TVShows88: Safe & Legal? 2024 Alternatives Revealed!

Time Of Info By TOI Staff   January 11, 2024   Update on : January 11, 2024


What is TVShows88?

TVShows88 is one of the oldest websites that lets users stream Movies and TV Shows. There is a wide selection of the latest movies. The media is adequately organized so visitors can reach their particular videos without any distractions. The site has all kinds of Movies. You can watch old as well as recently uploaded movies here. There are individual portions for trending, latest, and requested movies on the homepage of or Moreover, you can enter a proper keyword in the website’s search bar and view your favorite episode of a web series.

The site features some of the top IMDb Movies. The rating of the Movies is written along with their titles on the thumbnails. You can also visualize the cast and directions of the movie before paying for it. The site has movies even older than 1992, up to the current year. It is easy for users to locate movies in this extensive library. The site has a proper repair system through which the website’s developers ensure that no bug or virus ruins the user experience. Thousands of visitors open this site daily to watch incredible Movies and TV Shows. The process of registering on the site is straightforward. By making an account, you can enjoy plenty of Login benefits. You can watch Movies starring some of the most famous and highly paid actors and actresses, like Helen McCrory, Pedro Pascal, Seung Ha, Katherine Lanassa, Angeli Khang, Sadie Sandler, Jenna Ortega, Emma Myers, Florence Pugh, Min do Yoon, Jason Statham, Keanu Reeves, Sujya Dasgupta, Tom Hanks, and many more. 

The library of unlimited Movies and TV Shows is refreshed and updated periodically to allow users to watch their favorite content without waiting a long. As long as a movie is released, the fast workers of the site make sure to upload it on the site. Additionally, you can watch full seasons of Web Series here. New Movies, TV Shows, and Sports are uploaded here daily. You can watch a large variety of interesting Movies and Seasons without downloading them. The titles of the movies and shows are precisely the same as the original or official ones. The rating is visible in terms of stars ranging from 1 to 9 depending upon the score on popular platforms like IMDb.

The layout of the website is very intriguing and simple. The video player gives its users an immersive experience. The map of the site is very straightforward. These features enhance the user’s experience a lot. You can also find a Support section where you can put your queries related to the site, and the owners will get to you as soon as they read your messages and try to fix the issue as quickly as possible by using TV Shows 88 or TV 88. You will get a hell of a thrill ride because it feels like having a tiny cinema in your pocket. 

What are the features of TVShows88?

There are many popular Movies and TV Shows on TVShows88 to stream for free. You can enjoy full benefits without Signing In. Although the Sign-Up procedure is effortless, you must still enter your email to approve the request. The library of the site is updated. You can search for your favorite Movie here using the Search Bar at the top of the homepage. This search button is very productive and effective. You must put the right keywords in it to load the concerned media. The in-built search filters are beneficial for newbies. You can search movies based on their Ratings, Year/ date of release, Title, and Actors. 

Many streaming servers are available for one Movie/ Episode, for example,, voe.sx1, voe.sx2, voe.sx3,,,,,,,,,,, and These are some of the top servers you will use to stream Movies and TV Shows on TVShows88 or TV88. Additionally, the site’s Video Player offers many features like Seek, Mute, and Full-Screen view. You can watch a Movie in Full-Screen Mode to avoid any distractions. The Media Player is very responsive, and operating it is effortless. You can view the ratings and cast of the Movie or show here. You can also minimize the Video Player to run it in the background while you search for other good Movies. 

You can enjoy full TV seasons here without paying any fee to the site’s owners. You can watch Korean, Indian, and Spanish Dramas here with full-length episodes. 

Why Should you stream Movies and TV Shows on TVShows88?

The number of ads and third-party popups is significantly lower on the site, so the advertisements will only disturb you a little while streaming Movies and TV Shows. The site has some of the fastest working servers that load the media in seconds if you have good network connectivity. The site is available in many countries like China, France, India, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, Thailand, Taiwan, and Korea. The content is available in English, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Korean, Portuguese, Hindi, German, French, Chinese, etc. Moreover, you can stream movies and TV shows online on any compatible device. The list of compatible devices includes Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, tablets, Linux, and smart TVs. You can easily install and watch on your Android television. 

