The Importance of NFL Players Keeping Clean Social Media Profiles

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   August 25, 2023   Update on : September 13, 2023

NFL Players

In today’s day and age, the things we do on the internet do a lot more than just sit there for people to judge. They do exactly that, but in addition, we’re seeing folks losing jobs, people being investigated, and some even given legal disciplinary action as a result of some of the things that have gone up there. The way society as a whole looks at social media is that it is an extension of who we are as real-life individuals.

The NFL is no different, and with the season right around the corner and people talking about the NFL Lines Week 1, this is front of mind. No specific players in the league this offseason have had any questionable posts to the point of investigations needing to happen. But it’s happened in the past and is currently taking place in other sports. It’s vital for them to stay vigilant.

The Athletes Are Role Models Too

The NFL season is very close to officially being back, as the third week of the preseason is drawing near. With that in mind, make sure to click this link to learn more about takeaways from all 32 teams this past offseason. There was a lot of quarterback movement, and it is pretty easy to forget some of the things which have occurred, given how much time has elapsed. Between Derek Carr to the Saints and Jimmy Garoppolo to the Raiders, there was no shortage.

The most vital thing when it comes to athletes in 2023 is not necessarily how good they are at their sport. Of course, that is what will make them the big bucks. It is what is going to spring them into acting in more commercials and becoming even more recognizable as individuals. The important part is the way they handle themselves when they are at home. When they are on their phone or computer logged into their profiles, millions see them daily.

All it takes is for one of them to do something not so smart, and they will have young kids trying to copy exactly what it is they are up to. If they are acting immaturely or saying things inappropriately to those commenting on them, it will be the players themselves that end up in trouble. They need to keep up their image, and nowadays, it’s all about how you control yourself when on X or Instagram, or any of the other new platforms which have taken off recently.

The kids reading the things put out there look up to these individuals. They spent hundreds of dollars to watch them perform in person and on gear with their name(s) on the back of them. They want to be more like them and dream of the opportunity to get the chance to chat face-to-face. While the production on the field will define the players to journalists and pundits alike, it is the manner in which they live by that will say who they are to the younger fans.

The Things Athletes Should Avoid

Before getting into things that these NFL players should avoid, take a peek at some NFL futures. That’s not something to skip out on, but to get ahead on while the going is hot. The best thing athletes can possibly do for themselves is to maintain a clean image and simply be known for their charisma and ability to perform to the best of their ability on the playing field every Sunday.

Controversy for the sake of controversy is never a good thing, and with these guys, there are plenty of chances for good PR. They don’t need to log onto social media and incite beef with other players. They don’t need to start getting dirty on the field for no particular reason, trying to injure someone else. To intentionally go helmet-to-helmet. Once a player is given a reputation for committing certain types of acts, that’s it.

And in the realm of social media, there is no reason to attack other players for any particular reason. The beauty of DM’s is that things can be handled privately. They can talk on the phone. Heck, they can get together in person. There are many who take things too far, and while the public gets their popcorn ready to view everything happening, it’s not going to help the marketability of the athlete.

An example from the NBA is that Joel Embiid used to constantly troll players on Twitter and it was happening as the team was consistently failing to meet the high expectations they had. It was being discussed as much as his play on the actual court, so he eventually tamped it down. The team has still struggled to come close to an NBA Finals, but we’re not talking about Embiid as a troll anymore, but a league MVP and a true, has-what-it-takes superstar.

Keep Things Clean

Keeping things clean matters. Players should take notes on how Eli Manning has been since coming on. Since Tom Brady joined social media. Heck, there are some guys who’s posts we just don’t get around to seeing much of. And that is the best because it means they are having fun and using it how they will, but not drawing unnecessary attention to themselves. This scene from the movie Chef accurately describes the types of things to avoid. Of course this was fiction and featured some incredible acting from an All-Star cast. But it still matters to be relatable and not somebody people can find reasons to dislike as a result of the posts.

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