Top 14 Islands in Bangladesh Where You Should Visit

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Top Islands in Bangladesh

One of the most wonderful gifts from nature is the island. There is a saying among nature lovers that some islands are just like heaven on earth. The size and attractiveness of each island indeed varies from one to another. Most of the islands have a unique perspective that entices visitors.

Bangladesh is blessed with several beautiful and attractive islands in the natural world. The Padma River connects some of Bangladesh’s islands, although the Bay of Bengal forms the majority of them. In Bengali, the Island is also called ‘Char’ or ‘Dwip’. Here, you can discover the biggest and most beautiful islands in Bangladesh. All those islands will astonish you by offering their different unique characteristics.

Let us take a closer look at the islands in Bangladesh as well as our available travel routes.

1. St. Martin’s Island

St martin island Bangladesh
Sunset casts a golden glow over the tranquil shores of St. Martin Island, Bangladesh, where the horizon meets the sea in perfect harmony.

St. Martin’s is the name of Bangladesh’s lone coral island and one of the top Islands in Bangladesh. It is located south of the main landmass of Bangladesh. Saint Martin, a little island, is 17 square kilometers in size. Some in the vicinity also refer to St. Martin as ‘Daruchini Dwip’ and ‘Narikel Jinzira’.

Because of its extraordinary natural beauty, this island is one of the popular travel destinations in Bangladesh. This island’s distinctive features—its endless blue sky, deep blue ocean, and rows of coconut trees—draw tourists to it.

St. Martin’s Island is a popular destination for vacations. Every day, several launches from Bangladesh’s mainland go to the islands during the tourist season. Throughout your lifetime, it is very impossible to forget the most beautiful night on St. Martins Island—one that is illuminated by the moon. The only months to visit St. Martin’s Island are November through March. Hopefully, restaurants, accommodation facilities, and resorts won’t experience any problems. It’s usually regarded as one of Bangladesh’s most inviting islands for tourists.

At first, you have to go to Teknaf from Dhaka. You will next need to board a ship to reach St. Martin’s island. Prior to nine in the morning, the ships typically set sail for the islands.

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2. Chhera Island

Chhera Dwip
Chhera Dwip or Chhera Island: Nestled at the southern tip of Bangladesh, this captivating island enchants visitors with its pristine beauty and coastal charm, making it a top destination for island enthusiasts.

Chhera Dwip, also known as Chhera Island, is the southernmost region of the country and one of the top Islands in Bangladesh. It’s located about five kilometers to the south of St. Martin, a coral island. The people who live there also call the island ‘Syradiya’ or ‘Chheradia’. On the island of Chhera, there is an abundance of naturally occurring stone, coral, and coconut palms. At high tide, the sea covers one-third of the island. When the blue waves of the sea brush against the stone on Chhera Island, a breathtaking sight is created.

The size of Chhera Island is roughly three kilometers. The island was discovered to be in the late 2000s. Every year, thousands of people travel to Chhera Island to see the Blue Sea, the sky, and the sunset. When combined with the moonlight, it creates a mysterious charm. This is an incredible island where a lot of tourists spend the night camping.

To reach Chhera Dwip, you have to go to St. Martins Island first. You can travel to Teknaf by bus from Dhaka. Later, you can go to St. Martins via ship. Finally, you can reach Chhera Dwip on foot during low tide and high tide, you can reach there by speedboat or motor boat.

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3. Maheshkhali Island

Maheshkhali Island
Maheshkhali Island: Where verdant hills meet azure seas, weaving a tapestry of natural beauty and cultural richness.

An island called Maheshkhali is located near Cox’s Bazar and one of the top Islands in Bangladesh. It’s roughly twelve kilometers from Cox’s Bazar. The island reportedly formed when the mainland and a powerful cyclonic storm broke away in 1559. The name came from the Buddhist monk Maheshwar, who lived about 200 years ago. It is also known as Maheshkhali Island. The only hilly island in Bangladesh is Maheshkhali Island. It is 362.18 square kilometers in size. Sonadia, Matarbari, and Dholghata are the three small islands that make up Maheshkhali upazila.