The search bar is high-speed in terms of loading the required content. You can watch movies like Mystery, Thriller, fiction, and nonfiction here without limitations. You can change the player settings quickly from the menu of the website.

  • Watchmen Season 1
  • His Dark materials season 2
  • Wu-tang an American Saga
  • Arrow Season 1
  • The purge season 1
  • Godfather of Harlem Season 1
  • Riverdale all seasons
  • Alice in borderland Season 1 and Season 2
  • Squid Game Season 1
  • The Expanse Season 1
  • Criminal Minds Season 1
  • Harley Quinn
  • West World
  • Star Trek
  • Brooklyn ninety-nine
  • Hunters season 01
  • Star Wars the clone wars
  • Better call saul season 1
  • On my block season 1
  • American Dad
  • The last dance
  • Never Have I Ever
  • Tiger King
  • Billions
  • The 100
  • The Chi
  • Lovecraft company
  • Lucifer
  • The Boys
  • The Flash
  • The invincible
  • The falcon and the winter soldier
  • Queen of the South
  • Loki
  • The Owl house
  • What if Season 1
  • The Family Guy Season 20
  • Chucky season 1
  • BMF Season 1
  • Yellow Stone Season 1

What types of Movies and TV Shows are available on TVShows88?

You can watch Movies and TV Shows of all types, including Dubbed, Subtitled, and the latest TV Shows. You can watch full-length HD-quality videos here without worrying. The main quality control options are 480p, 720p, 1080p, Ultra HD, and 4K Movies. Moreover, you can also change the language of Subtitles, their Color, Size, and duration. The subtitles can be synchronized with the track easily if they seem distorted. 

Is there any App available for TVShows88?

Yes, you can enjoy a large number of Movies and TV Shows on TVShows88 App. The App is vibrant in terms of features. It has a tremendous amount of multimedia to stream on your smartphone. You can download the App from the official site (such as fireTV App, Android TV App, Android App, iOS App, macOS App, and Windows App.) Or from an unofficial site like You can simply use your Mobile Browser and type TV Shows 88 App APK in the search bar and tap the enter button. After downloading, you have to do some settings on your Android to run the App smoothly.

How do I install the TVShows88 App on a smartphone?

Go to Mobile Settings » Go to Privacy » Apps » Tap on Install from unknown resources and press Allow Button. After doing these settings on your Smartphones, you have to go back. Go to the Files or File Manager section of your Mobile and locate the APK file. Most of the time, the file is in the ‘Download’ folder. You can open the APK and install it easily.

What are the features of the TVShows88 App?

You can easily change the subtitles of Movies and TV Shows in the App’s video player. The Movies and TV Shows are available in many languages. Every category of Movies and web series is present on the App. The scrolling is very smooth. The annoying Ads are very few, which means less distraction while watching the Movies. The App is around 19.57 MB, which is significantly less. The app is updated regularly. In many countries of the world, you can run the App without any VPN connection. You need an active internet connection to use the App for streaming TV Shows. The App has an organized Menu where every available Movie can be seen. You can watch popular Movies like Black Adam, The Wednesday, Red Notice, and The Dune on the App. 

Is TVShows88 available on Reddit?

You can be part of Movie loving community at Reddit. You have to visit r/piracy to get there. For your kind information, there are no Movies or TV Shows available to stream there on Reddit, but you can join the discussion groups related to some exciting and top-notch Movies. The platform is also unavailable on Discord. In case of any queries, you have to reach out to them either on their social media or ask questions in the Support section on the site. In this way, you can get the best possible solution to your issue. You can also read reviews about your Movie of choice on other reliable platforms before watching it on TV Shows 88 or TV88.

How is the User’s Experience on TVShows88?

