35 Best Places to Travel in March 2024

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Best places to travel in March

March marks the change of the seasons in the northern and southern hemispheres. This change brings great opportunities for travelers to tour worldwide. This time, you can witness cherry blossoms to relish the first taste of springtime. You can see wonderful nature and enjoy skiing at snow-sure resorts from the Indian Ocean to the Caribbean. In March, Much of Europe is starting to defrost again.

The following are some of the best places to travel in March in the world.

35 Best places to travel in March international

1. Rome, Italy

Rome travel destination

Rome is the ultimate European city to visit for those individuals who enjoy exquisite eating, history, and all things Italian.

You should skip the peak summer months if you haven’t yet seen the historic city’s key attractions.

The Roman Forum, the Trevi Fountain, and part of the Colosseum have little to no shelter. So, springtime is the best when the breeze is gentle. You can plan your days to see everything as there’s so much to see.  It will make it easier to accept that you won’t be returning for a long time.

You can see churches, and take walks in lush parks in the spring and summer. You can also use your smartwatch to find the best places for pizza in Rome. So, Rome will be one of your best places to travel in March.

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2. The Maldives

Maldives travel

The Maldives serves travel clichés like island hopping, night diving, and the blue Indian Ocean lapping against snow-white beaches.

The island nation remains breathtaking all year round. But March is the ideal month to witness manta rays and sharks or simply relish the comfortable 30ºC days in a private beach home.

The Maldives is a great place for kids too and one of the best places to travel in March.

Soneva Fushi may be one of the favorite spots and best places to travel in March because it has The Den, a tech-free zone with tunnels, treasure maps, and a pirate ship perfect for wannabe Peter Pans and Wendys.

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3. Oman

Musandam Peninsula Oman
Musandam Peninsula, Oman

Oman is very different from the UAE. It’s one of neighbours on the Arabian Peninsula. Oman’s highlights include the Musandam Peninsula’s immaculate, dolphin-filled fjords, Wadi Shab’s emerald waterfalls, and Salalah’s misty greenery.

Even Muscat, Oman’s port city, retains a polished style, with the great sandstone Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque set against a rough, brown mountain backdrop.

You can see the incredibly exclusive Six Senses Zighy Bay, where guests can paraglide into the establishment, or the hamlet of Anantara. It is set atop a gorge in the remote Hajar Mountains. Both have houses in the Omani style.

The country is the best place to travel in March as this month is the ideal month to avoid the extremes of summer heat and winter rush.

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4. Nepal

Nepal tourist spots
Nepal tourist spot

The best time of year to taste Nepal’s Himalayan beauties is in the spring. The days are warm but not stuffy. The high mountains are exploding with flowers and the clear. Dry weather offers plenty of sights.

Trekkers will find it ideal, but experiencing high adventure doesn’t need climbing Everest. The Annapurna range offers wonderful trips around high, glacial lakes and via cities in the lowlands.

During the Holi festival in March, the town of Kathmandu is painted red, blue, yellow, purple, and green.

Consider going off the beaten path for a unique, peaceful, and sustainable trekking experience. After all, you will see ridiculous pictures of the queues to climb Everest as the place is one of the best places to travel in March.

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5. Philippines

Places to visit Philippines
Places to visit Philippines

This green archipelago is the perfect spot to unwind after a hard winter. A thatch-roofed villa at a private island resort is common. The Philippines’ twisting rice terraces, quaint communities, coral reefs, and uninhabited islands are the finest places to begin your exploration.

March provides more comfortable weather to Manila’s crowded beaches and hectic city. Those who are eager to get their body wet, should move to the Palawan islands—the actual setting for Alex Garland’s The Beach.

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6. Lisbon, Portugal

Famous places in Portugal
Places to visit Portugal

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is rightly titled The City of Seven Hills. In this city, you will likely return from your trip with the usual selection of holiday meals and keepsakes.

Because of the modest warming of the weather in March, visiting the main sights during the summer months is a sweaty affair. The best places to travel in March also offer some of the most pleasurable city holidays in Europe.

You can see the beautiful interiors of the Palácio Nacional da Ajuda. You can also stroll through Lisbon’s Botanical Garden and can light a candle at the Cathedral of Saint Mary Major. Then you can stop for lunch by the side of the road.

