What To Do When You Are Lost In The Forest?

Time Of Info By Imran Ali   November 26, 2022   Update on : November 26, 2022

What To Do When You Are Lost In The Forest?

On the off chance that you discover yourself misplaced within the woodland, remain calm and do your best to remember your steps and discover your way out. It is very frightening when you stay in a forest. But, you need to know how to survive in this situation and get a way out. Getting lost in the forest is very easy. Visual landmarks are hard to remember because they all look the same. And it’s almost impossible to see distant targets behind trees. So, instead of focusing on finding a way out of the forest, you’re better off thinking about how to survive until someone finds one. We need water to drink, food to eat, shelter to sleep and a fire to cook and keep warm. If you can meet your basic physical needs, you can survive in the woods, give signals and wait for rescue.

  1. Find fresh water:

The very first thing the adventurous tourist should do in the forest is find fresh drinking water. Every forest has fresh water as there are many animals and birds which depend on the water. Many forests have hills, fountains or waterfalls, and rivers. You need to find the source of water when you are in a troubled condition as none can live without water. You can collect some water from any lake or depend on rainwater if there is any.

  1. Find shelter:

Although finding a shelter in the forest is very challenging, you should find one as there are risks of cruel animals, insects, snakes, etc. Taking shelter on any large tree’s branch would be a decent one. You can build your shelter with wood, bamboo, leaves, etc. You need to find a place to rest where you can take a rest and get protected from sun, wind and rain. If you find a cave, choose it as another option of shelter as it can protect you from the rough weather of the forest. Before choosing it, make sure there is no animal in it.

  1. Light the fire:

If you have a lighter or matches with you, then it is very easy to light the fire as there is no shortage of firewood, dry leaves and branches of trees and so on in the forest. On the off chance that you have got glasses, binoculars, or a camera, utilize the focal point to concentrate the sun’s beams on the tinder to touch off it. You need fire for cooking purposes and light in the nighttime. But if you don’t have a lighter, you’ll have to be more imaginative. Make a fire plow to light the fire, by scratching a little groove into the center of a level piece of wood. Make grinding by rapidly plowing up and down the groove with a little twig, until it produces a coal. See also about the common causes of wildfire.

  1. Find Food:

There are many trees, fruits, animals and birds. You need to look for food when you are stuck in a forest. You can go fishing with bamboo, a stick or rock. If there are any coconut or banana trees, you can have them without processing. You can hunt small animals or birds for survival. You can safely eat worms, ants, and grasshoppers, but avoid spiders, ticks, and flies. If you are lucky, you will find avocados, coconuts, grapefruit, bananas, guavas, pineapples around you in the jungle. Don’t try any unknown foods as they might become toxic.

  1. Give signal:

If you are in a place where trees are covered around you and you are not visible to others, and then try to go climb on a tree or hill to give a signal for help. You can tie any of your clothes with a stick or bamboo and wave it to draw the attention of others. You can create smoke by lighting a fire, so that people, if there are any, will get a signal. It is very important to look for a way out when you are stuck in the jungle. You can’t stay there for a long time. Focus on what’s in front of you, focus on what’s behind you, stay in a straight line and don’t go round and round. You must leave some marks as symbols so you will know how far you crossed. It is easy to find a way out when you are near to a river. You will find any fishermen or boat there and seek help.


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