As you know, you can like or dislike a Movie while streaming on TVShows88. This feature enhances the user’s experience with the website. The working of the site is very smooth. The users’ reviews are very positive. You can comment on any video if you have logged Into the site. You can also read reviews and comments and mark them as helpful if they are useful to you. This way, you can interact with many users of the same mindset and be part of the unconditional Movie-loving community here. The website has Movies from all categories to provide its users with unlimited entertainment. One can spend thousands of hours here; still, there will be much quality content left to watch. You can always visit this site to watch TV Serials and Sports. A wide variety of servers allow you to stream Movies with a strong connection. There is no need to see the site map because the layout is self-explanatory and straightforward. 

Is TVShows88 Safe?

TVShows88 is a streaming service that offers unparalleled features to enhance the viewer’s experience. The problem with these types of sites is that they are somewhat unsafe for users. As you know, many ads interrupt your media playback. These Ads are sometimes malicious and can harm the device you are streaming the Media. We suggest you use an authentic Antivirus to detect hurtful things immediately. You can keep the Virus away by using an adequate Ad-blocker service. Unfortunately, these Ad-blocker services work best on their paid versions only. At least you can use an excellent browser to stream Movies and TV Shows up there. In our final verdict, we advise you to avoid streaming on unreliable sources to protect the health of your devices. The same is the issue with their App. We suggest you be safe in terms of your privacy.

What are the Genres of Movies and TV Shows available on Movie4k?

SportsWrestlingKung Fu
FightMusicalOld School
TV ShowsTop IMDbScientific

Movies and TV Shows streaming sites like TVShows88 or TV88 always have some problems regarding their legality. They are inclined to feature a considerable number of multimedia they do not own or have no permission to share. This led to copyright infringement issues. The genuine owners of those Movies and TV Shows may report to Cyber security departments, or they may go to court to protect their privacy and copyrights. We suggest you use officially approved platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, and Disney Plus. These sites are entirely reliable. They never breach your privacy. You can operate these services very efficiently. The problem is they are not Free. But the good news is that they have very affordable subscription plans. We advise you to stay away from third-party illegal websites as they can also cause problems for you in the future. 

What happened to TVShows88?

Is TVShows88 down? No, you can use this URL: to visit the website to stream movies and TV Shows. The site may not work in your area because of copyright issues. These sites are unsafe as malware may infect your computer while streaming Movies and web series there. That is why they are considered illegal in many parts of the world and banned. The best way to unlock them is using a Virtual Private Network service on your computer or smartphone. They offer fast streaming servers. You can unblock any similar website which does not exist in your country with the help of these services. They offer yearly as well as weekly subscription plans for you. Using their service may lead to legal consequences in some countries. They hide your IP address and location and virtually take you to other parts of the world where the site works fine. By buying their subscription, you can enjoy tons of features. You can run VPNs on more than five devices. We have mentioned some of the top-ranked working VPNs in the list for you, so go download them on your Chrome browser and start watching seamlessly on TV Shows 88.

  • Nord VPN
  • Super VPN
  • Turbo VPN
  • Tomato VPN
  • Betternet VPN
  • Express VPN
  • CyberGhost VPN
  • IP Vanish VPN
  • Secure VPN
  • VPN Proxy Master

Most of them are available on official stores like Google Play/ App Store, depending upon the type of device you are streaming on. You should stay alert as they don’t offer complete anonymity.

Why should you stay away from TVShows88?

The site is dangerous in terms of privacy. Websites that offer TV Shows and Movies for Free without the producer’s permission are under heavy scrutiny nowadays. Unlicensed stream viewing without authorization is a crime that might land anyone in jail. Some countries have very stringent regulations against illegally streaming movies and TV shows online, and the accused and the offender may suffer the wrath of the law. 

Why should you look for alternatives to TVShows88?

