The Most Powerful Country in The World

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The Most Powerful Country in The World

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The ranking of a country on the list of Most Powerful Countries in the world is highly volatile as the power distribution among countries constantly changes. It is a step-by-step process that requires consistency in every field. On the face of the earth, many countries have emerged in many dimensions to gain power, but some highly consistent countries never left the top spot of nations. These countries are highly developed. They are always leading the world because of their most effective policies. They are always the policymakers who shape the world according to their desires. A lot of factors determine a country’s position on the table of the most powerful country in the world

Strong nations have the ability to drive the Global Economic Flow. They have influential leaders that implement their thoughts on the rest of the world. It is basically the high intellect and powerful mindset of the people that lead them to a very bright future. The high-powered and potent military of the United States and the cutting-edge technology and workforce of China are setting these countries apart from the rest of the world. The biggest industry holders, like Germany and Japan, are reaching the top spot. 

Ranking Criteria

Every country has some unique set of characteristics that differentiate it from other countries. But, being a superpower demands excelling in every field, whether the economy, military, or technology. A country is considered superior to others only when it has powerful alliances, a stable economy, and substantial political influence. The ranking of the countries in the list of most powerful nations depends upon various factors. 

These factors include:

  • Political Stability
  • Economy
  • Military Strength
  • Relationships with other countries
  • Cultural impact
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Place in the United Nations 
  • Digital competition

The most powerful country is the one that is superior to others in all these factors. It must have an extensive and powerful military force, possess atomic power, and have a strong political influence on other countries. It means the country’s ability to modify international policies. 

A high GDP is indicative of a better economy. Economic growth depends upon Human resources, percentage of unemployment, physical capital, technology, inflation, natural resources, interest and exchange rates, population or labor, law, Health and Education, and commodities like Oil, Steel, and Gold. Some key factors include the availability of land at an affordable cost, a skilled labor force, high-end research projects, a viable market, and a high plantation yield.

 The economy also depends on the size of the workforce and the productivity of that workforce, because only massive productivity can increase income and GDP per capita. Infrastructure and trading can also limit or boost the economy of a country. The economy is considered the base of a country, whereas the other factors are its pillars.

For example, the economy of America is stable because of abundant natural resources, suitable means of transportation, and high productivity. The most significant factor supporting its economy is supply and demand. 

Another essential factor that determines the economic outcome is culture. If people are lazy and stagnant, it will have a negative impact on a country’s progress. Lack of skills and education leads to a poor economy and a decline in progress. It is believed that the positive attitude of people has a positive effect on growth.

Professionalism is the key factor that influences the economy of a country. High inflation and illiteracy can demote the value of a nation.

The development and progress of a country also depend on its government’s policies. Cultural norms affect the thinking and behavior of people. Culture is considered the basis of the traditional economy. Furthermore, wages and taxation also affect the economy. Famines, revolutions, inflation, and war can destroy a country’s economic flow. 

Culture substantially impacts many industries, like art, music, cinema, books, TV, sports, and games. A powerful country is one which is better in all these fields. Know also about the Top 10 Secret Places on The Earth Prohibited for Travelers.

The 10 most powerful countries in the world

1. United States

CapitalWashington DC
GDP$26.2 Trillion
GDP per Capita$70,250
RegionNorth America
Population331.9 million
Area9,833,517 sq. km

 The USA is the most powerful country in the world. It stands at the top position in World’s Military Strength Ranking. It also has the most powerful economy in the world. Moreover, its culture, which is very well showcased in Movies, TV Shows, and Music, is very popular worldwide. During the most recent pandemic of Coronavirus, it faced a deep economic recession, but still, it stands at the top of the chart when we talk about its economy. According to the US News, it maintains its position as the top country in the world.