In this upazila, the production of pearls, dried fish, shrimp, betel leaf, and salt is well-known. The Maheshkhali Channel in the upazila separates the island from the mainland and the Bay of Bengal. It is north to south in direction. On December 15, 1983, Maheshkhali Thana was upgraded to upazila. If you ride for four or five hours from Cox’s Bazar, you may easily reach Maheskhali Island.

It’s a beautiful island in Bangladesh. Situated in this island’s Moinak hills lie the Adinath Temple. Tourists are drawn to this island by its artwork. It hosts the Adinath festival during the Bengali month of Falgun. There are many Buddhist monasteries there, along with an aquatic forest and a diversity of animal species. Adinath Mandir, Rakhain Para, and the Golden Temple are also located in Maheshkhali.

There are two ways to go to Maheshkhali. This is the easiest way for visitors to Cox’s Bazar to arrive there first. An alternative route is to take the road that goes from Maheshkhali, Badharkhali, to Chattogram.

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4. Nijhum Dwip

Nijhum Dwip
Nijhum Dwip: where pristine shores meet untamed wilderness, a symphony of nature’s untouched beauty.

A small island called Nijhum Dwip is located next to the Bay of Bengal in the Hatia upazila area of Noakhali. The four islands known as Kamlar Char, Ballar Char, Char Osman, and Char Muri are part of this island. It has a total area of about 14,050 acres, along with a number of smaller islands. Large populations of many bird species, including Sarali, Ziriya, Lenja, Pyong, Rangamuri, Chakhachkhi, Bhutihas, Swans, Kadakhocha, Batan, Gulinda, Gangchil, Kastechara, Pelikan, etc can be found.

Sea eagles, gulls, and egrets are available there. Foxes, monkeys, deer, wild pigs, and various snakes can be found on the island. On Nijhum Island, there are about forty thousand deer. The only place in the country where you can see thousands of Chitra deer is on Nijhum Island. The best spots to observe birds are the Kabirajer Char and Duma Char. Nijhum Island, one of the top Islands in Bangladesh, is home to roughly thirty-five different species of birds.

To reach Nijhum Dwip, you can use the Noakhali route. You must travel from Sonapur of Noakhali to Chairman Ghat. After that, you can take an engine boat or speed boat to reach Nijhum Dwip. It is possible to travel simultaneously from Dhaka Sadarghat to Nijhum Dwip. It’s important to keep in mind that Hatia is an additional route from Chittagong to Nijhum Island.

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5. Kutubdia Island

Kutubdia Island
Kutubdia Island or Dwip: Where the horizon meets the sea, and tranquility becomes a tangible reality amidst the whispers of waves and the whispers of history.

Kutubdia Island covers an area of around 216 square kilometers in Cox’s Bazar. It’s incredibly diverse. The island is home to the Qutub Auliya shrine, a lighthouse, a beach, a salt farm, and Bangladesh’s largest wind-generating facility. It is believed that near the close of the fourteenth century, Kutubdia Island emerged from the sea. Kutubuddin was the first person to settle on the island and was a devoted Muslim. When the Muslims came to the island after being driven from Arakan, Kutubuddin offered them shelter. As a sign of respect, the island was dubbed ‘Kutubdia’ rather than ‘Kutubuddin Dia’, in honor of Kutubuddin.

Qutb Awali Darbar, Kutubdia Channel, Kutubdia Sea Beach, a Wind Power Plant, a Lighthouse, and Salt Cultivation are just a few of the stunning spots in Kutubdia. You have to get to Chakaria in Cox’s Bazar first. Then catch the bus from Mognama Bus Stand to Kutubdia Island, one of the top Islands in Bangladesh. You can also visit Kutubdia from Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar.

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6. Manpura Island

Manpura Island
Manpura Island, a tranquil gem in the Bay of Bengal, where azure waters embrace verdant landscapes, offering solace amidst nature’s embrace.

Manpura is an island in Bangladesh’s Bhola district and one of the top Islands in Bangladesh. The Meghna River flows down all three of the island’s shores. It’s one of the country’s most famous places for natural beauty. Wonderful beauty is waiting for you there. You can watch the sunrise and the sunset from this island. The Chowdhury Project, Deer Sports, and Manpura Landing Stations are a few more desirable locales. On this island, motorcycles are the main form of transportation.

