CouchTuner & Its Alternatives: Watch Movies & TV Shows Online in HD

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Nowadays everyone prefers to watch trending movies and web series online in their free time. Until now, watching movies was limited to movie theaters. However, many websites now offer top-quality movies and TV shows, making them a great source of entertainment for content consumers. In this regard, CouchTuner is the place to visit for movie lovers. This site helps you choose from an immense collection of videos. It is also a reliable source because it has been working for over a decade. Streaming seasons and movies is very easy and you can also download unlimited movies here.

What is CouchTuner?

CouchTuner is the site where you can watch a huge number of Movies, TV Shows, Reality Shows, Animated Shows/ Movies, and News. This site has over 1,200,000 visitors. It has been working since the early 2000s. The Design of the website is uncomplicated and straightforward. One can easily find their favorite Movie or episode of their favorite Show here on the Couch Tuner web. Once you start watching the content here, there is no turning back. Most of the visitors are regular fans of this website.

So, if you are getting bored or exhausted finding a good Movie Site, you have come to the right place. The user experience on the site is very immersive. The color scheme of the homepage is very benign. There are no jitters and flaws while watching the videos. Sometimes, the site sends notifications about newly released Talk Show episodes and Movies. If you do not want them to send you this, you can turn this feature off at any time by visiting the site’s homepage. The site’s overall look could be better, but as long as it offers such a tremendous amount of quality videos, one can visit it without thinking much.

You will find plenty of newly released movies and TV shows at the top of the home page. The interface is user-friendly, and you don’t have to make much effort to find a particular movie. The best thing about the website is you can search for your Movie based on the year of release. Before watching any movie, you can see its IMDb ratings in terms of stars mentioned just below the title of the Movie. The Menu of the website is very simple and helps you find the perfect movies instantly.

The procedure to play the videos online is effortless. At the bottom of the homepage of this website, you can see the entire map if you are a newbie. There is a dedicated portion of upcoming Movies and TV shows. The Movies in the Library are all organized alphabetically as well as according to their date of release. Almost every popular movie is available on this site to enjoy. If you visit this site on your Smartphone, there is no obstruction, and the experience is as good as surfing the computer. So, grab your meal and start watching now.

 Is CouchTuner a free website to watch movies and TV shows?

You can stream over 25,000 movies and 5000 TV shows here for Free. Furthermore, no login is required. You can experience the entire Library of unlimited Movies and TV shows here without making any account. Although some limitations are faced by the users who do not log in while surfing the website, as I have mentioned earlier, signing up on CouchTuner is optional for you.

Is CouchTuner App available for Android and iOS?

Yes, CouchTuner App is available for both Android and iOS smartphones. You can Download the Couch Tuner web application from your regular browser, but you may need help installing it on your mobile phone by following the steps I have mentioned below; it will be easy for you to run the Application on your cell phone. First, type Couch Tuner APK in the search bar of your regular browser. Make sure you have an active Internet connection before clicking the search button. You better use your WiFi, but you can also download this Application into your Smartphone using mobile data because the App size is small. It will take hardly 1 minute to download the APK of Couch Tuner web.

How to install CouchTuner App on your Smartphone?

After downloading the APK of Couch Tuner Web, you have to go to the ‘Settings’ section of your Mobile and do the following steps.

Go to Security » Apps » Allow Installation of Apps from third party/ unknown resources » Click on the Allow Button and Return to your home screen. Open the File Manager and locate your APK file; the file will probably be in the ‘Download’ Folder of the File Manager. Tap on the file, and a popup or window will instantly open. Scroll down to the end of the page Tap on the ‘Allow’ button and then click on ‘Install’; boom, the App will now be available on your device. The installation procedure on iOS devices may differ slightly from that on Android devices.

What genre of movies is available on CouchTuner?

  • Adventure
  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Music
  • Biography
  • Documentary
  • Horror
  • Mystery
  • Thriller
  • Drama
  • Farce
  • Treasure hunt
  • Business
  • Love Story
  • Romance
  • Fiction
  • Superhero
  • Science
  • Experimental
  • Western
  • Crime
  • Fantasy
  • Animated
  • Noir
  • Anime
  • History
  • War
  • Sports
  • Epic
  • Exploitation
  • Slasher
  • Suspense
  • Adult
  • Martial Arts
  • Hindi Cinema
  • Korean
  • 18+

What are the features of the CouchTuner App?

It offers a massive variety of TV Shows and Movies that are free to watch on your Smartphone. The interface of the Application is excellent. Thus, you can put little effort into searching the movies here. The Application’s loading time may vary from device to device, but overall, the App opens up faster than its competitor Apps. The Media Player of the Application is almost the same as the site player, with a few extra features. The Subtitles are turned on by default in the App’s Video Player. You can change the settings according to your predisposition and liking. You can switch between the Day and Night Mode according to the time of the day you’re watching.