The report mentioned it as the world’s most potent military power and dominant economy. It has a tremendous cultural and political impact on other countries, and its decisions have a massive effect on the global climate. The government is currently dealing with significant issues, like racism, that have caused enormous unrest within the country. This situation started after a white policeman killed George Floyd while he was in custody. After this incident, a large number of protestors started protests in many parts of the country. The video of his death scene went viral on the internet globally, and the trends like ‘Black Lives Matter’ started on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Only a few countries could compete for the title of superpower. Being the most prosperous country requires a lot of natural resources, a large population, a large area, and high military expenditure. Although China is becoming a global power when we talk about the economy, some experts say that the USA can never be replaced from the number one spot. The US invests a lot of money in buying and manufacturing weapons, technology, and development. It will take decades for China to surpass the United States. The US has the best long-term economic growth policies. Depending upon its geography and demographics, the US can initiate many valuable future projects. The US has more economic power because of its large network of waterways and ports than the rest of the world combined.

The United States, unlike its other competitors, China and Russia, is highly isolated from the rest of the world. Its only neighbors are Canada and Mexico, while China is surrounded by 19 countries, most of which are developing. So, the geographical position of the US gives it a massive edge in this regard. America is the only country that is vast, powerful, stable, and highly educated at the same time. It has the world’s second-largest workforce in the world.

The American workers are, on average, five times wealthier than the Chinese workers if we calculate their hourly income. The US workers are more educated than Chinese workers.

Now, if we compare this most powerful country with Russia, Russia’s military budget is a lot less than the budget of the United States. Russia has no strong alliances with its neighboring countries. It also has issues with NATO.

No country can surpass the US in terms of global trade and finance. America is the most powerful country in the world. It has a strong culture driven by ‘the American Dream.’ So, in a nutshell, the most powerful country in the world is the United States of America because it has the largest economy (more than 20 trillion dollars), the most famous companies, the most number of the highest number of grossing Movies, the highest number of Nobel Prizes, won the most Olympic medals and the most potent military. Know also about the Top 10 Most Protected Persons in The World.

2. China

GDP$19 Trillion
GDP per Capita$20k
Population1.412 billion
Area9,596,960 sq. Km

China is regarded as one of the most ancient civilizations to ever exist on Earth. On the index of the most populated countries, China stands in the top spot. It has a population of more than 1.4 billion and is the second most powerful country in the world, with a GDP of nearly 19 trillion USD. China is said to be an “emerging superpower.” In 1949, China emerged on the face of the earth as “The People’s Republic of China.” China has been under the rule of the Communist Party since its origin. The National language of China is Mandarin Chinese, while more than 300 languages are spoken in China, as per information provided by the US News. Furthermore, there are dozens of ethnic groups occupying more than 90 percent of the population.

China Despite having many internal issues like inequality and substandard human rights, China has managed to clinch the spot of the most powerful country in the world after the USA. China has highly influential leadership. It is a member of some of the most powerful organizations in the world. It has some of the most advanced nuclear weapons because it has the best technology in the world. China is also considered the world’s fastest-growing economy and the most popular country in Asia. China has a market-based economy and a considerable workforce to meet development and industrial requirements.

China has faced several domestic issues because of its large population and limited resources. Its growing economy has put a lot of pressure on the government over the years. As there are multiple challenges for the Chinese government, poverty is the main issue because many people live below-average lives in China. It is the reason that has kept China on the list of developing countries.

 The urbanization of millions of people in recent years has highlighted many issues, including health, development, and pollution. China invests a lot in renewable energy. It is continuously making policies to solve the air pollution problem because, according to the report of the International Energy Agency, China is the largest source of CO2 emissions worldwide. Due to the significant progress in economic growth, President Jinping got an extension in his tenure with extra authorities back in 2017.

The US is continually criticizing China for its poor human rights policies that have led to disaster for many innocent people. Many issues, like limited internet access, limited media freedom, and tight political control, need to be addressed. Because of its unparalleled services and colossal economy, China has gained a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council.

 According to the US news article, it is also a leading Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation and World Trade Organization member. China is always seen as the competitor of the USA, as it has the most foreign reserves. The most powerful countries, like the United States and China, are the ones that consistently dominate the Global News headlines. These nations have a significant impact on the global environment. They are very firm in their commitments and pledges.

