Explosion at Sandman Hotel in Fort Worth leaves 21 injured

Time Of Info By TOI Desk Report   January 9, 2024   Update on : January 9, 2024

Sandman Hotel Fort Worth
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At least 21 people were injured in an explosion caused by a gas leak possibly at the historic Sandman Hotel in Fort Worth on Monday.

Of the injured one was in critical condition while four were in serious condition and others had minor injuries, authorities said, reported CNN and Reuters.

Meanwhile, the MedStar provides emergency medical services and operates ambulances in the area.

The explosion, which occurred around 3:30pm (local time), blew out windows and littered downtown streets with large sections of debris from the building, the city’s fire department said.

The incident also forced nearby employees to evacuate, and firefighters found several people trapped in the basement, said Craig Trojacek, a spokesman for the Fort Worth Fire Department.

However, no one was killed in the explosion, and authorities were investigating the cause.

Trojacek said when the explosion took place, more than two dozen rooms were occupied at the Sandman Signature Hotel.

Authorities believe that a gas leak caused the explosion, but are still working to verify the cause and said the hotel had been undergoing construction.

According to officials, they have yet to learn how many of the injured were guests at the hotel or pedestrians. “We have transported 14 people to area hospitals,” the officials added.

The hotel opened last May following an extensive reconversion of the Waggoner Building, which was originally built in 1920.

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