Why You Should Quit Smoking Forthwith?

By TOI Editor   September 7, 2022   Update on : September 8, 2022

Why You Should Quit Smoking Forthwith

Tobacco smoking is injurious as it contains many harmful chemicals. Moreover, the smoke a person inhales jeopardizes the function of easy breathing. The bad smell of smoking a cigarette keeps your near and dear ones away from you. It brings nothing but inviting death to a person. Smokers and passive smokers are equally in danger in a family or at a rendezvous. Smoking reduces your life expectancy and quality of life. Millions of people die from smoking every year. There are hundreds of reasons to quit smoking but there is not any single reason not to leave the bad habit. Let’s see the main reasons

Why a person should quit smoking without any delay.

Health issue:

Smoking causes serious health diseases including cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung-related complexity, type-2 diabetes, tuberculosis, arthritis, and so on. A smoker has less immunity power than a non-smoker as one’s body parts start disrupting the normal process of body straightway he/she takes a puff. Smoking helps damage one’s heart, liver, lungs, and kidneys mainly. Smoking hampers almost all organs of the human body. Know also about the health benefits of regular exercise.

Premature death:

A study shows that cigarette smoking and exposure to tobacco smoke cause about 480,000 premature deaths each year in the United States. Mortality rates are three times higher among the people who used to smoke than the people who never smoked. A smoker mother increases the risk of her infant’s death. Here are the top 11 health benefits of Cinnamon.

Wastage of money:

Smoking is one of the main ways of wasting money. The amount you spend for buying cigars or any other tobacco products for smoking goes in vain as it causes severe harm to your body. You could have saved the money for other purposes for you and your family. Smokers very often go through financial hardship as they spend a lot of money on their smoking purpose which is nothing but an unnecessary expenditure. Money could be spent for good causes such as buying food, medicines, leisure trip, and so on.

Moral values:

Smokers need to be isolated from others as smoking is prohibited in most places in a community or society. The nonsmokers remain extremely disturbed by the bad odor of smoking. Moreover, it is harmful to others which is against moral values. Smoking gets hardly any societal approval.

Get rid of addiction:

Smoking cigarettes has a serious addiction. Smokers become addicted to this bad habit as a cigarette contains many chemicals including tar, carbon, and nicotine. Nicotine has severe addiction which gets absorbed into the smokers’ blood and brain. One should quit smoking to get rid of this addiction. People should be aware of smoking as it is very addictive.


Smoking causes sleeping disorders especially it happens to night-time smokers. Nicotine keeps one awake as it is problematic to get sleep with the addiction of smoking another cigarette. Smoking boosts the heart rate and alertness of a person as nicotine works as a stimulant resulting in sleeping disorders or insomnia. You can enjoy a sound sleep once you quit smoking.

Reduces fertility:

Smoking reduces fertility among men. It helps damage the DNA. Smoking also impacts women as it decreases the ability to give birth to a baby. Nonsmokers have less risk of such problems including the ability to have children. Fertility improves immediately after quitting smoking.

Affects your look:

Smoking causes yellow-brown stains on one’s fingers, tongue and teeth. Smokers’ skins get saggy and they get wrinkles at an early age. Hair loses its natural shine when a person smokes a lot. You look more aged than you are if you are smoking for quite a long time. Know also about the benefit of honeymoon tea.

Losing energy:

Smokers get less energy than nonsmokers. They become very fatigue. Smokers get less stamina while doing any physical activities. They get tired very soon. However, the scenario changes when a smoker quits smoking and starts leading a healthy life by doing physical exercise and having fresh fruits and vegetables. Know also 7 easy tips to lose body weight.

Hearing and vision loss:

Smoking is one of the major causes of hearing and vision loss. Your eyes get damaged slowly due to smoking.  It causes low blood flow to the inner ear which can lead to hearing loss.

Dental problem:

Dental problem is a common problem among smokers. The risk of gum disease is higher among smokers than nonsmokers. Smoking causes tooth loss and bad breath. Dental problems and mouth ulcers are very common diseases among smokers.

You must reduce your risks and get the health benefits of quitting smoking. You will see the benefits very quickly.


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