3. Russia

GDP$2.14 Trillion
Population143.4 million (2021)
Area17,098,242 sq km
GDP per Capita$32k

Russia is the second-most powerful country in Asia after China. It is the world’s largest country with respect to its total area, as it covers almost all of North Asia and a part of Eastern Europe. Russia shares its border with more than 14 countries, including Japan and the US, whose sea borders unite. Its recent war with Ukraine has severely damaged its reputation worldwide. The West imposed many restrictions on them. After the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, Russia became an independent country. The president of Russia, elected by the people, has extended powers and authority. The Russians also elect the legislative body and the judiciary. Due to its massive reserves of gas and oil, Russia has one of the largest economies in the world.

Russia is also a permanent member of the UN and several other influential organizations worldwide. Russia is also criticized for the violation of human rights. There are also many allegations against Russia in matters like the election of the president of the USA and intervention in Western affairs. Immense natural resources back Russia’s large economy. Russians excel in agriculture, forestry, farming, and oil production. They export a lot of weapons and explosives to the rest of the world.

Russia’s culture has made a lot of contributions to its economic growth and development. More than one hundred types of ethnicities have been recognized in Russia, according to the US news. Russia has produced a wide variety of artists and poets like Aleksandr Pushkin and Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Every developed nation is fighting to get to the top of the chart so that they can change the world according to their wishes. Dethroning a country from its position as a superpower is no joke. A powerful country knows the art of making allies and using them when the time comes.

4. Germany

GDP$4.22 trillion
GDP per Capita$57,928
Population83.2 million
Area357,022 sq. Km

Germany has the 4th most robust economy in the world. Germany has a large population and is a significant part of world trade (import and export). Germany is the country with the most number of individuals in Europe. Germany is a country located in the center of Europe that shares its border with nine countries, second most after Russia. Its area stretches from the North Sea to the Alps in the south direction. Germany possesses an ancient civilization that is still alive in its northern regions. Germany was part of two major world wars. This thing affected his economy a lot. Not only his economy suffered a huge loss, but also the country got divided.

Germany is a democratic state run by parliamentarians. Some strict laws that are believed to be the production of Nazis are still a part of the German constitution. Germany faced a lot of criticism after the Holocaust and some other hate speech incidents. The German economy is globally recognized as one of the largest economies that are based on industries and agriculture. There are many other significant factors that contributed much to its development. In the field of technology and engineering, Germany is believed to be the best country.

 Due to Germany’s Open Door Policy, it is a very peaceful destination for immigrants. Germany is a member of the UN and many other significant international organizations like the European Union and NATO. 

Furthermore, this powerful country has the support of many other nations. This dominant country has particular regard for the platform of the United Nations, and Germany claims to be working for the betterment of the world. Germany has produced many famous personalities in the form of philosophers and musicians. 

5. United Kingdom

Area243,610 sq. km
GDP$3.48 trillion
Population67.33 million
GDP per Capita$49k

This powerful country has a substantial international political, economic, and cultural impact. It is a highly developed country with a great history. The United Kingdom comprises England, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland. It is home to many famous personalities like Shakespeare. Its capital London is one of the most beautiful and developed cities in the world. London has a strong cultural influence because of its globally renowned universities like Cambridge and Oxford

The UK is part of many famous political and trade agencies. The United Kingdom has a strong influence all over the world because it has the legacy of the great British Empire. Before World War 2, the British Empire ruled over many parts of the world that it captured via colonization. The prime minister of the United Kingdom has a huge authority.

There are many factors like tourism, industry (automobile and banking), and Arts that always helped the country’s economy grow larger. There is a vast diversity of people because of immigration from neighboring regions. The UK is a permanent member of the UN and several organizations like a group of 20, the World Bank, World Trade, and NATO making it one of the most powerful countries in the world.

6. South Korea

GDP$1.8 trillion
GDP per Capita$46k
Population52 million
Area99,720 sq. Km

This powerful Asian country is always in conflict because of its geography. It shares its border with its rival, North Korea. The borders of this country are under the surveillance of some of the most powerful armies in the world. South Korea is a land of greenery with beautiful hilly areas, villages, and old temples. South Korea is an emerging democracy.

Its capital city, Seoul, is the headquarters of many famous companies like Samsung and Hyundai. South Korea makes colossal profits through its exports. South Korea is the home of many cultures, but the most prominent ones are Christianity and Buddhism.