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7. Jordan

Dead sea Jordan
Dead Sea in Jordan

Jordan is perhaps the most fascinating country in the Middle East. But it also offers a lot of unfair benefits. The colossal Greco-Roman ruins of Jerash, the unusually salty Dead Sea, and the ancient, stone-carved city of Petra—a new wonder of the world—are just a few of the attractions.

Take a camel caravan to Wadi Rum, the well-known desert region from Lawrence of Arabia that has sandstone rocks and subterranean tunnels. Wadi Rum is a remarkable rust-red color.

A fantastic month is to go on vacation in Jordan, which is the best place to travel in March. The daytime temperatures are comfortable while the nights in the desert are warm enough for stargazing.

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8. Ireland

Famous places in Ireland
Famous places in Ireland

Ireland is one of those rare places that is popular for its reputation. It’s incredibly lush, windy, raucous, and rainy most of the time.

The best places to travel in March, the month is dedicated to honoring St. Patrick, the ‘Apostle of Ireland’.

Scenes from a movie might be found in the wild beaches of Donegal and the imposing Cliffs of Moher. Kerry’s Skellig Michael, a huge sea crag, was selected for a significant role in Star Wars.

The once-run-down docklands of Dublin, Georgia’s cobblestone capital, have recently become a tech hub. The corporate offices of Facebook, Google, and Airbnb are located here.

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9. Southeast Sicily, Italy

Southeast Sicily, Italy
Southeast Sicily, Italy

As one of the best places to travel in March, you will find the warmest temperatures in southeast Sicily, Italy this month. This magnificent island is home to Syracuse, the hottest spot in Europe. Catania is the sunniest city in Europe. Both of which date back thousands of years.

March has eight hours of sunshine per day and little chance of a heat wave. During the balmy Mediterranean springtime weather, Greek and Roman ruins, as well as the region’s baroque cities – Modica, Ragusa, and Noto – are best explored.

A diverse range of African springtime migrating birds call the dunes and lagoons of Vendicari Nature Reserve home. Offering some of the best and quietest beaches in all of Italy on warmer days.

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10. Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas, USA
Las Vegas, USA

Sin City is too simple. It’s a fascinating piece of anthropological research. Everyone passes a dancing fountain and a volcano spitting lava.

Housed in the old courtroom, the Mob Museum offers a comprehensive overview of the mob’s history in the area. The Neon Museum features antique signs.

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11. Delhi, India

Taj Mahal, India
Taj Mahal, India

India is without a doubt the nation whose springtime festivities are most colorful. In March, the capital of the country erupts into a rainbow powder frenzy. Holi festivities take over the city, complete with street food, DJs, and actions that rip clothing.

You can explore the city’s contrasts: Old Delhi’s grand temples and dusty bazaars, followed by New Delhi’s colonial opulence and G&Ts.

Hauz Khas Village, also known as ‘HKV’ by trendy young Delhiites, is a pedestrian-friendly area. It offers a taste of contemporary India with its galleries, designer shops, and bohemian cafés.

12. South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa

You can head to the tip of this large continent for an exciting safari experience. Some nineteen national parks are located in South Africa. The end of the rainy season offers lower rates and fewer tour groups.

Alternatively, little Karoo is the closest safari if you don’t want to go too far from Cape Town. You can refresh yourself in one of Cape Town’s most stylish hotels. March is a great time to visit the capital of the South because it’s sunny and largely empty.

13. Malaga, Spain

Malaga in Spain
Malaga in Spain

Malaga is sunny and warm enough in March for T-shirts and beach sports. This little city on the Sunshine Coast of Spain has made a bit of a resurgence of late. Malaga is now well worth a visit on its own rather than just as a base for trips to other beach towns like Marbella.

The city has liveliness, youthful settings, and food. Buzzy, moderately priced restaurants run by up-and-coming talent are always packed with locals.

The Teatro del Soho has been revitalized by Antonio Banderas. The Lego-like Centre Pompidou is located in the recently refurbished port.

