Cindy Morgan, Known for Caddyshack and Tron, dies at 69

Time Of Info By TOI Desk Report   January 7, 2024   Update on : January 7, 2024

Cindy Morgan
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Cindy Morgan, an actress for her roles in the 80s films Caddyshack and Tron, has died in Florida at 69, reports Hollywood reporter.

She died of natural causes at her home in Lake Worth Beach, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office confirmed media on Saturday. However, officials were not able to specify when Morgan died.

Morgan’s body was discovered at her Florida home on December 30 after her female roommate called police, said the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office.

After the roommate had just returned home after being away for the holidays, she knocked on Morgan’s bedroom door and received no response.

As she smelled a “foul odor” coming from the bedroom, she called the police to investigate, the sheriff’s office’s public information office told PEOPLE.

The actress is believed to have died of natural causes sometime before police discovered her body, said the sheriff’s office, adding that she was last seen alive on December 19.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, on September 29, 1954, Morgan was the first in her family to attend college. She attended Northern Illinois University to study communications. The actress eventually moved to Los Angeles in 1978 after working in local news and radio for some time.

Morgan also worked as a weather forecaster and DJ before pursuing her acting career.

The actress’s best films and television projects include The Love Boat, CHiPs, Bring ‘Em Back Alive, She’s the Sheriff, The Fall Guy, Matlock, The Highwayman, Hunter, The Larry Sanders Show, Galaxis, Dead Weekend and Out There.

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