South Korea is a member of many international organizations like the UN, World Trade Organization, and G20. You can also visit the Top 10 Best Places in The World for Travelers.

7. France

GDP$2.9 trillion
GDP per Capita$50k
Population67 million
Area643,801 sq. Km

France is one of the oldest civilizations to exist on Earth. It has a powerful political, economic, and scientific influence on the world. Despite dealing with issues like terrorism, it still manages to be in the world’s top 10 most powerful countries. 

France is home to many ethnicities like Germanic and Latin. It also faced immigration and unemployment issues. France has a history in arts, music, and cinema.

It is one of the oldest members of the United Nations. It is also a part of many international organizations like the European Union, NATO, and the World Trade Organization.

8. Japan

GDP$4.94 trillion
GDP per Capita$43k
Population125 million
Area377,915 sq. Km

Japan, due to its advancements in technology and high literacy rates, is one of the most powerful countries. This East Asian country has many islands. Its large portion is surrounded by water, which is why it is always in fear of tsunamis. It has a large number of ports for trading. In the 1900s, Japan invaded many countries before it was defeated in World War 2. 

The government of Japan consists of parliamentarians that are elected by the people. These elected politicians hold high authority. Although Japan faced many disasters like the earthquake and tsunami of 2011, it still managed to be the 3rd largest economy in the world. 

Japan is an industrial country that progressed a lot in technology. Its GDP and employment numbers are commendable. Japan faced problems with North Korea over its nuclear program, but after its request, the US headquarters agreed to back its defense. Japan is an active member of the United Nations and the World Bank. These factors make it one of the most powerful countries.

9. United Arab Emirates

CapitalAbu Dhabi
RegionMiddle East
GDP$400 Billion
GDP per Capita$44k
Population9.8 million
Area83,600 sq. Km

This West Asian country shares its borders with Saudi Arabia and Oman. Geographically, it is present in the east of the Arabian Peninsula. The UAE gained immense success after the discovery of oil from its land. Due to its large economy, the Emirates can be compared to the top Western countries. 

Famous cities like Dubai are the main tourist spots in the world. It earns millions of dollars through tourism and business. Furthermore, it has some of the best airlines in the world. The UAE has the world’s best infrastructure. Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and is present in a city of the UAE. Buildings like this are high revenue-generating spots. 

The UAE is part of the UN, World Trade, and several Islamic organizations.

10. Israel

RegionMiddle East
GDP$488 Billion (2021)
GDP per Capita$52k
Population9.3 million
Area21,937 sq. Km

This small county is the only Jewish state in the world. Although a small country, it has played an influential role in shaping world policies. Due to the rising conflicts, the UN proposed the division of Arabs and Israel. The Arabs are in a continuous fight with Israel because of the colonization of Palestinian lands by it.

Israel is a democratic state and is the home of many ethnicities. Because of its religion-based views, Israel is not well-liked by some countries. Although Israel has been influenced by many issues like immigration and terrorism, it still managed to make significant progress in the field of technology and Arts. See also the Top 10 Biggest Airports in The World.

How did the USA become the world’s most powerful country?

If we see the graph of GDP of the last century, the USA has contributed to it the most. There are many geopolitical reasons for their superiority on the chart. The USA has never been into a direct war that cost him a tremendous amount of money and resources. During World War 1, the president of the United States of America, Woodrow Wilson, decided that they should remain neutral. He even started an organization, namely The League of Nations, to bring peace among nations.

Despite these geopolitical reasons, America gained power because it has always invited and attracted the best talent in the world. There are many examples, like Albert Einstein and Elon Musk, that originally belonged to other countries, but due to high opportunities in the US, they migrated there. So just like this, there are multiple reasons why America is the most powerful country.

Why is China behind the USA in the race for the most powerful countries?

China’s GDP is $7 Trillion lesser than that of the USA, but is this the main reason behind its trial? Not really. The USA has a lot less population than China, which means that the brain power of the Americans is a lot more than Chinese. America is attaining such high GDP from a population of mere 331 million people in comparison to the 1.4 billion population of China.

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