Picasso, the most famous son of Malaga, has a museum of his own, and interesting galleries. Artisan shops may be found in the city’s squares and side streets.

And of course, there are the beaches, which surround the town on all sides.

14. Cayman Islands, Caribbean

Cayman Islands, Caribbean
Cayman Islands, Caribbean

This archipelago is now superior to other Caribbean islands. Palm Heights is the first upmarket all-suite boutique hotel in the Cayman Islands.

New York-based chefs oversee spacious spas and fine dining establishments. A diverse array of islanders and guests abound. One of the nicest sites in the Caribbean sits on sugar-sand Seven Mile Beach.

March is the best month to travel to the Cayman Islands. The reasons include the weather, water activities availability, cheaper pricing, and fewer tourists during the school vacation.

15. Essaouira, Morocco

Essaouira, Morocco
Essaouira, Morocco

Driving from Marrakech, it will take many hours to reach the quaint. It is the blue-hued seaside resort of Essaouira. Its wide sandy beaches and Atlantic breakers attract surfers, while its free-spirited vibe draws hippies.

Its plethora of cool galleries, shops, chic tiny restaurants, and housing options have also made it an attractive destination and one of the best places to travel in March in the world.

16. Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento, Italy
Sorrento, Italy

Nothing makes you grin more than the stunning Amalfi coast in Italy. Its dizzying curves are bathed in an average of eight hours of sun per day, particularly in March.

Dragging their way down to opulent mansions and hotels around the Tyrrhenian Sea. Vast streets made of cobblestones are packed with limoncello kiosks.

You might even swear that you saw a really attractive young Sophia Loren on the dock. Take a cue from the Italians and have a long aperitivo on these carefree, romantic days.

You can enjoy fresh fritto misto at the town’s historic fishing harbor, Marina Grande. You can also dine at the Michelin-starred Il Buco, which is housed in the basements of an old monastery.

17. Chamonix, France

Chamonix, France
Chamonix, France

The charming ski resort town of Chamonix is perched on a slope under Mont Blanc. The windows of its charming chalets gleam in the firelight.

The weather is pleasant enough to eat outside. And the die-hard skiers have moved on to more moderate slopes.

You may still enjoy the leftover winter snow for a post-piste celebration.

Accommodation is more easily accessible, whether you’re searching for a chic new ski hotel or a cozy Airbnb for two.

18. Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain
Madrid, Spain

In March, Barcelona’s elder sister sheds her winter coat. The city feels sudden, delightful warmth when the clocks go forward. Since the large parks of Madrid bloom, locals take to the streets to sip caipirinhas and dance till morning. You may comfortably visit its world-class galleries, belle-époque houses, and designer boutiques. Traditional tapas are delicious at this time.

19. Canary Islands, Spain

Canary Islands, Spain
Canary Islands, Spain

Early spring is bliss for Spain’s little golden islands off the coast of North Africa. The peak-season crowds have vanished from sight as the days are getting longer and sunnier.

You’ll be delighted with Lanzarote’s breathtaking beaches, cool surf culture, and amazing accommodation alternatives. The surreal lunar landscapes of Tenerife and the enigmatic Canaries may mesmerize you.

You may take a whistle-stop tour that takes you by the cascading ravines of La Gomera, the whitewashed Renaissance palaces of Santa Cruz de la Palma. The sleeping volcanic craters of Fuencaliente are misted over by the early morning sun.

20. Bermuda


It was not until castaways came to this undiscovered island in the 17th century. The incredible beauty of this island will charm you a lot.

Ever since, Bermuda has mostly not changed, with its flawless rose-pink sands and fiercely loyal citizens.

To enjoy seven hours of sunshine a day and warm waves, you may go in early March to avoid the late spring price hike. Enjoying a pink sunset from Hamilton’s waterfront will make you feel as though you’ve stumbled onto paradise.

21. Sri Lanka

Teardrop Island, Sri Lanka
Teardrop Island, Sri Lanka

The Island known as ‘the teardrop’ is once again a popular vacation spot. It is the perfect place for those who are itching for bright weather and tropical landscapes. The teardrop island has become more powerful than it has in the past few years.

