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Time Of Info By TOI Staff   November 21, 2022   Update on : November 21, 2022


One of the most important features of Instagram is its ability to share stories. It allows you to share photos and videos in the form of stories so that those concerned about you will know what you are currently doing.

IG stories stick for 24 hours, so it’s a daily thing. They have almost become a reason for people to visit their friends and family’s Instagram profiles to check their current stories. The cool thing about all this is that when you see someone’s story, Instagram will record your visit.

The profile’s owner will know who visited their story and at what time. When you browse the stories of your friends and family, they will know about your visit. Similarly, if someone visits your profile, you will also know about the visit. Nowadays, the best way to show someone that you care about them is to browse their story daily. But what if you want to browse someone’s story without them knowing about it? Can you do it with Instagram?

Well, no, Instagram doesn’t allow you to browse stories anonymously. So, if you must be anonymous on Instagram, you must use an Instagram story viewer. This article will discuss one such tool called StoriesDown.

It is an online tool that allows you to browse stories of any public profile anonymously.

Important features:

  1. Stories: It allows you to browse and download stories of any Instagram profile you want.
  2. Posts: It also allows you to watch and download any images or videos posted by a public profile
  3. Anonymity: The best thing about this tool is that anything you browse or download from Instagram will remain anonymous.
  4. Free: StoriesDown is a free online tool. It doesn’t demand any money like other online tools. You can use it directly by visiting the website.

How to access StoriesDown?

Stories Down is an online tool hosted on a website. So, as long as you have internet and a usable computer, anyone can access it. To access this tool, follow the following steps:

  1. Open a browser on your desktop, laptop, or mobile.
  2. Type in the address bar and press “Enter.”
  3. The browser will take you to the homepage of the website.

How to browse stories on StoriesDown?

  1. Go to the StoriesDown home page.
  2. You will see a search bar at the top of the page. Type the Instagram profile ID in it and press “Enter.”
  3. You will get two tabs in the search results named posts and stories. Go to the stories tab, and you will see today’s stories of your target profile.
  4. Click on the story, and you will get a dedicated story page.
  5. To play the story, click on it.
  6. To download the story, click on the download button below.

How to browse and download posts with StoriesDown?

  1. Go to the StoriesDown home page.
  2. Type profile id in the search bar and press “Enter.”
  3. Click on the posts tab in the search results.
  4. You will get all the images and videos posted on your target profile. Browse through them and choose an image or video, then click it.
  5. You will see that image or video on a dedicated page. For video, you can start streaming it by clicking on the video player.
  6. If you want to download a video or image, click on the download button below.

Is StoriesDown legal?

No! StoriesDown is illegal because some of its features are illegal. Browsing stories, images, and videos from public Instagram profiles is a perfectly legal action. But downloading them is illegal because Instagram forbids anyone from doing it.

Although this site is illegal, you don’t have to worry too much. Because most Instagram users download images and videos, no one will pay special attention to you. As long as you don’t start spreading Instagram content on a wide scale or use it for commercial purposes, no one will bother you.

Is StoriesDown Safe?

StoriesDown can be called fairly safe, but there is no 100% guarantee. At least, it is much safer than pirated websites. It has its own positive and negative points, and they are as follows.

Positive points:

  1. No possibility of data theft: Any website that has your information is a potential threat to your privacy. Even if the website doesn’t sell your data to third parties, you are still in danger. Because if someone hacks that website, they will also steal your data alongside the data of everyone who registered an account on that website. But you don’t have to worry about this scenario while using Stories Down because it follows a strict no-registration policy.
  2. Low possibility of viruses: Stories Down itself doesn’t host any data. All its data is directly fetched from Instagram, so this content is as safe as can be. The possibility of it carrying malware is very low.

Negative points:

  1. Ads: StoriesDown uses ads to make money. Although they are few and look harmless, they are still a potential threat. Because these ads are not from Google AdSense and its alternatives, they come from small ad networks with a limited budget to spend on safety. These ads are prone to spreading viruses and causing other problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to browse IG stories anonymously without using an Instagram viewer?

Yes, you can, but only if you are using a smartphone. Follow the following steps. 1. Open your target profile on your mobile. 2. Wait for all the content to load, then put your phone on airplane mode. 3. Now you can watch any story on that profile anonymously.

Can a user know who viewed their IG story and how many times?

Although Instagram tells you who viewed your story, it doesn’t tell you how many times they viewed your story.

What is the average duration of an Instagram Story?

All stories on Instagram have a maximum length of 15 seconds. If your story is longer than that, then Instagram will divide it into 15-second pieces and play them one after another.

What are the alternatives of StoriesDown?

Although StoriesDown is a good Instagram viewer, it is not the best of its kind. It has a few defects of its own, For example 1. It doesn’t provide any basic data, such as followers, posts, following, etc., of the profile. 2. Sometimes it doesn’t work properly. 3. It doesn’t allow you to search tags and locations.

There are many Instagram viewers like StoriesDown. Some of them are as follows:

  1. SmiHub
  2. Ingramer
  3. Instalker
  4. mSpy
  40. Dumpor
  51. Mystalk

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