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Dramacool movies

Asian Dramas and Movies are liked by the audience around the globe. If you are a fan of Asian movies and dramas then you are at the right place. Most people who want to watch them have to purchase subscriptions from various platforms such as Netflix, IMDB, etc. Today we are going to discuss a website called Dramacool. The special thing about this website is that it provides almost all the Asian Dramas and Movies for free.

What is Dramacool?

Dramacool is a website that has thousands of Asian Dramas and movies available. With HD quality and extremely fast streaming and download speed. Genres include action, comedy, romance, horror, family. The dramas and movies come in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, and other Languages.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand the language of your favorite series. Most of the dramas and movies have subtitles in different languages for you to choose from. Subtitles are of high quality and are well-synced with video. About interface, as you know most websites that provide dramas and movies have a confusing user interface. Either the layout is complex or the search engine gives faulty results. But Dramacool has a very simple layout and user interface.

If you are new to a website you don’t have to spend much time learning it. The efficiency of search engines is very high and you will find what you are looking for without much effort. It has the latest episodes of drama series available in the fastest time possible. As for movies, it has a complete list of upcoming movies and they are available to watch faster than on other similar sites. As the common problem shared between all the websites that provide free content, Dramacool has ads and many popups. Some of them might show inappropriate content which can be awkward if you are with someone.

A lot of people ask this question. Is Dramacool legal? The reason is, the website changes its domain name frequently, and it is blocked in some countries. As we already discussed the website provides Korean, Chinese, Hong Kong, and other Asian movies and dramas for free.

While some other websites require you to purchase subscriptions to watch the same dramas and movies. From this, we can conclude that the website must not have paid any money to get the right to stream the movies and dramas from their creators. That means they are streaming the content unlawfully. That means it is an ILLEGAL website.

Is Dramacool safe?

We can’t give a clear-cut answer to the question, is Dramacool safe?

After every few days when the website is updated, it provides new episodes and new movies fast and free. Then it can be concluded that most of the content is pirated. Well, watching pirated content is not that risky for you as a viewer and visitor. It is risky for website owners as they may be sued for copyright and for using pirated content for commercial purposes.

And for pirated content, whether they are dramas, movies, software, or games have a risk of being infected by viruses and other malware. But you need to know that this site is not unsafe just because of some viruses and malware but also because of data breaches by illegal access. However, most of the websites on the internet have some form of viruses and malware attached to the content uploaded on those websites.

Let me tell you about the Dramacool website problem: there are a lot of ads and popups that appear on the website. Now you may be tempted to think, that’s not those bad ads are harmless. Think again, you may not know but there is a dark side to ads. They can be easily used by malicious people to put harmful viruses and malware into your computer.

Through which they can do harm to your computer, destroy your data or access your personal data and use it for dangerous purposes. Ads can also direct you to harmful websites that may contain harmful malware or scam sites that sell you fake goods and ask for your personal data for ill use. Well, we have discussed some main risks of using Dramacool. But there is another reason for being suspicious about the website. There is no information about the owner of the website, they are completely anonymous. And being anonymous makes you suspicious about the motives. Because most of the honest people don’t have need to be anonymous. Answer the question, is Dramacool safe? Is it in between yes and no? It is neither completely safe nor completely hazardous. If you are careful you won’t get into trouble.

How to access Dramacool safely?

If you are an experienced online surfer, then you would know the risks of using pirated websites. And know how to visit these websites safely and protect yourself from harm.

If you don’t know here are some methods that can be used to safe when visiting websites that you know may involve risks but you can’t help but visit.

First of all, don’t touch ads and popups, if possible, directly close them by clicking a cross button. If you touch an ad and it takes you to an unfamiliar website leave as soon as possible.

If the website wants your contact information, identity information, or credit card you must not give any of it. It doesn’t matter what they have to offer, it is risky and it is better to be safe than sorry.

Use Google Chrome it is the safest and most efficient web browser.