You can unwind by the shore or go on adventures in national parks, such as Yala National Park. Here you might see historical ruins, crocodiles, elephants, and leopards.

You may decide to learn how to surf, practice yoga, or eat your way through the greatest of the country’s cuisine.

22. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

You can join for a beach party on Puerto Rico’s coastline to celebrate the start of the month. Situated just two hours from Miami, this Caribbean island has long been the USA’s weekend playground.

Puerto Rico offers a distinct Latin flavor with home comforts. Its largest virgin tropical rainforest and largest retail mall in the Caribbean will attract you much.

The best time to explore the island’s two sides is in March. You can spend the night on the sand in Vieques as the beaches get less crowded.

There’s always whale viewing in Rincón, salsa dancing in Mayagüez, or walking through the cobblestone alleyways of old San Juan.

23. Mexico’s West Coast

Mexico's West Coast
Mexico’s West Coast

Stars from Hollywood flock to Cabo to relax in the pool. The Mexican Pacific coast translates Californian chill into a warmer climate with bigger waves.

As the best place to travel in March, Baja California is a suitable place for you.  Perfect weather, nearly no rain, and rising temperatures are the best components for whale watching.

Travelers are lured to Sayulita’s wild beaches and colorful neon shopfronts. Even farther south in Oaxaca is the beach town of Puerto Escondido. It’s a perfect destination to party all night, go surfing, and visit contemporary art installations.

24. Japan

Why You Should Travel to Japan

To pay a visit to Japan, March is an excellent month. In Japan, cherry blossom season is more likely to happen in late March or early April. So, you should not miss it.

Furthermore, skiing is possible throughout the month at many locations throughout Japan.

Niseko may be included in your list of the greatest locations to ski in March. It’s the smartest area on Japan’s northernmost island, where the fluffy powder is the stuff of legends.

25. Fez, Morocco

Fez, Morocco
Fez, Morocco

When it comes to true attraction, Fez, the imperial Moroccan city, is better than Marrakech. Its eighth-century medina is a frantic race through time to musty tanneries and elderly merchants. In recent times, a remarkable restoration project has breathed new life into crumbling buildings.

Fez is still gaining ground on sophistication and the best destinations to travel in March.

26. Vietnam

Places to visit Vietnam
Places to visit Vietnam

In Vietnam, March is the driest month of the year when the usually thick humidity lifts and the sun comes out.

It’s the ideal time of year to unwind on the southern beaches as well as for hiking in the untamed northern mountains.

You can enjoy a wobbly bike ride across the bridges of Hoi An, located in the breathtaking center area. You may visit the historic pagodas of Hanoi, and marvel at the French colonial grandeur of Ho Chi Minh City while sailing on the tranquil Mekong.

You can just go up the coast in the Khoai Chau area. March is the scene of the Chu Dong Tu festival. It’s an incredibly sensual experience that you won’t quickly forget.

27. Australia

Kryal Castle Near Ballarat In Australia
Kryal Castle Near Ballarat In Australia

Sydney has a slow summer transition throughout the month. The sea is still at its warmest. So, there are still plenty of days remaining to splash around on the city’s well-known beaches.

On even-numbered years, the three-month-long Biennale of Sydney Arts Festival opens in mid-March. Because of the milder sun, the best place to travel in March 2024, the month is the ideal time to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

28. Valencia, Spain

Valencia, Spain
Valencia, Spain

Spain’s third-largest city greets spring with a characteristically flamboyant Spanish flair. In March, Valencia plays host to the week-long Las Fallas festival.

Parades, concerts, breathtaking pyrotechnics, and a stunning light festival are seen in the hip Ruzafa neighborhood. In a word, the city is in full swing in the lead-up.

This quaint, global port city offers a plethora of midday spectacles. The City of Arts and Sciences has an incredible futuristic design with structures. Those mimic water lilies, whale skeletons, gigantic eyes, and more. It also has nearly three kilometers of beaches and a vibrant old town.

Several other worthy places for you to visit in March:

29. Windward Islands, Caribbean

30. Windward Islands, Caribbean

31. Mendoza, Argentina

32. Washington DC, US

33. Auckland, New Zealand

34. Galapagos, Ecuador

35. Svalbard, Norway


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