How Technology Changes The Way Video Editors Use Editing Software

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How Technology Evolves Video Editing

Over the years, Technology has created a massive change in the way video editors use editing software. At first glance, video editing is used only for creating stunning event recordings until now it is used to elevate your video marketing efforts.

Video editing was once treated like a luxury that only a few filmmakers could afford. Now it’s an integral part of filmmaking that anyone can create.

As technology advances, our methods of doing things also change. This is no exception for video editing software and its accessibility to those who are on a budget.

Years ago, it was difficult to find decent editing software that didn’t break the bank, but now the market is saturated with options ranging from free to the thousands.

The Transition of Video Editing Tools

Technology has been both a blessing and a curse for video editors. On one hand, there’s software to help you create videos and make them more straightforward than ever. On the other hand, newer software sometimes comes with “extra baggage” or is not so compatible with existing software.

There has been a dramatic evolution in video editing over the years. Then, all you needed was a camcorder, editing software, and a TV set to watch the result. Now there’s much more to look out for when it comes to video editing – high definition, file compression, frames per second (fps), etc.

There is, however, much more to the story. I’m sure that you’re wondering exactly what else there is to know about video editing technology. Keep reading and learn more about the features and the uses that video editing tools have on offer.

Awesome Features You Can Find in a Video Editing Tool

The video editor tool can give a great impact on the way you edit videos. You can create videos quickly and easily with them.

The video production industry is constantly evolving, which is one of the most exciting things about it. It’s so fascinating how video editors can use video editing software to make highly engaging videos.

In addition to evolving, it also introduces new and exciting features that you will enjoy. To cite a few, here are the top 10 awesome features that you can take advantage of using in editing videos.

  1. Screen Recorder
    Some videos that need to be edited are coming from screen recording. The screen recorder lets you record the entire screen, browser, tab, or even your webcam. Another great thing is that you can use this tool for free whether you are using a Mac or Windows device. This is browser-based software that saves you time from installing the app before you even use it. You can even save more time by having the video desktop recorder extension prepared on your Chrome.
  2. Add subtitles
    Once you’ve uploaded your video file to the tool that you’re using, you can now add subtitles to it. Adding subtitles to your video can now be done in minutes. Not just add subtitles but you can also change its timing, color, font, size, and text.
  3. Photo Overlay
    One of the best features of a video editor is its photo-overlay capability, which lets you combine your videos with images. All images can be uploaded, resized, cropped, rotated, rearranged, and edited.
  4. Green screen editor
    Green screen editors make it easy to remove the background from videos. All you have to do is to shoot a video with a green screen background from your editor, and in just a few clicks, you can replace it with any image you want!
  5. Audio to Text (Transcription)
    Think about typing every word for the transcription of a recording, song, or interview, that can be a day-long process! Transcribing audio manually takes hours. But now, you just let your tool do an accurate audio transcription of your file. Aside from that, you may also edit or make minor changes to the transcription result if necessary.
  6. Audio translator
    Automatic language translation from a video has always been challenging. Not every editor tool also offers language translation. This feature lets you detect and translate the language in your audio file automatically.
  7. Live streaming software
    Now, you can stream live videos on any platform for free. This feature is just one of the best to have for content creators. Live streaming allows you to reach more audiences by multi-streaming your content to platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and more.
  8. Music visualizer
    You can now add music visualizers to your videos online. This feature allows you to add customizable sound-responsive visuals to create a stunning video. It also recognizes the video’s original audio and animates the sound waves that go along with the sound frequencies. Plus, there are a lot of templates to choose from, and they are free!
  9. Remove background noise from audio
    Background noise is a common problem in audio recording. Luckily, there is a feature that can remove unwanted noise and allow you to produce high-quality audio. Audio clips recorded on smartphones, digital recorders, and other devices with built-in microphones usually have unwanted noises. But with this feature, the tool automatically detects the noise and removes it without changing the pitch of the original recording.
  10. Remove background noise from the video
    Have you ever wished there was an easy way to remove background noise from your video without having to record the video again? Now, there is a simple way to remove background noise from any video file. There is no need to buy expensive sound-blocking microphones or download special software because you can easily clean audio by removing background noise from video features on video editor tools.
  11. Teleprompter
    You can now indulge in the online teleprompter on video editing tools. This can let you record your video with a free scrolling autocue. You just have to follow the easy and simple steps like pasting your script into the app or typing it in, hit play, and enjoy start reading.


As you finalize the video, don’t forget to save it in a smaller video file to minimize storage. With the right video compressor tool, it is possible without compromising the quality of the video.

Video editors and filmmakers now have more choices than ever before when it comes to editing software. Simply choose your operating system, your budget, the amount of storage you need, and the type of video editing tools you’re looking for and you’re good to go.

The adjustments to workflow are never easy for a video editor. As technology advances, it can be difficult to keep up with the changes and update your existing workflow. Even though you may need to learn something new, technology is one thing that an editor should never shy away from.

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