The Application is available in many countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Israel, Italy, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Australia, Switzerland, Nigeria, Japan and the Netherlands. Sometimes you may need help opening the App in your area. This is because of some legal issues. Your internet service provider may block the App, or it may go against a particular government’s policy, due to which it is banned in some countries. If the App is not functioning correctly, you can use VPN to unlock its features.

You can enjoy the immense number of multimedia here without Logging In. The thumbnails or previews of the Movies and Web Shows load instantly when you open the App. Unfortunately, this App doesn’t work while you are offline. So, you better have an active Cellular or WiFi connection whenever you want to stream videos here.

The entire Library of Movies and Series is up-to-date. You do not have to wait for the new uploads. The CouchTuner App does not put viruses or any other kind of malicious bugs into your smartphone. You can rest assured that the Application is safe for your Mobile phone. It will not affect the usage of other Apps on your device. You can easily uninstall the Application and delete its setup from the file manager if you do not want the App anymore. Although the Application does not cost you anything, you can support the owners of the App by donation. To be safe, we suggest you not enter your personal information on any illegal website or Application. So, now grab your mobile phone to download the Couch Tuner App.

Is CouchTuner Safe?

As you know, there are many clone sites present on the web. Your Smartphone or computer can get nasty things while surfing on the sites like these. But if you are visiting the official site, there are very few chances for your device to get infected. We suggest you use Antivirus software while opening the sites like CouchTuner. You can also use Ad-blockers which enhance your experience of watching the videos here. It is an excellent way to keep the annoying popups and advertisements away.

Sometimes, the site may not work correctly if you use ad-blockers. In that case, you have to turn them off to surf smoothly without any obstruction. Our overall verdict is to use the site for streaming your favorite shows without being worried, as it is Safer than its competitors.

Nowadays, there are many sites which claim to be legal, but the reality is the opposite of what they claim. These sites have many copyrighted Movies and TV shows belonging to some other streaming service or company. Although the site has many certifications which give users satisfaction, its being legal is a question mark. CouchTuner web has tons of illegal videos up there to provide its users with plenty of blockbuster movies and heartwarming reality shows. This is why the site is banned in many countries because their activities go against the government’s laws.

What happened to CouchTuner? Is CouchTuner Down?

No, CouchTuner is not down, but if you have difficulty opening the site, you can use its alternative Proxies to access the website. You can use or to stream Movies and TV Shows.

Couch Tuner is blocked in some countries due to the policies of the internet service providers, or sometimes it is due to the restrictions by the government.

Either way, you can use a VPN to unblock the site or Application. With the use of a VPN or alternative proxies, you will easily be able to run the website on your PC or Smartphone. For this purpose, we have listed some of the best working VPNs. Most of them are Free to use, but if you buy their premium substitutions, you have the privilege to reclaim your money within the first thirty days of buying. You can use these VPNs on 5-7 devices at a time. These VPNs provide you access to more than three thousand Servers.

  • Express VPN CyberGhost
  • NordVPN
  • SurfShark VPN
  • Vypr VPN
  • Private VPN
  • Private Internet Access

Why should you stream Movies and TV Shows on CouchTuner?

CouchTuner is free to use, and you can watch any popular Movie or Web Series here. The library is full of quality content. The site has a speedy Search Bar which can give results instantly and with maximum accuracy. You can use search filters which help you reach your concerned Movie in no time. You can find your Movie with the help of Country Based Search.

The Design of the web page is straightforward and smooth. The scrolling experience is outstanding. The site is easily operable for new users as well.

There is a vast range of Genres to pick from. Furthermore, you can search the content according to their Rating on significant platforms like IMDb. New Videos are uploaded daily to keep the Library Updated. 

The Video Player of the Couch Tuner web application gives you a very immersive experience as there are no lags or jitters while playing the videos. You can manually switch between the Languages and Subtitles easily from the media player options/ Menu bar. You can Like or Dislike the movie by using the respective buttons present just below the video player. You can read the comments of the people from the Comments section that have already watched the video you are about to begin streaming. This feature helps you choose whether to watch the Movie or not.

What types of movies are available on CouchTuner?

Many kinds of movies and Shows are available on the CouchTuner site and Application, including Original, Dubbed, Subtitled, and many other categories. You can also watch Animated Movies and Animated Shows here. There are many famous Anime available on the site to stream for free. Furthermore, the Videos are available in almost every Quality.

You can play the video is your desired Resolution according to your need for Internet speed. You can choose from 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 1920p, 2k or 4k Resolution. Almost every new video is available in High-Definition HD or Ultra HD quality. This makes one’s viewing experience more immersive and delightful. You can watch Movies and web series in many famous languages like English, French, Arabic, Turkish, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, German, Russian, and Portuguese. 