About viruses, although the Google search engine and Google Chrome provide a lot of protection it is better if can have a dedicated anti-virus on your machine.

A premium anti-virus is more reliable and efficient than a free version. It can keep you safe in an all-around way. It has the latest library of viruses and can instantly spot any known virus that appears on your computer. It is your safety on the internet by a large margin.

Another way to improve your safety is by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). As you know when you access a website the website knows your IP address. And the IP address can be used for malicious purposes in many ways.

But if you use a VPN this problem is solved because your IP address is concealed.

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Benefits of using VPN while accessing Dramacool

  1. Keep your online activity hidden

While you are surfing online if your IP is exposed then you are exposed. All your online activity is under the prying eyes of Internet service providers, Government network surveillance, and any interested moderately expert hackers. Well, if you are someone who doesn’t like the idea of being monitored all the time when you are online. Or you are simply trying to visit websites that are banned in your country. Then you should use a Virtual Private Network.

How does it help? Well, it changes your IP address to one of the many servers of the company across the world, in this way effectively hiding your real IP from the prying eyes of anyone interested.

  1. Unblocking the block content in your area

There are many websites, TV shows, dramas, and movies that are only available in a certain area. Or they are blocked in your area. The VPN can help you if you want to access that content.

The VPN can change your location data on the internet. How do they do that? Well, as mentioned earlier, VPN companies have many servers in different locations worldwide.

If you want to change your location data to a certain country then if a VPN has a server in a particular area, it can change your location data to that server.

In this way, you can access the content that is blocked in your area. If Dramacool is blocked in your country you can also use a VPN to access it.

  1. Solve ISP throttling

What is ISP throttling? Well, your internet service providers limit your connection to a certain speed when you are surfing the internet. When you are streaming videos online or downloading videos, software, games, etc. they limit your speed to a certain limit. Who can be annoyed and bothered?. If you are using a good VPN, then they resolve the problem of ISP throttling and you can enjoy the full speed your network can offer without being limited by your ISP.

VPN best suited for Dramacool?

Following are the few VPNs that we recommend if you want to visit Dramacool safely.

Nord VPN:

Nord VPN is one of the foremost representatives of the VPN community. It provides its users with anonymity, safety, and speed while they are surfing the internet.

Nord VPN creates a secure and encrypted connection between your computer and the website you are visiting.  So even if you are visiting websites that don’t use the secure protocol, you don’t have to worry about your online data being stolen against your will. Another way your data may be seen is when you use the DNS server of your Internet service provider. How? When you write the URL of any website you have to go to a DNS server and convert that URL to an IP address. So, your ISP may not know much about the messages you sent online or what file you downloaded. But they have the list of the websites you visited along with the time you visited them.

Nord VPN has its DNS servers you don’t have to worry about DNS leaks. Nord VPN has 5200 servers in 60 countries you can choose any of these you like to stream from. This is a way your real IP address and location data will remain hidden. This way you can use Dramacool safely without being threatened by cybercriminals. Or if Drama Cool is restricted by your government you can bypass the restriction Nord VPN and change your location data to some other country. In the same way, you can access any other banned websites.

If you want extra super security then Nord VPN also provides an Onion over VPN facility. In this way, the possibility of your virtual identity being revealed is as likely as pigs flying.

You can try Nord VPN safely because they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can cancel your subscription and get your money back if you don’t like what you paid for.

Express VPN:

 If you want your internet connection to be highly encrypted and secure you can choose Express VPN. The company is based in the British Virgin Islands and there are no laws about data retention. What is data retention? Data retention is a process in which Internet Service Providers, local governments, social media websites, and other websites store data on the online activities of people who visit them. For example, an online store can store data about your purchases that can help in making marketing decisions, etc.

No data-retention laws mean no mandatory data retention. So Express VPN does not store data and no third-party organization or government personnel will be able to acquire your data from the company.

Express VPN has 3000+ servers in 94 different countries. The network of servers is safe, fast, and reliable. The speed of data transfer is up to 100/Mbs.

