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Which are the best golf gloves you can wear in 2023?

Having the best golf gloves may not ever have been something you have concerned yourself with. However, it may benefit your game by wearing the best golf gloves in 2023.

There is a wide range of golf gloves available to suit different conditions. Whether you want a glove for the warm weather or to wear in the rain this list has an option for every golfer and their needs.

Best men’s golf gloves 2023

FootJoy StaSof Golf Glove

RRP £22.99/$23.99

Worn by a whole host of Tour players, the FootJoy StaSof golf glove is a high-quality option that comes with Tour approval. The glove is made from Pittards leather which is a soft and durable performance leather. The StaSof golf glove is extremely comfortable with a secure fit.

This glove is also available in a full range of ladies’ sizes.

Cuater ‘Betwen The Lines’ Golf Glove

RRP £29.99/$34.95

Cuater’s ‘Between The Lines’ golf glove may not be the cheapest golf glove, but it doesn’t make it bad value for money. Made from premium cabretta leather, this glove is expertly crafted. You can purchase this glove in a range of two-tone colorways that can be paired with your favorite outfits. The ‘Between The Lines’ golf glove is incredibly durable, comfortable, and stylish – what not to like?

TaylorMade Tour Preferred Golf Glove

RRP £17.99/$24.99

If comfort is what you prioritize most from a golf glove, there may not be any glove more comfortable than the TaylorMade Tour Preferred golf glove. TaylorMade’s patented AAA cabretta TM Soft Tech leather is very high-quality and helps to cement this as one of the best gloves used by Tour players. The design is very sleek and simplistic which appeals to the vast majority of golfers.

Ladies can also enjoy this golf glove, being available in a full range of sizes.

Callaway Tour Authentic Golf Glove

RRP £19.99/$23.99

Callaway’s Tour Authentic golf glove is an extremely soft and comfortable option for those wanting a durable leather glove. This glove behaves very well in warm and dry conditions, the Terry Cuff helps to wick away any unwanted moisture and ensures a tight and secure fit. As Callaway’s elite-level offering there is very little to dislike about this glove.

Available also for ladies to enjoy.

Nike Dura Feel X Golf Glove

RRP £15/$12

Nike have stuck to their classic design with this golf glove. Being a synthetic golf glove, the grip is very impressive in a range of weather conditions. The Dura Feel X golf glove is very comfortable and flexible – although maybe a little too much around the wrist. It is very durable and breathable thanks to the finger and thumb perforations helping with airflow.

This glove can be enjoyed by ladies as well as men.

Best ladies’ golf gloves 2023

Titleist Perma-Soft Golf Glove

RRP £18/$19.99

Titleist is one of golf’s heavyweights and their Perma-Soft golf glove is a great example of why the brand is so well regarded. This glove is incredibly soft and comfortable thanks to the high-quality leather used to produce such a fine glove. The design is sleek and timeless – it will be worn out before it’s out of fashion. This glove demonstrates exemplary breathability in the warmest of conditions, perfect for summer golf.

Srixon Cabretta Leather golf glove

RRP £12.99/$16

For a cabretta leather golf glove, Srixon have produced a very reasonably priced glove. Their Cabretta Leather golf glove is uber comfortable and incredibly durable. Being a perfect blend of leather and synthetic this glove feels great, looks great and performs great in a wide range of conditions.

The Srixon Cabretta Leather golf glove is also available in a full range of men’s sizes.

How to choose the best golf glove for 2023

There is an extensive amount of golf gloves to choose from. It can often be overwhelming when looking through all the options. Any way of narrowing down the options is often a good idea. Some ways to limit your options have been addressed below.


By outlining a budget you will remove certain options instantly. Buying a cheaper golf glove doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice performance or feel, there are brilliant gloves at all price points.


Ensuring your glove fits correctly is paramount. Having a glove that’s not the right size is almost futile. A golf glove must fit like a second skin otherwise it will wear quicker, and it won’t be adding as much grip as a perfect fitting glove.

Leather or synthetic

More often than not this comes down to preference. However, there are some factors which may influence your decision. You want to consider the climate you play in, and how often you play golf. Thinking about those two factors alone should help you decide.

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