship with a buy-in of $10,000. However, the soccer was a failure – he dropped out of the draw on the first day. At the same time, Neymar showed an active game – repeatedly risked and played different combinations. Interestingly, there are rumours that before the responsible game, the player trained in the well-known online casino King Billy.

In 2016, Neymar could become a participant in the World Series, as he won in Vegas in the preliminary tournament. However, the athlete was then participating in the Olympics, where he represented his national team. Despite losing in 2022, the player revealed that he plans to become a professional poker player in the future. This game, according to the athlete, he loves the most. Now he is prevented from realizing his dream by a too-tight schedule.

Gerard Pique

Gerard Pique is considered to be another famous gambling soccerer. He actively participates in WSOP, EPT and online casino canada real money tournaments. The sportsman is so fond of playing poker that once even refused a call to the national team of Spain, explaining his decision by the presence of trauma. At this time Gerard went to a prestigious tournament. Pique’s efforts were not in vain. In one of the stages, he managed to be on the 19th line of high rollers, where his main rivals were Kachalov, Negreanu and Mercier. As a result, the player’s winnings amounted to €21,000. The most successful games of the sportsman are considered to be the home tournament in Barcelona, where he won 41,000 euros.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is considered to be another casino fan. In the worldwide and best canadian online casino he plays under the nickname CR7sete, and his opponents became such famous players as Patrick Antonius and Dave Keats. The Portuguese has been the face of the Pokerstars poker room since the spring of 2015 when thousands of fans of soccer play. Ronaldo is active in this establishment too and has many achievements at the poker tables. In one of the Caribbean Adventure tournaments that took place in the winter of 2015, the athlete won $42,000 and finished in 26th place. He is also a frequent participant in the Latin American Series of Poker and has been at the EPT tables on several occasions. As for losses, it is noted that the Portuguese does not rarely lose money in online casino canada real money tournaments, but as he personally states he plays only for fun and the material side of it doesn’t interest him.

Gianluigi Buffon

The next soccer who prefers to spend his free time at online casino Canada, America or even land-based establishments is the famous goalkeeper Buffon. In the gambling industry, he is known for his splendid betting on sports matches and other competitions such as golf, tennis and basketball. On more than one occasion in his interviews, he has personally stated that he likes to get together with friends for a game of poker, and is also excited about some online casino games. Especially playing VIP blackjack, some table entertainment or spinning slots. The best goalkeeper of all time, just like on the soccer field, cold-bloodedly and professionally defeats opponents. However, Buffon can’t boast of any huge winnings, as he prefers to play not in a big way, but at small stakes and with caution.

Mario Balotelli

The last athlete on our list is the scandalous Italian striker who is used to relaxing in the best online casino and the world. Fans have said more than once that they have spotted him in popular establishments in Italy, and some teammates have personally witnessed him playing poker and slot machines at online casino. The soccer is also a fan of cars, so along with his gambling achievements, his social networks can often be seen and posts are devoted to automobiles. Going back to gambling, Balotelli is less famous for his wins than for his losses, because in 2021 the player lost more than 200,000 dollars in various casinos. However, this did not break Mario, knowing his character and perseverance, he will do everything possible to come out in the future. 

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