You can browse DramaCool with peace of mind about safety and enjoy amazing internet speed. Buffering and low download speed are a killjoy when you are watching dramas and movies.

With Express VPN you can watch videos online or download episodes and movies HD quality with extremely fast speed without buffering, bypassing the speed limit imposed by your ISP.

There is an application of Express VPN for Windows, IOS, Linux, Android, and even Apple TV. You can watch Drama Cool from any of the devices you like safely. Express VPN provides 24/7 customer support with real company operative to help you with any difficulties you may encounter. You can seek help from them via live chat or email. They will help you start and troubleshoot your VPN.

If you are not sure you want to use this VPN then don’t worry, Express VPN provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can get your money back anytime within 30 days if you feel that Express VPN is not for you.


CyberGhost is one of the best VPNs available in the market right now. It provides extreme internet speed as well as secure and encrypted connections.

It protects its user’s data from hackers, snoopers, and cyber criminals. So, you can enjoy watching your favorite dramas at blazing speed all while staying safe and anonymous.

CyberGhost provides up to 7 connections per account so you can provide all your devices connected to the internet with VPN protection.

The company has a strict no-log policy which ensures absolute data protection and anonymity for Cyberghost users.

The awesome feature of CyberGhost is that it has three types of servers optimized for three different tasks.

  • Video streaming
  • Absolute Anonymity
  • Fast and secure downloads

You can select the desired server according to your requirements.

If you want legal alternatives to Dramacool then there are many on the internet. They provide all Asian dramas and movies. If you are the type of person who wants to stay on the safe side or doesn’t like piracy. Then there are numerous legal alternatives to Dramacool available.

They have thousands of dramas and movies available to watch from different Asian countries. Here are subtitles in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other languages.

They update the latest Drama episodes and make them available immediately. New movies are available to watch immediately after the release date. No security issues you have to worry about, no annoying and dangerous ads. You can watch your favorite show with peace of mind. But all these above facilities are at a cost. You are required to pay money to purchase their monthly or yearly subscription. Some of the legal websites we recommend are. You can also read more M4uhd Movies and the best alternative sites.


The site has a simple and elegant interface, very user-friendly. Even a person new to the website can find any series or movie easily.

Rakuten Viki

Rakuten Viki is a video streaming of American origin. It provides thousands of dramas and movies in many different languages. The dramas and movies have subtitles in more than 200 languages.

NewAsian TV

NewAsian TV is also a video streaming website that has anything that DramaCool has. You can watch Korean dramas cool, Chinese, Japanese, Hong Kong, and Taiwanese dramas.

It provides High Quality and fast speed. New Episodes and Movies are available to watch instantly.


Dramanice is also a website where you can get everything that you get from DramaCool and it also has many old Korean and Chinese Dramas. There are no annoying and dangerous ads for you to worry about.


KissAssian is a website that provides Korean, Chinese, Indian, and other Asian dramas and movies. This website also provides free cartoon and anime shows.

Dramacool Alternatives

If you are not sure that Dramacool is the right website for you here are some websites we recommend. They are free and relatively safe.

Asian Crush

Asian Crush is a website that provides dramas and movies. It has many categories of actions, comedy, horror, romance, and family.

Dramas and movies from Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and many other Asian countries are available. All the series and movies have subtitles in the English language.

Videos are available in a variety of resolutions such as 360, 480, 1080, and HD. The website provides fast speed and reliable connections. This site also has ads so take safety precautions.


Kshow123 is also a drama and movie website. It has dramas and movies from Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. It is a free website where you can access your favorite series and movies without cost. Videos are available in various resolutions up to HD where you can choose the one that fits your internet connection speed. As this website is also free and content is mostly pirated and has ads so be careful when using this website.