  • Shazam
  • 65
  • Scream VI
  • The Donor Party
  • Missing
  • Frontiers
  • Babylon
  • Creed 3
  • We have a Ghost
  • Avatar the way of water
  • Cocaine Bear
  • The Whale
  • Plane
  • M3GAN
  • The Reading
  • Teen Wolf
  • Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
  • A Man Called Otto
  • Knock At the Cabin
  • Puss in Boots: the last wish
  • Ant-Man and the wasp
  • Transfusion
  • The Menu
  • Your Place or Mine
  • Shotgun Wedding
  • She Came from The Woods
  • You People
  • Narvik
  • The Handmaiden

Is CouchTuner available on Reddit?

Yes, you can visit their Reddit page and follow it at r/couchtuner. You can join their community and interact with Couch Tuner users by following them there. You can put your queries related to the problems you are facing on the site, and hopefully, you will get some helpful suggestions. Unfortunately, the site is unavailable on Discord, but you can get your answers from many other social media platforms. So, if you have any questions, go to their Reddit account without wasting your precious time.

How is the user’s experience on CouchTuner Web?

The user’s experience is very positive as thousands of videos are available to watch. Whenever you open the site, you find some newly updated content on the homepage. There has never been a complaint regarding the buffering of the videos on CouchTuner. guru. The look of the website is very proficient and attractive. A site map is available on the homepage in case you are a new visitor. The site does not require any additional permissions. You can enjoy limitless content without entering your credentials on the page.

Why is there a need for CouchTuner Alternatives?

As you know, the field of Movies and TV Shows field is vast. No matter how much you watch, more and more quality content is always available. Nowadays, every person likes to spend their free time watching good Movies and TV shows; for this purpose, one always wants access to some of the best sites in the business. Although Couch Tuner is a reliable source for consuming content, websites like this always have limitations. It is banned in many countries because it violates the privacy policy of many nations. So, we have listed some of the most visited sites as an alternative to CouchTuner.

Top CouchTuner Alternatives

1. WatchSeries

If you like binge-watching TV Shows on Free streaming sites, this is the best place for you to visit. You can log in using your favorite social media account, like Facebook. This way, you will not miss any updates regarding your favorite Movie or Web Show. If you are having a problem watching videos on CouchTuner, then you can visit WatchSeries as an alternative to it, and this will prove to be the best multimedia streaming platform for you. The interface of this site is also very even and well-ordered. There are many categories to choose from, and the Latest Movies are available in many languages. So, if you like to watch Dramas, Thrillers, Horror, Detective, Romantic or Comedy Movies, this is the only site that can fulfill your needs.

2. Soap2Day

If you are tired of wasting your time on worthless websites to watch your favourite Shows and Films, this is the best site you will ever find to stream some of the most famous and high-rated Movies. The site has been working for more than a decade now, and with its endless video Library, the visitors stay here for long hours without any pauses. Here, you will find Movies, Talk Shows, Reality Shows, Anime, Web Shows and many other animated movies of almost all Genres. The site is safe, and you can use it to stream on any device like Android, Linux, Windows and iOS.

3. Xfinity

This site lets you stream Movies and web series with a minimum number of Advertisements and promotions. The third-party popups are very few in number. The homepage is simple and feature-packed. You can Search movies of any type using the in-built search button on the top of the homepage. You can also download any particular film. There is always a risk while surfing on sites like this, but we consider it a safe and legal alternative to CouchTuner if you want to visit. Xfinity site works well both on Android and iOS devices.

4. TV Muse

The site is home to the latest box office hits. It has an updated content library which has more than 15 thousand movies completely Free to watch. Through its unparalleled service, the site is one of the best alternatives to Couch Tuner. The site is available in many countries with no region-based restrictions. You can also use their App for a better experience. The whole Menu is organized well to fit the diversified content so that one can instantly find their favorite Movie. The search bar of the website is very efficacious and faster than its competitor sites.

5. PopCornFlix 

If you are a movie lover, you probably have already heard of this website, as this is one of the most visited sites since 2020. The site has a traffic of over one million, and most of them are returning visitors. The Movies, TV Shows, Talk Shows and News are all available in outstanding quality. You can switch between different languages and subtitles. Newly uploaded videos are available in HD and Ultra HD resolutions. You can download the Shows on your computer as there is a compromise on the quality of the videos. These features make it an excellent alternative to Couch Tuner. Moreover, you can also download the movies you like in your preferred resolution. The speed of the downloading is quite impressive.

Here are more similar and alternative sites like CouchTuner:

In a nutshell, these sites are the most visited alternatives to CouchTuner. You can use any of the above-mentioned clients to watch popular Movies and TV Shows online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CouchTuner free?

Yes, it may be hard for you to believe because the site has a huge Library full of quality content. Moreover, access to every feature is free and without any restrictions. Even you don’t have to log in every time you open its App or site.

Is CouchTuner down right now?

No, the site is working properly. If you are facing any issues there may be a problem with your device or internet connection. The site may be inaccessible due to some routine repair and maintenance.

Can we use CouchTuner to stream movies on our Smartphones?

Yes, you can use your Mobile phone to watch Free Movies and Shows online. You can also download them using your smartphone. The site works properly on any trusted browser.

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