Due to its immense collection of Movies and TV Shows, the site faces many technical difficulties nowadays. Due to its blockage in many countries, users cannot access their library. Visitors use a Virtual Private Network to avoid any obstruction, which is not very convenient. They cannot satisfy their users, and consequently, Movie lovers look for other sites with somewhat similar characteristics. In 2023, Watching a good Film is not a difficult task. You can see many websites on Google offering thousands of trending Movies and Talk Shows. Fortunately, you have come to the right place. We have picked some of the best TVShows88 Alternatives for you. You can visit any of them to enjoy streaming Movies and web series for Free.

Top TVShows88 Alternatives of Current Year

1. WatchSeries

Like TVShows88, you can also use WatchSeries to stream an unlimited number of Movies, TV Shows, web series, News, and Sports. The platform is entirely Free and offers thousands of videos that are easily accessible from their library. If you are getting bored, then this is the way to go. All the Episodes are available in good quality. The library is up-to-date. You can also request your favorite Movie and TV Show. You can stream and download TV Shows and Movies in many languages like English, Spanish, German, Russian, etc.


2. FMovies

This site offers a vast range of Movies and web series to enjoy for Free without interruptions. You do not have to make any useless account to reach the Libra of the site. The procedure to play the video is effortless. You can visit their about section if you face any problem. The site is one of the best in the business. All the movies are available in good resolution. F Movie is an excellent alternative to TVShows88 if you like to stream Movies and TV Shows in 2023. You can also download their application for mobile devices if you want to stream Movies outside your home.


3. HuraWatch

This site is the home of top-rated IMDb Movies. You can watch them in High Definition here. The design of the website is straightforward. You can switch the qualities easily. The site has a wide variety of Movies, News, Reality shows, and Talk shows. If you want to stream Movies online, this is the best alternative to TVShows88.

Furthermore, no registration is required to open the site. The site is functional in many world regions, so you don’t have to download any VPN. If you want to take a break from your busy life, this is the best service you can get today.


4. 123Movies

As the name indicates, the site has tons of Movies and TV Shows to stream and download without any cost. The site is elementary and professional looking. You can choose from many genres available. The media is very well organized, so you can reach your Movie without wasting your precious time. You can use this streaming client on your Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets, and Smart TVs. These features make it an excellent alternative to TV88 or TV Shows 88 for streaming popular Movies and Web-Series.


5. StreamM4u

You can find top-rated Movies and Web-Series here. The site is top-rated because of its user-friendly interface. You can watch Drama, Crime, Horror, and Action Movies here without a subscription. The homepage of the site is very rich in features. Full-length Movies are available here to stream and download. New videos are added on a regular basis to keep its fans closer. If you are searching for an excellent alternative to TV Shows 88, then you must try this site. 


Here are more similar and alternative sites like TVShows88:

Wrapping Up:

As we have discussed in detail, TVShows88 is a site where you can stream many trending Movies and TV Shows. You can get access to the entire library without any limitations. The website is up-to-date and works in many parts of the world. You can watch movies of any good quality here. If you are fond of streaming Movies and TV Shows online, this site is the right place for you to visit. You can watch documentaries, Sports, News, and TV Show episodes here in full HD. Movies are available in full length and in appreciable quality. You can also watch recently released Shows here. You can use this Free website without signing up. The design is effortless to attract new users. The site is ranked good due to thousands of visits daily to their homepage. So, this is a reliable platform for streaming unlimited Movies and TV Shows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TVShows88 Down?

No, the site is working correctly in many regions of the world. The site may be down due to routine maintenance and repair work. You can use its proxy sites if TVShows88 is down in your country.

Does TVShows88 have Subtitles?

Yes, almost all the Movies here are available with subtitles. This way, you can also enjoy top movies in a foreign language. 

Is TVShows88 Free?

Yes, the streaming services are completely free for enthusiasts. Furthermore, making an account is no longer a critical step to enjoying Movies and TV Shows.

Can we open the site without VPN?

Yes, you can visit the site without a VPN. But if the site is banned in your country due to government policies, you must install a VPN to unlock the site.


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