It is not advisable to visit Manpura Island during the rainy season. Considering this, wintertime is the best time to visit Manpura. The roads are frequently clear, and you may go anywhere you want to go at any time. Anyhow, riding a motorcycle is the most practical way to travel the island. But you can also use a boat, which gives you a chance to see the Dwip’s stunning natural surroundings.

The launches are the main way to get to Manpura because the island is far away. Every day, two launches for Manpura leave from Dhaka Sadarghat. It’s a fantastic place to stay the night or have a range of delicious regional cuisine.

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7. Sonadia Island

Sonadia Island
Serene shores and untamed beauty converge on Sonadia Island, a tranquil haven tucked away in the embrace of the Bay of Bengal.

Sonadia Island is an island of 9 square kilometers. Its location is in Maheshkhali Upazila of Cox’s Bazar district. A waterway separates Sonadia Island from Maheshkhali. Small streams, a wide variety of animals, seashores, and an extensive rainforest with biodiversity from all three sides of the island can be found. Thousands of visitors visit the Sonadia Islands each year. They enjoy the amazing diversity of life.

The island is completely covered in salt water. This means that no vegetables or crops can be grown here. Everyone goes to Maheshkhali to buy their daily essentials.

At first, you have to journey to Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka. Next, you can go to Maheshkhali from Cox’s Bazar’s six No. Ghat. The Sonadia Channel has to be traversed by boat from this point forward. On the other hand, you can also take the Chakaria route from Chittagong to Maheshkhali.

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8. Sandwip

Sandwip Island
Embraced by the azure waters of the Bay of Bengal, Sandwip Island, also known as Sandwip Dwip, captivates with its timeless charm, where history whispers through every rustle of palm fronds and every ripple on its shores.

Sandwip Island is located in the Chittagong district. It is close to the Meghna River’s mouth. It’s an upazila on the southeast coast of the Bay of Bengal. Four million people live on the island. Its size is 50 kilometers long. With the skyline, the verdant field, and the simple folks, it’s an all-around lovely sight. There are plenty of traditional sites to explore on the island. Traveling on this beachside island will provide a once-in-a-lifetime experiences. In addition, the finest place to camp in winter is along the river (Rahmatpur) on the west side of Sandwip.

The skyline of the island will impress you. The green coconut from Sandwip tastes distinct. Here, it’s highly popular and wholesome. Someone called the island the ‘gold island’ because of its fertile soil. Because of its large amount of sand, this island was also known as Sand Island or Sand Dwip. It has grown to know Sandwip over time.

If you want to go to Sandwip, you have to go to Kumira via the Chittagong highway. Rickshaws or auto-rickshaws are available to move to Kumira-Sandwip Ghat. From the Ghat, you may get a speedboat and engine-run boat to go Sandwip.

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9. Hatiya Island

Hatiya Island
Tranquil shores meet vibrant culture on Hatiya Island, where the whispers of the mangroves echo the tales of its rich history and breathtaking landscapes.

The island of Hatiya is off the coast of Bangladesh and is completely deserted. It is located at the Meghna River’s mouth, to the north of the Bay of Bengal. With 19 Char, this upazila was founded in the Noakhali district. This island spans 21,00 square kilometers and is home to 6 lakh people.

Beautiful places can be found in Hatiya Dwip, including Shipboard, Vashan Char, Tankir Ghat, Domar Char, Nijhum Dwip, Rahmat Bazar Ghat, Sunflower Sea Beach, Island Development Agency Park, and Ramcharon Dargah Sharif.

Hatiya Island, one of the top Islands in Bangladesh, is part of the Chittagong division. From Noakhali, you can reach Chairman Ghat by bus or CNG. After that, you can go to this island by large boat or launch.

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10. Bhola Island

Bhola Island
Bhola Island: A serene oasis nestled amidst the tranquil waters of the Bay of Bengal, offering breathtaking vistas and a rich tapestry of local culture and biodiversity.