MyAsianTV is also a website dedicated to providing free dramas and movies to the audience. Its content contains Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Hong Kong, and Taiwanese dramas and movies as well as from other Asian countries. English subtitles are available for all dramas and movies. Dramas and movies are also available in English dub. Video quality is high and streaming speed is fast. You can enjoy your dramas and movies of choice without paying for any subscription.

drama cool

Alternative Sites List Similar to Dramacool Movie

  • 2lambingan.su
  • 9anime-tv.com
  • Abscbnpinoytambayan.com
  • adrama.to
  • ahnames.com
  • asianrun.com
  • asianwiki.su
  • bts47.com
  • drama3s.me
  • Drama cool.bz
  • dramacool.ca
  • Drama cool.eu
  • Dramacool.info
  • Dramacool.movie
  • Drama Cool.uk
  • Dramacool.us.com
  • dramacool.video
  • dramacool.vin
  • Dramacool9.co
  • Dramacool9.live
  • Dramacoolhub.su
  • Dramacools.su
  • Dramacooltv.co
  • Dramacooltv.org
  • Dramacooltv.ru
  • Dramacooltv.su
  • Dramanice.movie
  • dramanice.video
  • dramanicein.com
  • dramaz.se
  • driver1.co
  • fastdrama.me
  • fastdramacool.me
  • Gogoanimeplay.net
  • Gogoanimetv.su
  • kdramacools.com
  • Kdramastv.com
  • kdramaviki.com
  • kissasian.ai
  • Kissasian.id
  • kissasian.la
  • Kissasian.one
  • Kissasianin.com
  • kissasians.co
  • Kissasians.su
  • kissasiansub.me
  • kisstvshow.to
  • Koreandrama.es
  • Koreandramahd.com
  • Koreandramahub.com
  • koreandramas.me
  • Kshows.to
  • K-vid.co
  • kviki.me
  • Newasiantv.tv
  • Pinoylambinganako.su
  • pinoyreplaytv.su
  • Pinoystvreplay.su
  • Pinoyteleseryereplay.su
  • Pinoytvchannelreplay.su
  • Pinoytvtambayanreplay.su
  • polldrama.com
  • Stackmovie.com
  • Superbowl2019.live
  • teleserye.su
  • Trustdrama.com
  • vkspeed.com
  • watchasian.to
  • dramacool.vc and know more about the best FFMovies.


Overall, if you are the type of person who prefers to use free services if they are available then DramaCool is a great choice for you.

It is slightly risky, but you have to understand that risk comes with the freest thing on the internet. So as long as you are careful and mindful of your safety, most of the time you won’t get into trouble. You can also read more about M4ufree Movies.

But if you think it’s not worth taking a risk to save some money. Then you can go to any legal website that provides Asian dramas and movies, pay the money, and enjoy watching your favorite shows with comfort, safety, and peace of mind.

Dramacool FAQs

Is Dramacool free from viruses?

Most of the content available on Dramacool is pirated and pirated content is always vulnerable to being infected by viruses and malware. So, the answer is No. Drama Cool is not free from viruses.

Do I need any subscription?

No, Dramacool is a completely free website. You don’t need to have an account, provide personal information or pay money to watch content here.

Is there any Dramacool mobile app?

No, Dramacool does not have any official mobile application for smartphones. However, there is an application called Dramacool App download that allows you to request your favorite Asian dramas and movies.

Is downloading from Dramacool illegal?

Downloading from Dramacool is not illegal if you use the content for personal use. But if you use the downloaded content for commercial purposes then it is a copyright infringement and illegal.

Does Dramacool consume more data?

No, Dramacool doesn’t use more data. It uses a secure HTTPS connection.

Why Dramacool is not working?

Some reasons why Dramacool is not working are the following.
The website has a problem with its server and the Server is down.
Your Internet Service Provider has blocked the website
The website is banned in your country.

What should I do if I can’t access Dramacool?

If the site is not working because the server is down then there is nothing you can do about it. Just wait and hope that they fix their server.
If your ISP has blocked the website then you can fix that by using VPN.
In case the website is restricted by the country, a VPN can be used to solve the problem.

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