Bhola Island is the biggest island in Bangladesh and one of the best Bangladesh Islands to visit. It is 1221 square kilometers. It is also known as South Shahbazpur. It is distributed over much of the Bhola district in the Barisal Division. Bhola is known as the ‘queen of islands’ in Bangladesh. For this reason, it is sometimes called the Queen Island of Bangladesh. Bhola Island is located near the mouth of the Meghna River. From Dhaka, launch services and ferries are offered to Bhola via Barisal. This 130 km (81 mi) island is home to 1.7 million inhabitants. It hardly reaches six feet above sea level at its highest point.

Bangladeshis are aware of the yogurt/buffalo curd that is unique to Bhola Island. There are many fascinating places to see in Bhola. There is no other way to reach Bhola Island except by launches from the Sadarghat.

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11. Char Kukri Mukri

Char Kukri Mukri
Traditional boats float along the serene waters of Char Kukri Mukri, a picturesque riverside destination renowned for its tranquil ambiance and scenic beauty.

Char Kukri Mukri is 120 kilometers away from Bhola. The country’s one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries is Char Kukri Mukri. At the Char, dogs and rats were once found. There are currently 8565 hectares of forest land in the Cookery Mukuri Char. Of these, 2,17 hectares are used as a refuge for wild animals, while 4,810 hectares are utilized for agricultural production and residence. The main sources of income for the people living in Char Kukri Mukri are farming and fishing.

Many animals can be found in the char Kukri Mukri’s sanctuary, such as the cow-cock, forest cat, fox, octave, deer, and Chitra deer. You may view the dawn and dusk from this location as well. This location has an aura reminiscent of Kuakata Sea Beach or Cox’s Bazar.

Char Kukri Mukri, one of the islands of Bangladesh, is open to tourists during the winter. By the river is the best way to go to Char Kukri Mukri. You can get a Bhola launch at Dhaka Sadarghat. Landing at the Ghosher Hat Launch Terminal is necessary. After that, you have to take a locally made transport Laguna to get to Char Koccopia Ghat. After there, you can take a boat or trawler to reach Char Kukri Mukri.

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12. Dublar Char

Dublar Char
Dried fish laid out in the sun on the picturesque shores of Dublar Char, showcasing the traditional method of preserving seafood in Bangladesh.

Dublar Char is located near the Sundarban forest, the largest mangrove forest globally, on the southern shore of the Bay of Bengal. It is southeast of Hiron Point and southwest of Katka Sea Beach. Dublar Char is famous for deer, Rashmela, and Hindu religious sites. The total area of this char is 81 square miles. The components for making Dublar Char are Meher Ali Char, Shelar Char, Majherkella, Officekilla, Narkalbaria, Choto Ambaria, Kokilmoni, Haldikhali, Koborkhali, and Alorkol.

The main profession of the inhabitants of Dublar Char is fishing. Many fishermen from Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong, Bagerhat, Pirojpur, Khulna, and Satkhira come here during the monsoon season to catch Hilsa fish.

The Hindu community celebrates Rashmela in November. The Mela has been held for two centuries. You can get up close and personal with the deer.

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13. Bhasan Char

Bhasan Char
Bhasan Char: An aerial view of the island located in the Bay of Bengal, serving as a new home for Rohingya refugees.

Char Bhasani is another name for Bhasan Char. It’s an island in Noakhali’s Hatiya upazila. It was referred to as Thengar Char until 2019. The Bangladeshi government intended to build 1,440 structures in total, 120 of which would be used as storm shelters, to move 100,000 Rohingya refugees from the camps located on the mainland of Cox’s Bazar.

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14. Shapuree Island

Shapuree Island
Shahpuree Island, located near Teknaf, stands as one of Bangladesh’s premier island destinations, boasting breathtaking natural beauty and serene surroundings.

Shahpuree Island is one of the nearest islands to Teknaf and one of the best islands in Bangladesh. It is also known by the names Shapura, Shah Parir, Shahpori, and Shinmabyu Island.

To see Shapuree Island, you have to go to Teknaf from Cox’s Bazar. From Teknaf, it is approximately 13.70 kilometers away. Auto-rickshaws that go to Shapuree Island in the winter leave from Shapuree Ghat. In the summer, you have to travel by engine boat.

There are three seaside beaches on Shapuree Island. From here, one can see the Mungdü province of Myanmar. Hopefully, you’ll be able to see St. Martins Island very closely.

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